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straightdave Hear some movement off the view of the feeds, I think Rach may be getting up NT 1 5:24AM 02/08/2005
JessicaRabbit Rachel is up!! NT 0 7:36AM 02/08/2005
Vaseflower2000 Pretty sure Rach is up now. NT 0 7:36AM 02/08/2005
Vaseflower2000 Rach in the WC area. NT 0 7:38AM 02/08/2005
pooh5983 on the feeds 0 7:43AM 02/08/2005
pooh5983 we get fish.... NT 0 7:45AM 02/08/2005
pooh5983 every one is starting to get restless 0 7:52AM 02/08/2005
JessicaRabbit Rachel doing morning treadmill workout. NT 0 7:53AM 02/08/2005
lacycatherine Rachel is outside eating her breakfast NT 0 8:38AM 02/08/2005
dataloss Rach putting away the pool cleaner, walking 'bout the BY. NT 0 8:40AM 02/08/2005
Scooterrific Rachel inside, in bedroom going through drawers 0 9:04AM 02/08/2005
citanul Janelle up, moving from WC to kitchen NT 1 9:14AM 02/08/2005
pittsburgh24 Jan awake - talked to R in bathroom and then went to kitchen to get something to drink. NT 0 9:15AM 02/08/2005
citanul Fish. NT 0 9:20AM 02/08/2005
citanul Back from fish. Rachel on LR couch on F1, Kaysar asleep on F2, table on F3&4. NT 0 9:23AM 02/08/2005
citanul James is up, with mic on in WC. ;D NT 0 9:25AM 02/08/2005
lacycatherine Rachel is plucking her eyebrows NT 0 9:32AM 02/08/2005
citanul F1: Rachel outside on lounger. F2: Kaysar sleeping. F3: Table F4: LR NT 0 9:48AM 02/08/2005
Geoff1075 Howie is up NT 0 9:57AM 02/08/2005
lacycatherine Ivette is in the kitchen making breakfast. She pokes her head out 0 10:15AM 02/08/2005
Nantucket Howie and Rachel were talking about how they wish Michael was still there. Rachel said she wished they had been able to save him, but they would 0 10:25AM 02/08/2005
Nantucket Howie and Rachel say they aren't too worried about James getting HOH. Agree that he would go after the other side first. That Maggie is more of a 0 10:26AM 02/08/2005
Nantucket Rachel and Howie are now inside and in the kitchen with Ivette. She is making breakfast. NT 0 10:28AM 02/08/2005
Nantucket Rachel, Howie, and Ivette are sitting at the table together enjoying the breakfast Ivette made. Just small talk. Nobody else is up yet. NT 0 10:31AM 02/08/2005
callmejenn Racheal/Ivette and Howie are discussing something that is wrong with Howies hand... 2 10:43AM 02/08/2005
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