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nascargirl howie is 2nd NT 0 12:43PM 28/07/2005
joannie James tells Howie that if 'they' win, the two going up are going to be 0 12:46PM 28/07/2005
Qcoatl James/Howie/Jan talking about freaking the other side out to throw them off their game for HoH 1 12:47PM 28/07/2005
Sue Quadcam shows fishtank NT 0 12:55PM 28/07/2005
tntaangela After fish, HGs file inside... LONG 0 12:57PM 28/07/2005
joannie Sheep are in the kitchen now 0 1:00PM 28/07/2005
luvthemfish Ivette to Eric: I don't want to be the negative one in the house NT 0 1:51PM 28/07/2005
Runtie Howie is talking nasty with James, Janelle and Sarah. NT 0 1:57PM 28/07/2005
Sillygirl Howie: I'd rather win HOH than bang Janie. lol NT 1 1:58PM 28/07/2005
ccquilter Good bye bread pudding party for Cappy in the kitchen NT 0 2:05PM 28/07/2005
RealitySwan Eric sent Rachel to the GR to tell the S6 that he only has a limited time to say goodbye and he doesn't want any of them (S6) to say goodbye to him NT 0 2:06PM 28/07/2005
Disneyisme James, Rachel, Sarah, and Howie are in th GR. Kay and Janelle just walked in and told them 0 2:07PM 28/07/2005
Disneyisme Before leaving the GR, Sarah and Howie are telling Janelle to try and be nice, at least 0 2:08PM 28/07/2005
joannie Sovereign 6 in the GR. Rachel says Eric has a message for them 0 2:09PM 28/07/2005
Disneyisme Rachel and Kay are on the couches. Rachel telling Kay she knows how he feels, and she feels 0 2:11PM 28/07/2005
BigMama James: I want April to cry when she sees me cause she's scared when I look at her. NT 0 2:14PM 28/07/2005
joannie Kay trying to convince James to play nice 0 2:16PM 28/07/2005
Disneyisme James is telling Kay that every time April looks at him and he looks at her she wants to 0 2:17PM 28/07/2005
Disneyisme James to Kay: "Rachel is playing bith sides, trust that." Kay says "no she's not." 0 2:19PM 28/07/2005
Disneyisme Kay "don't forget millions of people are watching us." James: "do people really 0 2:21PM 28/07/2005
Disneyisme Kaysar says "these people are such children. Here I am arguing with 0 2:23PM 28/07/2005
Disneyisme James wants to take away as much self worth as he can from the others one by one. NT 0 2:24PM 28/07/2005
Disneyisme James is still on the couch and Kay and April are sitting under the TV screen 0 2:26PM 28/07/2005
Mltv James tells Kaysar he will be a republican soon, One reason is they are the faith based party. 0 2:27PM 28/07/2005
Disneyisme Wow, April beat Kay in coasters and now she takes on Howie. Now Rachel and Jenn have come into the LR. NT 0 2:29PM 28/07/2005
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