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Anonymous Rachel is now in the kitchen eating toast NT 0 7:07AM 29/07/2005
Anonymous Rachel is feeding the fish NT 0 7:20AM 29/07/2005
Anonymous Rachel is talking to the fish while she's looking at them (lol) NT 0 7:23AM 29/07/2005
Anonymous Rachel is talking to Kaysar NT 0 7:26AM 29/07/2005
Anonymous Rachel is cleaning the shower, she's wiping the floor and everything NT 0 7:34AM 29/07/2005
Anonymous Rachel is now taking a shower NT 0 7:40AM 29/07/2005
Fetch Carl Orff's "Carmina Burana" blasts over the loudspeakers -- then fish. NT 1 7:47AM 29/07/2005
kevinf42 8:13BBT: Big Brother: "good morning houseguests, you have one hour until the food competition" 0 8:19AM 29/07/2005
amIsane Ivette and April trash talking Janelle 0 8:30AM 29/07/2005
amIsane F1 & F2is Maggot putting her clothes in dressers in HOH F3 is FISH F4 Kay w/ Jam? and Sarah?? GR NT 1 8:34AM 29/07/2005
JHo We've got fish on all 4 feeds NT 0 8:36AM 29/07/2005
lacycatherine Kaysar trying to get Howie and Janelle to get up in the Gold Room NT 0 8:36AM 29/07/2005
amIsane Kay "I feel like we got rid of part of the cancer, we just need another treatment" Jan How and Kay laugh NT 1 8:37AM 29/07/2005
amIsane GR discussion. Kay makes a funny!! 1 8:41AM 29/07/2005
thatgirI K: I thought I had patience til I met you guys (speaking to Jan, Howie, Sarah, James). NT 1 8:42AM 29/07/2005
amIsane Ouch!! James on april 0 8:53AM 29/07/2005
thatgirI K asks Howie why he uses puffer.. He has asthma NT 1 8:56AM 29/07/2005
SusanM18 Howie also tells Kaysar he has to take meds everyday for his thyroid, and witiout it he would die. His mom has a thyroid problem too, it's genetic. NT 0 9:08AM 29/07/2005
ihateeric Ivette and James talk/ More backstabbing from James.. 0 9:20AM 29/07/2005
babyd James chitchat with I in bathroom J says If you need to talk see me NT 0 9:21AM 29/07/2005
amIsane FISH NT 0 9:27AM 29/07/2005
Anonymous Beau says he was due to be born on Christmas Day 0 9:28AM 29/07/2005
CougarSpy 8:30 am BBT - Kaysar/Jennifer/Rachel are in the Bathroom getting ready for the day. 0 9:29AM 29/07/2005
amIsane Jam, Sa, Kay, Ap, Iv, and Beau in LR talking, laughing, everyone getting along perfectly NT 2 9:34AM 29/07/2005
emptynest James says his singing sounds like a bag of orphans in a meat grinder. ed - How profound NT 0 9:42AM 29/07/2005
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