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Anonymous Kay out of DR now with rachel NT 0 6:15PM 25/07/2005
Anonymous Kay @ fishtank "Come to me my fishies" NT 0 6:18PM 25/07/2005
Anonymous BB James please put on your mic HOWIE: You dumb a**, you know the drill by now NT 0 6:19PM 25/07/2005
nojobny James is not visible on the feeds but you hear BB say: James, please put on your 0 6:20PM 25/07/2005
Anonymous Ivette just took credit for the "Six Finger Plan" 0 6:53PM 25/07/2005
Anonymous Eric- " They will have to answer to a higher power than me" NT 0 6:56PM 25/07/2005
SassyPrncess Eric to I,B,M: The only alliance I had was with Maggie. NT 0 7:11PM 25/07/2005
Anonymous If we take Kayser or James out Sarah and Janelle would be a f'n mess 0 7:15PM 25/07/2005
nojobny Howie had tried out to be on Forever Eden NT 0 7:28PM 25/07/2005
CougarSpy Maggie, I was going to say, I like Rachel as a person, but I dont think I like her in this game. 0 7:29PM 25/07/2005
Mareenie Howie mentioned that he met Trista Rehn at a restaurant and we get FISH! NT 0 7:33PM 25/07/2005
mommamia Kaysar is cooking his meat. 1 7:58PM 25/07/2005
Caribou BB: April....PUT ON YOUR MICROPHONE. (they didn't yell but did speak firmly and slowly) So April replied: "you can seriously kiss my ass. ask me 0 8:13PM 25/07/2005
riobarrens BB calls Howie to the Diary Room. NT 0 8:14PM 25/07/2005
riobarrens Howie: I love lesbians (what a surprise, lol) NT 0 8:15PM 25/07/2005
Sunflake Ivette came in and asked Kay if he was cooking burgers, Kay says 0 8:15PM 25/07/2005
mommamia Maggie and April making sandwiches. 0 8:15PM 25/07/2005
Gorf Ivette Asks Kaysar if he is making Burgers and he says yes 0 8:16PM 25/07/2005
Anonymous Eric,Bo,Jen,Apr,Maggot on the hammock now Evillette joins them NT 0 8:22PM 25/07/2005
Anonymous April: Do I have someone looking at me like i'm a dumb bitch? Everyone starts laughing NT 0 8:28PM 25/07/2005
Anonymous Eric to his lemmings: You have to cut the head off. You have a double headed snake (meaning Kay and James) 0 8:28PM 25/07/2005
Anonymous K to Jan: Everything about you is perfect NT 1 8:30PM 25/07/2005
Anonymous I am a lucky guy today 3 girls in robes (Sarah, Jan, Rach in HOH with Kay) NT 0 8:36PM 25/07/2005
KWren11 James in HOH to Kaysar, Janelle, Rachel, "This week is done, now it's just at the annoyance factor" NT 0 8:40PM 25/07/2005
fgjadfg Janelle fishing for compliments... 0 8:44PM 25/07/2005
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