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Caribou Howie doing a lot better he says he feels better than he did an hour ago. Kaysar helping him find his confidence. NT 0 2:02AM 28/07/2005
Caribou The BY crowd thinks Jennifer is a ho in real life, she gives that vibe. Howie says why won't she f*** me then? Sarah and james say ever since Jenn 0 2:03AM 28/07/2005
Caribou Howie doing GREAT now. He says "get those F**** out here now!! let's go for HOH!!!" All laugh. 0 2:05AM 28/07/2005
Caribou Kaysar - every single one of you guys is gonna be a machine tomorrow! oh my god HOwie. OH my god. Holy *****! (Howie doing great) NT 0 2:09AM 28/07/2005
Caribou Howie - "you better have a full pack tomorrow April. i'll shove a pack right up your ass!" Kaysar tells him to relax and focus on his game. NT 0 2:10AM 28/07/2005
Caribou Kaysar so happy they're all doing so well hes' swearing. S.O.B. etc. NT 0 2:13AM 28/07/2005
Caribou Janelle and April in bathroom. April crying, she wants out. Begging Janelle if they get HOH to put her up and vote her out. April is going to DR to 0 2:22AM 28/07/2005
Chunga April pleading with Jan that if she wins, to put April up and send her home. 0 2:22AM 28/07/2005
SassyPrncess A: I'm going to check in the DR and make sure I still get my $750 a week NT 0 2:22AM 28/07/2005
BHnoah April talking to Janelle in bathroom-- says i can't handle anymore 0 2:24AM 28/07/2005
Caribou No one said anything to April when she reappeared outside. April sat in a chair with her back to the BY group, and smoking. The guys are coaching and 0 2:25AM 28/07/2005
BHnoah Janelle was just palyin' with the camera-- movin' here and there 0 2:27AM 28/07/2005
SassyPrncess A to K: You put these people in here that have no life, they do not have college.... 1 2:27AM 28/07/2005
Caribou Kaysar sort of holding April and letting her talk and trying to make her feel better. April says this place is making her 0 2:29AM 28/07/2005
Caribou April trashing James to Kaysar again, saying all the things he has said about Janelle etc. and how he complained about them in the past. NT 0 2:30AM 28/07/2005
Caribou April - makes her sick that Kaysar is taking James to the end because Kaysar is smarter than that. At least she has dignity, pride and respect. April 0 2:33AM 28/07/2005
Caribou april says she doesn't trust any person in this house. she says it makes her sad to see kaysar hanging out with those people. NT 0 2:35AM 28/07/2005
Caribou Kaysar says he has no other options. April says she knows Kaysar doesn't like Ivette. Kaysar says no they just don't understand each other. 0 2:37AM 28/07/2005
Caribou April says Ivette hasn't said one thing bad about Kaysar and Ivette realllllly likes Kaysar, but, everyone HATES James NT 0 2:37AM 28/07/2005
Caribou April - James and Eric have said the worst ***** about people, demeaning... Kaysar says he knows and brings up what happened to Mike. NT 0 2:38AM 28/07/2005
Caribou April - NO, was I coming out to see strategy? I don't give a *****. I can come out here to have a cigarette. NT 0 2:39AM 28/07/2005
Caribou April trashing James again. Kaysar says he knows. april says she won't backstab Kaysar, that's not her. Kaysar again talks to her about staying safe 0 2:42AM 28/07/2005
Caribou Kaysar aks April who else she feels shifty about besides James. No one she says. Everyone loves Howie. Janelle seems ok. NT 0 2:44AM 28/07/2005
Caribou April on James - talk about a 360 (???? think she means 180 LOL) NT 0 2:45AM 28/07/2005
Caribou April tells Kaysar that Sarah was trying to work on Ivette today using James words. 0 2:56AM 28/07/2005
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