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TheAntiHamster - H/Jan/K in HOH on US history 1 Replies #1990905 3:39AM 25/07/2005
H: What's 1892?
J: That's the year Abercrombie was..[started]
H: Are you serious?! They're over a hundred years old?!
J: Yup.
K: Really? Holy crap.
H: I didn't know we had compaines back then.
K: *laugh*
J: I don't think we did either guys, so how is that possible.
H: That was before Washington crossed the Delaware, I think, wasn't it?
K: 1892?
H: I have no idea of that time conceptually.
H: When did Abraham Lincoln die? In the 1800s or the 1900s?
K: I think you're right Howie.
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JulieHuck - more #1990929 4:09AM 25/07/2005
After that they were trying to figure out when Lincoln was president. They decided that Washington was president in 1776 (really 1789) then howie asked them what 16 x 4 was and they came up with 60 (really should have been 64) thinking that 16 presidents x 4 years would make lincoln president 60 years after washington so howie added 60 to 1776 and decided that lincoln must have been president 1836 (really he became president 1861)

ed note.... It was really funny because they were all pretty tired and appathetic. It was clear they didn't pay much attention in history class.
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Topic #1990906
TheAntiHamster - Jan: I need some f*ckin' laxatives! K: That's disgusting! Jan: Why is that disgusting?! I haven't gone to the bathroom in like a week! NT 0 Replies #1990906 3:40AM 25/07/2005
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lacycatherine - Howie on F1 in bathroom and Kaysar on F2 in HOH bathroom 0 Replies #1990921 3:55AM 25/07/2005
F3 looks like Sarah and James sleeping. F4 is HG's sleeping.
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lacycatherine - Kaysar doing his prayers in HOH NT 0 Replies #1990928 4:05AM 25/07/2005
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lacycatherine - Howie shaving his chest in the shower NT 0 Replies #1990934 4:14AM 25/07/2005
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menthol - Howie all alone in shower says, "God i love you, God i need you" NT 0 Replies #1990937 4:22AM 25/07/2005
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tntaangela - LONG -- FEEDS FROM MIDNIGHT TO 4:30AM BB TIME -- 0 Replies #1990938 4:26AM 25/07/2005
-- In the first part of the post I pasted what I was typing to a chatroom. I tried to clean up any personal comments I made (they were few), nonetheless, I may have missed a couple.
-- I didn't bother correcting typos.
-- Times listed are CST, 2 hours later than BB time. Example 3am CT = 1am BB time

TNTaangela (1:57:33 AM): In HOH James telling Janelle about Jim Jones.. everyone gave up everything for him.. wanted to even die with him.. and did
TNTaangela (1:58:35 AM): on opposite feed.. in hammock... we have Eric telling Maggie Ivette Jennifer: when you come visit, I will show you my training tapes where I preach to the academy, the importance of the brotherhood and family
TNTaangela (1:59:03 AM): this after Ivette a bit ago again said she would give her life for Eric

TNTaangela (2:44:48 AM): OUtside on hammock.. Eric and maggie just made plan to stage fights in front of others
TNTaangela (2:45:17 AM): tells April: I'm not saying I didn't deceive people, but i never went back on my word
TNTaangela (2:45:44 AM): the proof is in the pudding, Eric says...

TNTaangela (2:52:28 AM): Eric suggests that Maggie get Ivette to get her dirty work for her
TNTaangela (2:53:25 AM): Maggie asks ERic: Do you want me to play the he said-she said game.. cuz no one is going to come to me with anything.. cuz I'm marked
TNTaangela (2:53:54 AM): ERic: I'm so glad we didn't get grouped in with what they did
TNTaangela (2:53:57 AM): Maggie grins
TNTaangela (2:54:30 AM): ERic says he will secure Maggie's position here as best he can before he leaves
TNTaangela (2:54:47 AM): Eric: I'll take care of 'em
TNTaangela (2:55:51 AM): Maggie: you get my dogs and you love them like I would. And you kiss Julie and you tell her I'm so sorry. Tell your kids that I love them. No matter what happens, i'm fighting for your family, and fighting for my family, for fire dept, for E.R.
TNTaangela (2:55:54 AM): she's crying
TNTaangela (2:56:38 AM): ERic: I wouldn't have gotten this far without you. You can separate your emotions and I can't. That's why these people are here, they have no emotions
TNTaangela (2:57:01 AM): Mag: I siad I wasn't going to fly under the radar, I said no way, but I'm going to have to
TNTaangela (2:57:41 AM): Eric says he's giving her the reigns
TNTaangela (2:57:59 AM): Mag: You came into this house a leader.. ERic chimes in, "And I'm leaving a leader"
TNTaangela (2:58:09 AM): Mag: tell him a hundred times that I love him

TNTaangela (2:59:55 AM): on other feed.. HOH Kaysar Janelle James Sarah Howie... James saying when he's HOH, he has to be mean to April to keep her frazzled, cuz the minute they were nice to April, she got mean to them

TNTaangela (3:00:45 AM): back to Eric/Maggie.. she says she likes Maggie's world, wants to be there, cuz can surround herself w. ppl who love her
TNTaangela (3:01:27 AM): Eric: When I try to impose my will on something, it doesn't go well. But when I try to ask for God's will, whatever it is, even if I don't like it, it seems to go right for me
TNTaangela (3:02:05 AM): ERic continues that he tried so hard to impose his own will on the house and it backfired on him.. And they knew it, they knew it. Kaysar's that smart

TNTaangela (3:04:10 AM): Feed changes to April Jennifer.. April is telling her: That conversation between me and Kaysar is supposed to stay between me and Kaysar and I hope he keeps that way. I like him a lot.
TNTaangela (3:04:14 AM): Jenn: I do too
TNTaangela (3:04:25 AM): Apr: I think I sold him on it, gave him something to think about.
TNTaangela (3:06:03 AM): Apr: I told him "I know me and Jenn made a deal w. you last night, but I can't uphold it with James,.. can uphold w. you and Janelle and Howie and Rachel. Can't speak for Jenn either.
TNTaangela (3:06:12 AM): Kaysar told her: Glad you said that, shows your honest
TNTaangela (3:06:48 AM): Jenn: I think Kaysar is leader of this new group but James is bigger threat cuz he is dirty rotten scandal
TNTaangela (3:11:11 AM): FISH... back to Jenn April
TNTaangela (3:12:24 AM): Jenn: on couch, right after everyone outed, except for us, she told me we need to get rid of Ivette cuz she's too emotional. Thought that was funny that she said that to me knowing we were friends, but not outed yet, like she wants you in jury house, but not Ivette.
TNTaangela (3:12:43 AM): Apr: she told me she wants me and you here
TNTaangela (3:13:25 AM): (I think they mean Maggie or Janelle) whoever was next to Jenn on couch
TNTaangela (3:14:03 AM): Jenn and April say they thought it was going to be more fun, not complete vacation, Jenn says "this is ba-ad!)
TNTaangela (3:14:19 AM): yep, talking about Maggie.. Jenn tells of a fight she had w. Maggie
TNTaangela (3:17:24 AM): Jenn: I was lost, didn't know anything about veto beign thrown and Cappy making comments to Kaysar about don't think this is in the Koran, thanks for keepign your word...
TNTaangela (3:17:37 AM): I thought he meant it but then Maggie said stop, don't bring religion into it
TNTaangela (3:17:53 AM): then James started getting into it and I'm concerned about Cappy thing and he goes to James and takes the hat off and
TNTaangela (3:18:07 AM): says don't think I don't know you and Sarah are together and next thing I know he is outing
TNTaangela (3:18:26 AM): April glad cuz gives them level playing field
TNTaangela (3:19:25 AM): Jenn never did say what her fight w. Maggie was about.. unless I took a nap during that long, go nowhere story
TNTaangela (3:20:17 AM): I get a wee feeling that Jenn wants to play on the gold room team

TNTaangela (3:21:36 AM): Team Crappy in bedroom.. going to bed.. ERic laughing about Janelle farting
TNTaangela (3:21:59 AM): earlier in day apparently.. is when he is referring to

TNTaangela (3:23:05 AM): Apr and Jenn in bathroom... Apr: not our fault we got approached
TNTaangela (3:23:18 AM): Jenn: We made the agreement though and we're playing both sides
TNTaangela (3:23:35 AM): April points finger: I'm on Maggie's side, personally, me!
TNTaangela (3:23:48 AM): goes into toilet
TNTaangela (3:24:03 AM): comes out saying: you know they're going to play me as the unstable bitch
TNTaangela (3:24:32 AM): Apr: crying all time, missing my dog
TNTaangela (3:24:42 AM): Jenn: how is that unstable that you miss your family
TNTaangela (3:24:54 AM): Apr" do you wish you had brought somebody else, be honest
TNTaangela (3:25:17 AM): Jenn: No, I've tnhought about it and the ppl on my list. It's better that we're not that good of friends
TNTaangela (3:25:27 AM): Apr: yeah, it's helped us not knowing each other
TNTaangela (3:25:59 AM): Jenn: cuz friends I have, there would still be suspicion of could I trust them
TNTaangela (3:29:39 AM): Once April tells Jenn she is on Maggie's side, Jenn's tune gets real sweet about Maggie.. guess Apr not buying it cuz she says: I still don't understand you, you're a floater, don't know where you stand
TNTaangela (3:29:49 AM): Jenn: what don't you understand?
TNTaangela (3:29:58 AM): Apr blah blah floating
TNTaangela (3:30:24 AM): Jenn: people have to see that the teams (pairs) are on the same side, right
TNTaangela (3:30:38 AM): evasive but April does buy that
TNTaangela (3:30:50 AM): Apr: later we can act like we're backstabbing each other
TNTaangela (3:30:54 AM): Jenn: I'm already doing that
TNTaangela (3:31:00 AM): Apr: I thought you might be
TNTaangela (3:31:19 AM): Jenn: that's why I told you earlier today that if you hear anything not to worry about it
TNTaangela (3:31:47 AM): Jenn: don't care who anyone is outside this house, just inside this house and how playing game

TNTaangela (3:32:08 AM): James comes around to bathroom where Jenn and April are
TNTaangela (3:32:24 AM): Apr: the thing is, I got thrown into somehting I didn't want to be a part of
TNTaangela (3:32:38 AM): Jenn laughs: and I'm a bitch, I've got family that acts like that, no big deal
TNTaangela (3:32:49 AM): Apr: I thought I could play with emotion and I can't
TNTaangela (3:33:12 AM): Apr tells James: some things I did take personal, no reason, I just did
TNTaangela (3:33:41 AM): Apr: I felt like because we were both part of that group and now seemed like you didn't want to be a part of me anymore
TNTaangela (3:34:13 AM): James: I was rejected by them and when I saw what the outcome was gonna be cuz I'm being made the bad guy here
TNTaangela (3:34:17 AM): Apr: No, no
TNTaangela (3:34:31 AM): James: Eric this and blah blah blah
TNTaangela (3:34:59 AM): repeating same ole that Ivette was target of Kaysars and I had to figure out blah blah...
TNTaangela (3:35:43 AM): James doesn't realize Eric already ripped up everything James said to Apr earlier and James repeating same ole that has been explained to April to make her believe Eric
TNTaangela (3:36:27 AM): James: we want everything on level playing field, not division of everyone
TNTaangela (3:36:38 AM): Apr: why do you always say we then
TNTaangela (3:36:45 AM): James: don't mean anything by that
TNTaangela (3:36:58 AM): Apr: makes me think you don't look at "me" by myself
TNTaangela (3:37:21 AM): James; no no, jsut don't want ppl ganged up on. I was hero last week but now I'm evil one and I had to ...
TNTaangela (3:37:39 AM): James: I had to talk to them and found out they are nice ppl
TNTaangela (3:37:46 AM): Apr: I know, I like eveyrone in here
TNTaangela (3:38:09 AM): James: I know Cappy tearing me to shreds over there
TNTaangela (3:38:26 AM): Apr: you know what, Eric and Maggie just trying to enjoy their time toghether in this hosue

James: never saw show, was cast by another method I can't talk about, only saw tape of BB5 but they're over there saying things I don't know about BB
TNTaangela (3:40:07 AM): James" Mike and I were like north and south... but I like Kaysar
TNTaangela (3:40:16 AM): Jenn and April like Kaysar too they say
TNTaangela (3:41:18 AM): James: When Eric goes we'll all be on a level playing field. Don't want one group in gold room and one group outside
TNTaangela (3:42:08 AM): James: Last week Eric was like a brother to me and this week he's doing this to me
TNTaangela (3:42:34 AM): repeats that ERic said to him: "You screw me, you're going home." I was lucky enough to get that veto
TNTaangela (3:42:49 AM): Apr: he didn't feel was fair that all of ya'll knew what you were doing and the odds were..
TNTaangela (3:43:14 AM): James: with the chess board, of course. But you know why, last week.. repeat of same ole...
TNTaangela (3:43:57 AM): ends w. James hugging April tightly and saying "I'm so sorry I've put you through all this"
TNTaangela (3:44:14 AM): Apr" you know, I figure you're insecure and that's what's making you act that way"
TNTaangela (3:44:41 AM): James keeps his mouth shut cuz he was coached earlier by Sarah and others how to apologize

TNTaangela (3:45:51 AM): Sarah, so cute.. didn't want to take her dress off cuz it would mean her birthday was over

TNTaangela (3:47:06 AM): Beua and April outside alone...
TNTaangela (3:47:38 AM): Beau says Kaysar has good intentions, he's young
TNTaangela (3:47:48 AM): Apr: I had a talk w. him today and..
TNTaangela (3:48:30 AM): Beau: when we talked he asked me about myself, like you know, if I was doing for myself too, whatever, like you know, like he sincerely has my interests too whatever whatever ya know whatever ya know
TNTaangela (3:48:41 AM): Jenn joined Beau April outside
TNTaangela (3:48:51 AM): Apr: I'm going to continue to talk to those people
TNTaangela (3:49:06 AM): Beau: oh I'm going to talk to kaysar and but not James, don't like him
TNTaangela (3:49:27 AM): apr: but keep your enemies closer so remember that, I'll be doing it for ya'll... Beau gives April a surprised look.
TNTaangela (3:50:07 AM): Apr: it's an equal playing field, that's all, and I would like to see Maggie ???
TNTaangela (3:50:30 AM): Apr: I know who my friends are and that's what matters most
TNTaangela (3:51:06 AM): Beau: we have our group and have an understanding and should keep that, still play the field, be friends with Kaysar, don't want you to automatically be with them and not be around us
TNTaangela (3:51:26 AM): Jenn: I was talking to Howie today and Eric said " you better watch out for Howie"
TNTaangela (3:51:55 AM): Beau: we should make a pact, the six of us, we are a group, going to stick together to the end... meaning gold team
TNTaangela (3:52:04 AM): Apr: we need to do this every week to remind each other
TNTaangela (3:53:28 AM): blah blah more talk around table
TNTaangela (3:54:28 AM): April told Beau that if not for Kaysar going after Eric, that Beau would be screwed, blued and tattooed
TNTaangela (3:54:47 AM): Janelle comes outside and Jenn Apr Beau go inside

TNTaangela (3:55:35 AM): Beau excitedly telling April that Kaysar is his new hookah partner
TNTaangela (3:56:00 AM): Apr wants him to go with her to say goodnight to Kaysar
TNTaangela (3:56:13 AM): Beau stops to use mouthwash first
TNTaangela (3:56:34 AM): Apr tells Jenn: we're using your crap, someone stole mine.. lotion I think
TNTaangela (3:56:40 AM): the three run upstairs and into HOH

TNTaangela (3:57:28 AM): April thinks the hookah has made Beau high
TNTaangela (3:57:48 AM): says beau slurring and his eyes are dilated... lmaooo
TNTaangela (3:58:33 AM): Jenn has been following April around very closely all night

TNTaangela (4:00:22 AM): in HOH is Kaysar James Howie Sarah April Beau Jenn
TNTaangela (4:00:58 AM): they say Jenn has been coming out of her shell now.. Sarah says she wants a bag... and FISH
TNTaangela (4:02:19 AM): Jenn notices volume control on remote and tries it.. nothing.. throws it on bed
TNTaangela (4:03:03 AM): Howie and Beau also on bed.. Howie smooching Beau's cheek and rubbing his leg
TNTaangela (4:03:21 AM): James repeats his story of why he had to do the things he did re noms and pov
TNTaangela (4:03:43 AM): everyone else being goofy and just having fun
TNTaangela (4:03:58 AM): James sees no one interested and hushes.. nope.. here he goes again. Room starts to clear out
TNTaangela (4:04:18 AM): April" maybe one day we could not talk about the game
TNTaangela (4:04:46 AM): Sarah says I want that and Kaysar says okay everyone stay and we won't talk about the game.. so talk goes to farting
TNTaangela (4:05:39 AM): Jenn on left side of HOH bed being spooned by Beau being spooned by Howie.. Kaysar says "oh great, come on guys" half-joking, half-not

Several conversations go on at once during the HOH visit... I got most of it, but was unable to catch everything..

Jenn: I was lost, didn't know anything about veto beign thrown and Cappy making comments to Kaysar about don't think this is in the Koran, thanks for keepign your word... I thought he meant it but then Maggie said stop, don't bring religion into it, then James started getting into it and I'm concerned about Cappy thing and he goes to James and takes the hat off and says don't think I don't know you and Sarah are together and next thing I know he is outing

Sarah keeps asking April why Maggie is being so mean to her.. April gets violin out and sings praises of how close Eric Maggie are and they are just wanting to enjoy each other's company while they can (like going to be apart forever).

Sarah tearing up, "but it hurts". James interupts and says "it would be like if Eric won it and you would be mad at him".

Kaysar explains that Maggie says james knew he was going up, but truth is that he didn't know cuz Kaysar didn't even know himself.

April tells Sarah not to take anything they do personal.

Sarah: I understand they are upset so I'm keeping my distance right now.

April: One of them is leaving but I really like them so I'm going to spend time with them.

Kaysar: You keep saying you really like them and I'm trying to tell you we do too and want to hang out together but they keep staying away from us, and keep telling you it's only a game, nothing personal.

April: Ask James what I said in bathroom to him

James; That she came in playing emotional and it's really hard for her not to.

Kaysar: but we're getting to know and care for each other but they want to tear us apart, keep us apart. Ivette wanted to spend time w. me and smoke hookah w. me but now she won't speak to me. I went to Eric other day and said dude, I love you, I really do....

Meanwhile, on the bed is Howie going after Beau.

Kaysar: When Michael was going home, everyone sat there and ***** talked him and I tried to say guys let's not do that, let's have integrity, you don't know what it feels like to be on the other end, to be on the chopping block. But no one seems to listen. It's not easy to control yourself in this environment. Look at how Eric acts... We're all human and we have to be at our best.

James: I tried to talk to Eric and he won't talk to me and treating me like sh!t. (Repeats having to save himself.)

Kaysar: I knew I couldn't talk to Maggie because she would get all emotional.... I had to do what I had to do to keep me here this week.

James: Like when we did pov knowing Michael going home and it felt bad. But Janelle and Mike came up to me and said we understand why you can't use, because it's what you have to do to stay in house.

Kaysar: I did what I had to do. Had to create waves..

April: I'm glad you did it.

Kaysar: I don't want you guys to villify me for doing what I had to do. I've talked to each of you individually about it. I'm not going to get involved in any you said this, no I didn't, yes you did, not going to, ever. I want us to all celebrate what's taking place here, coming together and enjoying each other's company. I"m here for you always, whether up here or down there on a piece of grass. I want to have normal conversation. People say I didn't talk much but it was because I really wanted to get to know each of you and not just joke and dance, genuinely want to know you.

April: I respect that.

Beau: I do too.

Kaysar: I can say my actions have been consistent, they reflect what I did yesterday.

April: Why couldn't Michael have been like you?

Kaysar: Would have been perfect, you would have never known we were together. He's a good guy, just broke under the pressure.

James: (something about what this house does to you)

Everyone says about each other, I knew you were together when blah blah.

April says she pinpointed James and April on the first day, even told it to DR. April noticed when James picked his bed that Sarah gave him a sweet look. James explains their secret sign of crossing fingers meant "I love you".

On the bed, Howie keeps trying with Beau but Beau says "get away Howie!" So Howie turns to Jennifer and starts talking about her boobies. Jenn lays her head in Howie's lap.

Discussion of spelling food comp. Sarah says to Kaysar, you had 75% chance of getting food by spinning wheel you landed on PBJ. Kaysar replies, 'You think I like that PBJ crap."

Kaysar: You're lucky you got pizza today because on PBJ, by tomorrow you would be seeing stars.

They count off that they have 4 days left of PBJ. Howie thanks Sarah for getting them the pizza today.

April asks James if he gets HOH, will he let his noms know ahead.

James: I would lock myself in here and enjoy the serenity, I would sleep and worry about it later.

April: Would you tell?

James: No

Howie is back to perving on Beau while rubbing Jenn's back.

Chit chat about various things.

Janelle comes in from downstairs bathroom... had been washing her face, brushing teeth.

April asks Janelle what she thinks Ashlea is thinking and what Ashlea thinks of her and Mike. She says that Ashlea told her to stay away from him.

Someone asks if Janelle wants to have sex with Michael. She refuses to answer.

Kaysar asks if she's going to fly out to see him. She says yes.

April asks "What's his story, what was he really like?"

Kaysar says he was really born in Paris and everything he said is true.

More chit-chat... and everyone starts heading out to go to bed.

April stops to quickly ask Janelle if she brought Ashlea or she brought her. I think Janelle said she brought Ashlea.

As the others head out of HOH, Janelle says she is staying up with Kaysar a little longer.

-- Jenn April Beau head outside.. Howie James Beau Janelle still in HOH room --

Jenn to April: Want to tell you something so no one thinks I'm shady, I was over on hammock yesterday and they wanted to know if I would vote for Maggie or James. They said I needed to go talk to the group. But it's their job to come to me, ya know.

April to Beau: What are you thinking?

Beau: When I was up there we weren't talking game, just having fun. But to be honest, I can't wait to get him out of here. (meaning James)

Apr: Me too, but Sarah is nice. She's young and naive but she's also getting cocky, like nuetnetnt, drives me crazy.

Beau: I want Kaysar out before he gets me out. I know they have some kind of deal, they have to.

April and Beau chit chat..


Janelle is concerned that James made comments that he would let his girlfriend go home.

Kaysar: He does that to show he's strong, not playing with emotion.

Janelle: So he's trying to intimidate us?

Kaysar: He thinks he's smarter than anyone, he says too much sometimes, doesn't think first, makes him dangerous.

Janelle interrupts that he said he will backstab anyone to get to the money.

Kaysar: When?

Janelle: When we were down in the gold room.

Kaysar: He won't do that to us because it would be stupid. He won't do anything until the final 6. He is contained.

Janelle is concerned that James is heartless. Kaysar says he's been trained to be that way because of his job. Explains some of James actions that show his girlfriend is his weakness and he would very much care if Sarah were gone. Says that earlier James upset April and a few minutes later said he knew it and needed to go apologize to her.

Kaysar says the group they have is perfect. Can't bring other players into it. Says things will work out great. Talks more about why James won't do anything and that he needs them right now.

Janelle repeats how he goes on about liking to be backstabbing, nothing is personal in the game, play dirty.

Kaysar: He's doing the same thing I am doing, like with a chess game, it's strategy. Say we are playing chess, what do I do, I compliment you and say that's a good move. I'm trying to make you feel good and I'm also trying to prove something. He's also trying to prove something, to himself, to his family, and others here. He keeps bringing up that I took his glory from him with the veto and I'm going to have to give him something. He needs that limelight some. That's the reason I gave him the veto necklace to hold for awhile, to give him his glory. Everyone needs that.

I say things to you that make you smile and make you happy. I can say that my team is happy.

Now listen, I told Rachel that we're going to keep her safe, everyone is safe here. I do worry about James because of his background, and the stuff from it that he carries around. I told him today that he doesn't have discipline. But if I didn't feel I could hold him down and control it, I wouldn't have brought him into the group.

He enjoys seeing people go "ooooh", like in Lion King. He likes to do things to see people's reactions. (sounds to me like Kaysar is saying that James likes creating drama)

Kaysar says I understand it because I'm the same way sometimes. I say things to see other people's reactions... James is very smart, he's able to read people, he's manipulative, makes him powerful.

Kaysar goes on, I could do the same thing but I choose not to. I don't want to do that. You don't realize how vulnerable you were to me. .. (missed a little).

You don't buy a panther unless you have a stable environment for the panther, a cage or environment where he can be contained. It's a beautiful thing, if you can do it. I brought him into a safe, contained environment.

He asks Janelle if she has any other questions. She replies no. Kaysar reassures her that everything is okay. If it wasn't, he wouldn't have her in here.

Howie and Janelle lie back on the bed, finally relaxing, and joke in sing-song: What up Ka-aysar!

Kaysar sits down in the chair facing them and grins contentedly.

Chit chat for a few minutes.

Discussion turns to Eric...

Kaysar: When they're away from him they are okay. Then they get around him and he brainwashes them.

FEED OF SARAH JAMES IN BED... WHISPERING... I missed bits of the convo

When I turn to feed..

Sarah: Please don't let Maggie get HOH

James: Don't worry, I won't.

J: We're about to make it through

S: been here a month and only 2 ppl gone

J: Ther'es going to be a double eviction

S: No there's not

J: Yes there will

S: We'll see


If an endurance comp for HOH...
Sarah: I might not be the smartest or the strongest, but I want it the most. I have too much will I think. They have a weakness that I don't.


James: I'm so glad that when April tried to make it personal I wouldn't let her. I could've torn her apart.

S: She's going down.

J: I know... ??

Kissy smoochy, huggy

J: everybody thinks we're lucky because we're here together, but they don't understand how bad it hurts too.



Kaysar going over comps when I tune in...

Kaysar: She was neck and neck, they were about to sh!t.... After that I get HOH. Who was runner up. Janelle Maggie

Howie: Maggie's going next.

Kaysar: She thinks I'm making the decisions.

Howie: But we're trying to prevent all that by winning HOH

K: I'm working to try to prevent that. Chances are good that they get it

H: I know but if they don't get it ..

K: The thing is, they don't know who will get it. We already know. We're on the same page on who will get it.

janelle: if april gets it, do you think she will come after me?

Howie: She's too emotional to do anything. Ivette would go after you.

Kaysar: April is too dumb to get it. You guys are so paranoid. You have to look at how we did it. They know what we did but can they come up with a plan of their own? Like April coming to me that she wants James out because she doesn't like him. They keep playing with emotion.

Howie: I'm going to bring a bible to the wrap party, there's so much swearing to god. Told them I could prove in a court of law that they are together. I kept asking her yesterday, "Do you think Eric is a man of his word? I kept asking and she kept saying yes.

Theu discuss Ivette saying her mom knows and even makes jokes to her about it, "like one time at dinner I said I don't like fish and my mom says, well, you eat p-ssy."

Janelle: That's disgusting! Who talks to their parents about sex?

Howie: I do. Every family's different. Trying to think of an example...

Chatter turns to a song Howie made up, was singing it this morning and BB made him stop. Janelle wants to hear it. Howie says the words hoping BB won't get mad since he isn't actually singing it...

Take me home to BigBrother City
where the grass is fake
and I can't get titty
please don't evict me o-out

Sounded like there are more words to it but the cam was shaking "No" to Howie and he stopped.

More chatter.

-- 4:30AM BB Time --
Finally Howie and Janelle go downstairs. Janelle goes to bed in the common bedroom, Kaysar says his prayers, and Howie is taking a shower . Everyone else is sleeping soundly.

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Topic #1990943
lacycatherine - Howie still in the shower and Kaysar in bed in HOH with lights on NT 0 Replies #1990943 4:36AM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1990948
lacycatherine - Howie in the bathroom 2 Replies #1990948 4:43AM 25/07/2005
out of the shower. Walking around looking at things going back and forth. Howie cleans his ears and then his nose. He puts his deodorant on and then some body spray. He puts some lotion on his hands and then rubs it on his face and arms. He puts his bandana on and then his microphone and pack. He cleans his ears again. And then he cleans his nose again.

Kaysar is on F2 in bed with the lights on.

F3 Sarah and James sleeping

F4 Janelle sleeping
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lacycatherine - Howie finally leaves #1990949 4:46AM 25/07/2005
the bathroom and stands in the hall way like he is looking at something. He walks to the living room and looks out the sliding glass door. He has something in his mouth. Maybe his toothbrush. He doesnít even look like he is brushing that he has it in his mouth. He is just standing at the sliding door with his back to it now.
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lacycatherine - Howie just stands #1990950 4:48AM 25/07/2005
in the middle of the kitchen/dining area. He is in some deep thought as he looks around. He is looking at the pictures of the HGís on the wall. He scans it several times and even gets really close to some of them that are at the top.
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Topic #1990953
lacycatherine - Howie goes to the pictures on the wall and touches 0 Replies #1990953 4:54AM 25/07/2005
the side of one of them. Itís in the 2nd row all the way on the right end. He continues to stare a few more minutes and then returns to the baththoom. He cleans his ears and nose for a 3rd time. He walks upstairs to the HOH room and closes the door quietly. He walks around the room and turns the light off in the room and then turns it back on. He walks on the right side of the bed, pulls the covers back and walks away. He turns the lights off and then quietly and slowly he walks back to the bed and gets into bed with Kaysar. When he sits down it wakes Kaysar up but they donít say anything and Kaysar lies back down. (edited to add ~ 2nd row far right is the veto winner, since the box to hold the necklace is there. Per Zanzy..ty :-)
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Topic #1990955
lacycatherine - All 4 feeds show HG sleeping. F2 now shows Beau sleeping 0 Replies #1990955 4:56AM 25/07/2005
James wakes up and kisses Sarah on her neck/face area and goes back to sleep.
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Topic #1991298
luvthemfish - Rachel is up and dressed in the bathroom NT 1 Replies #1991298 7:06AM 25/07/2005
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luvthemfish - Working out on the treadmill......(Rachel) NT #1991327 7:15AM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1991369
lacycatherine - Eric is up and brushing his teeth NT 0 Replies #1991369 7:36AM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1991370
lacycatherine - Rachel and Eric 2 Replies #1991370 7:37AM 25/07/2005
in the kitchen talking about what the Pizza and junk she had to eat last night and then FISH.
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lacycatherine - Rachel making her breakfast. #1991377 7:39AM 25/07/2005
Eric goes into the bedroom for something. He then comes back to the kitchen and starts to make coffee.
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Bilbo - while they are visiting Rachael confirms Howie is 35...she is 33 and used to have a crush on him #1991451 7:59AM 25/07/2005
but he's not what she's looking for now

Eric is glad he's not like Howie....much happier to be where he is in his life as compared to where Howie is in his life
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Topic #1991455
lacycatherine - Eric sitting at the kitchen 0 Replies #1991455 7:59AM 25/07/2005
counter talking to Rachel about a previous he said/she said conversation.

Rachel said that when she first met Howie she had the biggest crush on him but that he was never serious. They are talking about how Eric will be 45 when his kids are 18 and 19 and he thinks that is pretty good. Rachel said she wanted to have kids early but it didnít work out like that. They talk about their ages and the how old Howie is.

Rachel and Eric feed the fish. Talking about what pigs they are.
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Topic #1991523
lacycatherine - Rachel out of the shower getting ready for the day in the bathroom. Eric STILL sitting at the kitchen counter. NT 0 Replies #1991523 8:19AM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1991529
lacycatherine - Rachel comes back to the kitchen and starts talking about the 'C's' and what it could mean to Eric. NT 0 Replies #1991529 8:21AM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1991543
lacycatherine - Eric Ė April was an emotional wreck yesterday. 2 Replies #1991543 8:24AM 25/07/2005
Eric - I think that eveyone has a different set of morals and that's ok. But that's not mine. I am going to walk out of here with my head held high.
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lacycatherine - Eric - I use to think my purpose #1991549 8:25AM 25/07/2005
on earth was to serve people and do what I do. And that might be a small part of why I am here. I got a lot more out of this than money would have ever given to me.
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lacycatherine - Eric - this place makes you think what you will do for money. What #1991555 8:26AM 25/07/2005
will you do for a million dollars. Rachel just sits there and nods.
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Topic #1991591
lacycatherine - Eric - Itís not that I donít want to 2 Replies #1991591 8:31AM 25/07/2005
stay here but I am not going to grovel to do it. I think they are making a mistake getting rid of me. Really I do. I think they are making a huge mistake. Kaysar seems to think he is 3 steps ahead. They will never break the bond that Maggie and I have.

Eric starts talking about people selling their soul.

R Ė Iím not
E- No I didnít mean you. Just donít take it so serious. You are doing a really good job playing the game. With that being said I have said my peace and I am done.

Then they start talking about cleaning toilets.
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lacycatherine - They talk about that Howie #1991608 8:33AM 25/07/2005
and Kaysar and smart but do not believe that he is the mastermind. Eric says that James is pissed off because he is ignoring him and wonít talk to James. Eric says he is done with James. Says he wants respect.

They say they think there is a luxury comp but they can't figure what it would be.

Rachel talks about all of the junk she ate yesterday.
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lacycatherine - They talk about how unhealthy #1991616 8:36AM 25/07/2005
it is to go from regular food to no dairy or vitamin a. Rachel said she doesnít drink the shakes because they are disgusting. She says she wants some slim fast shakes.

Eric then starts to talk about how the water there is different.
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Topic #1991676
Anonymous - Eric and Rachel talking about Rhode Island and the night club fire 0 Replies #1991676 8:45AM 25/07/2005
now on to how good the seafood is there
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Topic #1991688
lacycatherine - Eric telling a story about a dinner having to do with him being 0 Replies #1991688 8:47AM 25/07/2005
Captain. He says that his wife was there. He tells someone that he needs 8 lobsters (and he pays $80) for them. He says he only uses that person for a special occasion that he doesn't want to abuse the situation. He says they had filets, mashed potatoes and the lobsters. He used a deep fryer and cooked all of the lobsters at once. Talking about overcooking lobster and how long you should cook it.

Rachel wants to color her hair. She says it's already turning.

(sorry .. darn work keeps interupting).
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Topic #1991695
lacycatherine - Eric- you never know what BB has in store. 0 Replies #1991695 8:49AM 25/07/2005

Eric announces that he has to Ďgo do his businessí

R - go do your business.

Rachel sits at the table by herself in deep thought.
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Topic #1991708
iamabbfan - Eric told a story about his bachelor party - basically he went to a strip club and 0 Replies #1991708 8:52AM 25/07/2005
the strippers handcuffed him and covered him with shaving cream. Then they did stuff to him that "was legal". One of the strippers wrote "He's mine" into the cream and then took a picture of him. After that the strippers scratched his back up - Julie didn't like that at all.
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Topic #1991710
lacycatherine - Eric out of the bathroom washing his hands. R - did you spray? They laugh NT 0 Replies #1991710 8:52AM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1991722
lacycatherine - Eric puts a new band aid on his finger. 0 Replies #1991722 8:54AM 25/07/2005
Then he puts on his socks and shoes. He cleans up the area where he was sitting. Then he goes to the exercise room to work out.
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