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Ivette is freaking out!: Howie, don't rub your GUY on my back!" - joannie
9:47AM 23/07/2005

Double GROSS. - valentine
9:52AM 23/07/2005

Kaysar Got Called to the DR - valentine
9:55AM 23/07/2005
According to Eric, - valentine
9:56AM 23/07/2005

Mag and Ivette are whispering in the WR - joannie
9:56AM 23/07/2005

Ivette to Maggie: As sure as I was Ashlea was out, as sure as I was Michael was out, is as sure as I am that he will be out. (James?) NT - SassyPrncess
9:59AM 23/07/2005

Mag is in with Kaysar she says "people are telling me 'you need to go for POV, or - Disneyisme
10:09AM 23/07/2005
She says "and to get this off my chest, I didn't get a very good speech from you. You - Disneyisme
10:11AM 23/07/2005

Now Maggie Walks Up to the HOH - valentine
10:11AM 23/07/2005

Eric Harasses Beau - valentine
10:12AM 23/07/2005

Beau Notices That Michael's Picture - valentine
10:15AM 23/07/2005

Kay tells Maggie he is not trying to hurt her feelings. Maggie says "I seem to be the only - Disneyisme
10:15AM 23/07/2005

Kaysar tells Maggie she's not the one he wants out. (Transcript) - SassyPrncess
10:17AM 23/07/2005

Kaysar is telling Maggie that she should have 5 votes. Maggie says "where do Janelle and Howie sit?" - Disneyisme
10:17AM 23/07/2005

Maggie is asking Kay if someone lied to him about the votes when he was up with Ashlea. - Disneyisme
10:21AM 23/07/2005

Kaysar: "Maggie whatever happens in this game, please don't take it personal. I have nothing - Disneyisme
10:23AM 23/07/2005

Kaysar assuring Maggie: "It'll make sense, eventually." NT - joannie
10:25AM 23/07/2005

Maggie says "If I had a choice between Ivette and April, I would have to add - Disneyisme
10:26AM 23/07/2005

BB: "Attention HG. The VETO competition will begin in 60 minutes." NT - joannie
10:27AM 23/07/2005

Maggie says "and here's another thing. Yesterday, James said - Disneyisme
10:30AM 23/07/2005

Maggie says she feels better talking this out with Kay. She hopes he doesn't mind her venting to him, - Disneyisme
10:34AM 23/07/2005
April knocked on HOH door, Maggie said, "come in...oh, sorry Kaysar". April asks Kay if he can pick her to be the hostess for today's comp because - Sunflake
10:42AM 23/07/2005

Howie and Sarah discuss catching lizards. Sarah has been to Gatorland in Orlando. NT - Anonymous
10:39AM 23/07/2005
The Door to GatorLand is Framed by a Huge Alligator Mouth - valentine
10:47AM 23/07/2005

Eric and James talking politics in the GR NT - joannie
10:39AM 23/07/2005

Eric: "Do you think Hilary Clinton is going to run for office?" - joannie
10:42AM 23/07/2005
And James Compares The Martha Stewart Issue - valentine
10:46AM 23/07/2005

breaking news...Howie loves boobies. NT - emptynest
10:42AM 23/07/2005

James says that Hillary Clinton used to work for the Black Panthers when she was in law school. NT - joannie
10:43AM 23/07/2005

The Girls are Getting Ready in the BR - valentine
10:52AM 23/07/2005

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