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NMFireman Maggie says Gods ganna do what Gods ganna do 0 12:37PM 25/07/2005
NMFireman Eric to Maggie and Evette... Game on guys, game on NT 0 12:45PM 25/07/2005
Anonymous Eric: "Cocksmokers!" NT 0 12:48PM 25/07/2005
Anonymous Eric, Ivette: When you think about how good life is outside of this, 500,000$ is not that much - Ed-Do they know? NT 0 12:49PM 25/07/2005
Denise Eric says game on 0 12:50PM 25/07/2005
thatgirI Rachel to Howie 0 12:54PM 25/07/2005
thatgirI H: There's no one here I like. Right now if M and E were HOH they would be walking around with head in air. NT 1 12:57PM 25/07/2005
Anonymous F1/F2-LR couch W/Beau, Howie and Rach - F3/F4 Br with Ivette, Eric and Jenn NT 0 1:01PM 25/07/2005
CruiseCritic Feed One with Howie and Rachele 0 1:07PM 25/07/2005
CruiseCritic Bored? Kaysar says to James. Howie doesnt want to hear anyone talk about being bored. 0 1:09PM 25/07/2005
JAK420 movie talk 0 1:12PM 25/07/2005
CruiseCritic Sarahs ex would leave her flowers on her dash board all the time..she says this 0 1:13PM 25/07/2005
CruiseCritic F1/F2- LR crew. F3 and F4 Ivette doing something in kitchen..getting some bread.... NT 0 1:14PM 25/07/2005
CruiseCritic April and Beau in BY sitting at table 0 1:19PM 25/07/2005
CruiseCritic Talking about votes now and who si going to vote for Eric 1 1:22PM 25/07/2005
CruiseCritic APril going to lay in sun, Beau asks her if she has sunscreen on her face- she says she. 0 1:24PM 25/07/2005
CruiseCritic Erifc on treadmill and Maggie lifting dumbells in gym on F1 and F2 NT 0 1:25PM 25/07/2005
CruiseCritic Eric walking on treadmill and Mags is wiping 0 1:27PM 25/07/2005
CruiseCritic Ivette speaking in SPanish that she likes girls NT 0 1:29PM 25/07/2005
CruiseCritic F1&F2- Gym with Maggie & Eric and now FISH NT 0 1:30PM 25/07/2005
lemonred Beau singing April one of his favorite club songs in the backyard... 0 1:31PM 25/07/2005
CruiseCritic Ivette and Beau doing some sexy??provocative dance moves for April by pool 0 1:33PM 25/07/2005
CruiseCritic Only ones on fees right now are:Eric, Maggie, Ivette, Beau and April NT 0 1:34PM 25/07/2005
CruiseCritic Eric telling Mags to relax - she looks like she is going to cry NT 0 1:36PM 25/07/2005
CruiseCritic Talking about movie stars in the backyard 0 1:40PM 25/07/2005
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