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lacycatherine Eric talking to Maggie and Rachel 0 9:40AM 26/07/2005
dizzy Eric: I have the thickest skin in the department because most of 0 9:41AM 26/07/2005
Sunflake Eric saying he'll never volunteer for anything that will take him away from his kids for this long. (past 20 min convo) 0 9:43AM 26/07/2005
Sunflake Eric complaining that the "Johnson's" (their make believe neighbors next door) are barbequing. He can smell something like ribs cooking. NT 0 9:47AM 26/07/2005
dizzy someone's bbqing on the lot and in the BY E/M/J and Rach can smell it. LOL NT 0 9:48AM 26/07/2005
dizzy april will be a raving B*tch when she runs out of cigaretts. NT 1 9:50AM 26/07/2005
dizzy Eric: I have no ill will to the people I chose not to talk to. ??? NT 0 9:58AM 26/07/2005
dizzy Eric just talking about work now and things that have happened on the job. NT 0 10:05AM 26/07/2005
lacycatherine Jennifer had a dream about Eric and his wife last night. She said they had a white van NT 0 10:32AM 26/07/2005
lacycatherine Ivette asks Maggie - Do your dogs look like you? 0 10:34AM 26/07/2005
lacycatherine Outside crew are talking about how hard it is to train boy dogs. 0 10:37AM 26/07/2005
lacycatherine Ivette’s dog will sleep anywhere 0 10:42AM 26/07/2005
lacycatherine Eric telling a story about when his daughter was sick 0 11:01AM 26/07/2005
lacycatherine April is up and her and Jennifer are in the kitchen NT 1 11:02AM 26/07/2005
lacycatherine Eric and Maggie telling stories of people 0 11:07AM 26/07/2005
lacycatherine BB tells Ivette to check her microphone. She then walks outside 0 11:26AM 26/07/2005
lacycatherine April to Jen - Do you think that your mom will be watching the show 0 11:28AM 26/07/2005
lacycatherine Earlier Eric was asking Jen about Dan 0 11:30AM 26/07/2005
lacycatherine April telling a story about Matt getting drunk and him telling her not to call his mother NT 0 11:31AM 26/07/2005
lacycatherine April and Jen talking about the college they went to. 2 11:35AM 26/07/2005
lacycatherine A-do you take your dog to Starbucks. You know how they give them that thing? Maggie shakes her head yes NT 0 11:37AM 26/07/2005
lacycatherine Eric working out in the exercise room on F1. We see the door to that room on F2 0 11:41AM 26/07/2005
Anonymous Indoor Lockdown NT 0 11:51AM 26/07/2005
Anonymous Jenn & Maggie doing dishes NT 0 11:51AM 26/07/2005
Anonymous Maggie bitches at BB 0 11:56AM 26/07/2005
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