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TheAntiHamster Sarah to James: You know I have a better chance of winning this than you do, don't you? <huge grin> 0 12:10AM 29/07/2005
Anonymous HGs: Happy 31st Birthday, April! NT 0 12:19AM 29/07/2005
PinkPanther Sarah and james in GR shes worried james is going home nxt week and that he could possibly cheat on her... 0 12:20AM 29/07/2005
PinkPanther King Kaysar & Howie standing around talking about where to sleep.. 0 12:24AM 29/07/2005
PinkPanther Stupid camera man....everytime Kay, howie or Jan say something, FISH Audio NT 0 12:39AM 29/07/2005
Rdhedtxn Maggie wants to talk about nominations more NT 0 12:52AM 29/07/2005
Chunga Fish everywhere. NT 0 12:53AM 29/07/2005
moonchilde Now, Kaysar's Krew has turned the tables on Maggie's Minions and he and his 'team' are outside the HOH room 0 12:56AM 29/07/2005
TheAntiHamster Slumber party in HoH, Ivette tries to spy on S6 0 12:57AM 29/07/2005
moonchilde The biggest debate amongst Maggie's Motley Minions is whether Howie is solidly with Kaysar, or would Howie turn? 0 12:59AM 29/07/2005
Anonymous Kaysar: They cant function as individuals, they function as idiots NT 0 1:04AM 29/07/2005
TheAntiHamster Sarah to S6: If they take my boyfriend away from me, I'll make their f**king lives MISERABLE. Every day. Don't underestimate me. NT 0 1:08AM 29/07/2005
Anonymous Janelle: (on ivette) i hope there is like a ton of people who dont like her and are making funny of her (lol) NT 0 1:29AM 29/07/2005
TheAntiHamster Kay and Janelle reaffirm their commitment to each other first, over other S6, if it comes down to it. NT 0 1:34AM 29/07/2005
TheAntiHamster Janelle suspects the "BB Gods" would try to tilt things to keep couples to the end, because the public wants a couple to root for. NT 0 1:37AM 29/07/2005
TheAntiHamster Maggots still trash talking, watching spy cam. Finally go to sleep in prep for food comp tomorrow. NT 0 1:50AM 29/07/2005
Chunga Most everyone has gone to sleep 0 1:51AM 29/07/2005
TheAntiHamster Kay and Howie get ready for bed in bathroom while chatting. Others in bed. NT 0 1:52AM 29/07/2005
Chunga Kaysar is still up. Howie and Kaysar are going to take showers. 0 1:54AM 29/07/2005
TheAntiHamster Kaysar: I pity the fool that can't win HoH! NT 0 2:18AM 29/07/2005
TheAntiHamster Kay pondering with Howie. Thinks K/Jan/H/R for final four would be good. Perponderance more than a deal. NT 0 2:34AM 29/07/2005
Chunga Everyone in bed now. 0 2:38AM 29/07/2005
straightdave Kay seems to be sleeping much better in the cot than he did in HOH 0 3:36AM 29/07/2005
straightdave Hear movement on feed 2, I think Rach may be up but not on feeds NT 0 6:13AM 29/07/2005
Anonymous Rachel is working out NT 0 6:44AM 29/07/2005
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