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Topic #1998828
lacycatherine - Eric talking to Maggie and Rachel 0 Replies #1998828 9:40AM 26/07/2005
E- I am so ready to go to station 1 and get ready for all of the sh$t I am going to get. And I love it. Thatís the kind of person I am. I guarantee you one thing. I donít think that anyone will call me anything but Cappy again. Well maybe *****.
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Topic #1998838
dizzy - Eric: I have the thickest skin in the department because most of 0 Replies #1998838 9:41AM 26/07/2005
the times I bring it on myself---just like I did here.

I guarantee you one thing---no one will call ever call me anything but Cappy again---well maybe *sshole or something like that.
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Topic #1998850
Sunflake - Eric saying he'll never volunteer for anything that will take him away from his kids for this long. (past 20 min convo) 0 Replies #1998850 9:43AM 26/07/2005
Goes on about his wife Julie and how she must miss him because she doesn't have him at home to "bounce things off of".

Tells Rachel, she'll find someone, don't worry.

Eric says he's been blessed so many ways in this life. He's had convo's with Julie before, she could have any man she wanted and he's the lucky one in the relationship. Someone upstairs is looking after me.

Eric: (paraphrasing)Julie used to have a fear of death, wouldn't even talk about it, since she was a little kid. Eric wants so much to see his grandchildren and walk his daughter down the aisle, he's not afraid of death. He's not meant to die in a fire, but to grow old with Julie. He's blessed and he knows it.

Eric: never thought I'd be on a reality tv show
Rach: crazy
Eric: life throws you a curve ball, it's crazy, nuts.

Eric attends to the pool, removes the vaccuum. Rachel sitting at the BY table. Quiet morning.

Maggie up and in WC, washes her hands. Walks out to kitchen waves to Eric who comes in and asks if she took his hat off his bed. (couldn't hear a response)
Maggies getting some coffe and will then go outside with Eric.
Eric goes back outside to Rachel who asks if Maggie's up. Then they say Ivette is next up, then April, then Beau.

Maggie comes out. Says she had a good night's sleep. They talk about last night and how late they stayed up.

Looks like Jenn is now up on F3.

Maggie says it's only Tuesday, Eric says this sh*ts dragging now.
Maggie goes on about quite a seperation in the house, the GR, the HOH and the rest of the house. Wondering where Howie slept in HOH or GR.

Maggie says she's got that feeling of "whatever", Eric says she's at peace. Then Maggie says she looked around and sais "F*ck, I'm still here"
Eric says she's not going anywhere, but it's like you said its OK, I'm ready.
Maggie: so am I
Eric cant' wait to go back to work, and knows he'll catch hell, but he's ready for it. Says he has the thickest skin in the dept. Mostly cus he starts it, like he did here. If you're going to put yourself out there, expect the consequences. I tell you one thing everyone's gonna call me Cappy.
Maggie: if you go, say hi to everyone in the ER for me.
Eric: I will

Talk about if Maggie will go back to the same hospital or not. Eric thinks they'll want her back and praises her. Has hardly seen Maggie work because of the locations of her hospital and his FD.

Rachel asks about not paying income tax in Nevada. Eric says it's true and they don't have to pay estate taxes.

Jenny comes out. Eric says she looks happy and chipper.
Maggie asks if Jenny fell asleep after she scratched her back.
Jenny says yes.
They go on to discuss the balance between the turn on of a back rub and the turn off (makes you relaxed and sleepy).

Just another BB morning.

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Topic #1998874
Sunflake - Eric complaining that the "Johnson's" (their make believe neighbors next door) are barbequing. He can smell something like ribs cooking. NT 0 Replies #1998874 9:47AM 26/07/2005
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Topic #1998876
dizzy - someone's bbqing on the lot and in the BY E/M/J and Rach can smell it. LOL NT 0 Replies #1998876 9:48AM 26/07/2005
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Topic #1998885
dizzy - april will be a raving B*tch when she runs out of cigaretts. NT 1 Replies #1998885 9:50AM 26/07/2005
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dizzy - this was said by Maggie and then Jen says Will be? #1998892 9:51AM 26/07/2005
And talking about April talking about her behind her back. Jen says Iv talks bad about her to, E says no she doesn't and Jen says yes she does to April.
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Topic #1998918
dizzy - Eric: I have no ill will to the people I chose not to talk to. ??? NT 0 Replies #1998918 9:58AM 26/07/2005
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Topic #1998946
dizzy - Eric just talking about work now and things that have happened on the job. NT 0 Replies #1998946 10:05AM 26/07/2005
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Topic #1999106
lacycatherine - Jennifer had a dream about Eric and his wife last night. She said they had a white van NT 0 Replies #1999106 10:32AM 26/07/2005
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Topic #1999119
lacycatherine - Ivette asks Maggie - Do your dogs look like you? 0 Replies #1999119 10:34AM 26/07/2005
M- yeah they do.
E- No they don't.
M- well they have our personality.
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Topic #1999139
lacycatherine - Outside crew are talking about how hard it is to train boy dogs. 0 Replies #1999139 10:37AM 26/07/2005
E- My boy was hard to train
R- My boy was easy to train
M- If it weren't for Dave my puppies would be in the bed and Dave would be on the couch.

Rachel's dogs name is James Brown
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Topic #1999170
lacycatherine - Ivetteís dog will sleep anywhere 0 Replies #1999170 10:42AM 26/07/2005
but the bed that they bought her.

I-Maggieís, my girlfriends house is so awesome

Talks about how many brothers and sisters Maggie (Ivetteís gf) has.

M- Do you want to have a child?
I- We talked about it but I donít think that Maggie wants to bear a child.

Eric and Maggie are asking questions about how they would adopt and get married.

M- Would you propose to each other?

Eric talks about what a big wedding he had and he gave Julie the kind of wedding that she wanted.

Ivette talks about Maggie's nieces/nephews and what they look like. Maggie's father (Iv girlfriend) is a Dr.
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Topic #1999230
lacycatherine - Eric telling a story about when his daughter was sick 0 Replies #1999230 11:01AM 26/07/2005
and he had to start an IV on her. He and Maggie agree that kids are easier to take care of than adults. Adults freak out.

Maggie then tells a story about when she was sick and she asked Dave to give her an IV. He didn't want to and she told him that if he didn't that she would put it in her foot. She has done it before and it's no big deal.
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Topic #1999231
lacycatherine - April is up and her and Jennifer are in the kitchen NT 1 Replies #1999231 11:02AM 26/07/2005
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lacycatherine - April joins the rest of them outside NT #1999233 11:03AM 26/07/2005
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Topic #1999254
lacycatherine - Eric and Maggie telling stories of people 0 Replies #1999254 11:07AM 26/07/2005
that they see come into the ER. People get sick, donít get the RX filled because they donít have the money and then Eric picks them up and has to take them to the ER. They say this happens on a daily basis. Maggie complaining about people that have Medicaid/Medicare that come in to the ER for a stubbed toe or cold and take up rooms instead of real emergencyís being in there.
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Topic #1999341
lacycatherine - BB tells Ivette to check her microphone. She then walks outside 0 Replies #1999341 11:26AM 26/07/2005
and they tell her to go get a new one out of the storage room. When she walks in she starts to whipser with Eric about a conversation that he and Rachel had this morning about when Eric leaves. Eric said that Rachel implied that James would not get up when he left and Eric said he doesn't care.
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Topic #1999347
lacycatherine - April to Jen - Do you think that your mom will be watching the show 0 Replies #1999347 11:28AM 26/07/2005
tonight and laughing her ass off at the whole secret of summer twist.

Jen doesn't say anything

A- Well ya know because of you and me.
J-I don't think I told anyone in my family about the twist. Maybe my brother.
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Topic #1999354
lacycatherine - Earlier Eric was asking Jen about Dan 0 Replies #1999354 11:30AM 26/07/2005
(her BF) and how much money he makes as a pilot. She tells him that he has only been doing it since April but that he makes more money the way that he does it rather than being a commercial pilot. She said he won't do it for ever because when they have a family he would never see them.
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Topic #1999357
lacycatherine - April telling a story about Matt getting drunk and him telling her not to call his mother NT 0 Replies #1999357 11:31AM 26/07/2005
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Topic #1999370
lacycatherine - April and Jen talking about the college they went to. 2 Replies #1999370 11:35AM 26/07/2005
That they donít allow dancing or drinking.

M- whatís wrong with dancing? What did you do for your sorority parties?
J- We have them in another town.

Jen says that April can never remember where she lives. Has to call her and ask where she lives.

BB- Maggie, please check your microphone.

Jen talking about how much she loves dogs. Jen and April are the only ones talking about the dogs and they start talking about Pepperoni.

Jen- you should see how many toys she has for him. You should see all of the junk she has on her counter. There is candy and food and stuff.

A-It looks like going into the Pottery Barn

J- She has all of these magazines and stuff

Maggie's dog can swallow an entire mcdonalds hamburger in one bite.
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JillinTx - Jenn said that she and April met at auditions for another reality show. #1999457 11:55AM 26/07/2005
She didn't say what show, but they said it's on right now and after seeing the first episode they talked on the phone and decided that they definitely were not right for that show. Jenn said she was trying to be somebody that she's not, but couldn't pull it off. April laughed and said she did the same thing. April said they really don't know each other very well. April has never been to Jenn's house and Jenn had only been to April's house a few times and that was the week before they found out they were definitely going to be on the show. They live 10 minutes from each other but Jenn got lost every time she went to April's house.

*note - I wonder what show they auditioned for.
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fitty_little_me - I think she said that April's house looks like a mixture of Pottery Barn, Z gallerie, etc. Jen said that it looks like it came out of a magazine. #1999396 11:41AM 26/07/2005
Also, April's dog has a Coach collar.

** Not that any of this matters.
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Topic #1999376
lacycatherine - A-do you take your dog to Starbucks. You know how they give them that thing? Maggie shakes her head yes NT 0 Replies #1999376 11:37AM 26/07/2005
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Topic #1999398
lacycatherine - Eric working out in the exercise room on F1. We see the door to that room on F2 0 Replies #1999398 11:41AM 26/07/2005
F3 and 4 are the outside people still talking about their dogs.
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Topic #1999440
Anonymous - Indoor Lockdown NT 0 Replies #1999440 11:51AM 26/07/2005
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Topic #1999443
Anonymous - Jenn & Maggie doing dishes NT 0 Replies #1999443 11:51AM 26/07/2005
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Topic #1999459
Anonymous - Maggie bitches at BB 0 Replies #1999459 11:56AM 26/07/2005
BB yells at Maggie to check her mike, she screams, YOU JUST GAVE IT TO ME.

Jenn/April/Maggie/Rachel talking about sororities
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