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H/Jan/K in HOH on US history - TheAntiHamster
3:39AM 25/07/2005
more - JulieHuck
4:09AM 25/07/2005

Jan: I need some f*ckin' laxatives! K: That's disgusting! Jan: Why is that disgusting?! I haven't gone to the bathroom in like a week! NT - TheAntiHamster
3:40AM 25/07/2005

Howie on F1 in bathroom and Kaysar on F2 in HOH bathroom - lacycatherine
3:55AM 25/07/2005

Kaysar doing his prayers in HOH NT - lacycatherine
4:05AM 25/07/2005

Howie shaving his chest in the shower NT - lacycatherine
4:14AM 25/07/2005

Howie all alone in shower says, "God i love you, God i need you" NT - menthol
4:22AM 25/07/2005

4:26AM 25/07/2005

Howie still in the shower and Kaysar in bed in HOH with lights on NT - lacycatherine
4:36AM 25/07/2005

Howie in the bathroom - lacycatherine
4:43AM 25/07/2005
Howie finally leaves - lacycatherine
4:46AM 25/07/2005
Howie just stands - lacycatherine
4:48AM 25/07/2005

Howie goes to the pictures on the wall and touches - lacycatherine
4:54AM 25/07/2005

All 4 feeds show HG sleeping. F2 now shows Beau sleeping - lacycatherine
4:56AM 25/07/2005

Rachel is up and dressed in the bathroom NT - luvthemfish
7:06AM 25/07/2005
Working out on the treadmill......(Rachel) NT - luvthemfish
7:15AM 25/07/2005

Eric is up and brushing his teeth NT - lacycatherine
7:36AM 25/07/2005

Rachel and Eric - lacycatherine
7:37AM 25/07/2005
Rachel making her breakfast. - lacycatherine
7:39AM 25/07/2005
while they are visiting Rachael confirms Howie is 35...she is 33 and used to have a crush on him - Bilbo
7:59AM 25/07/2005

Eric sitting at the kitchen - lacycatherine
7:59AM 25/07/2005

Rachel out of the shower getting ready for the day in the bathroom. Eric STILL sitting at the kitchen counter. NT - lacycatherine
8:19AM 25/07/2005

Rachel comes back to the kitchen and starts talking about the 'C's' and what it could mean to Eric. NT - lacycatherine
8:21AM 25/07/2005

Eric Ė April was an emotional wreck yesterday. - lacycatherine
8:24AM 25/07/2005
Eric - I use to think my purpose - lacycatherine
8:25AM 25/07/2005
Eric - this place makes you think what you will do for money. What - lacycatherine
8:26AM 25/07/2005

Eric - Itís not that I donít want to - lacycatherine
8:31AM 25/07/2005
They talk about that Howie - lacycatherine
8:33AM 25/07/2005
They talk about how unhealthy - lacycatherine
8:36AM 25/07/2005

Eric and Rachel talking about Rhode Island and the night club fire - Anonymous
8:45AM 25/07/2005

Eric telling a story about a dinner having to do with him being - lacycatherine
8:47AM 25/07/2005

Eric- you never know what BB has in store. - lacycatherine
8:49AM 25/07/2005

Eric told a story about his bachelor party - basically he went to a strip club and - iamabbfan
8:52AM 25/07/2005

Eric out of the bathroom washing his hands. R - did you spray? They laugh NT - lacycatherine
8:52AM 25/07/2005

Eric puts a new band aid on his finger. - lacycatherine
8:54AM 25/07/2005

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