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citanul Sarah and James cuddling, Howie giving Jan a back massage in GR. NT 0 4:40PM 02/08/2005
citanul Janelle now giving Howie a vigorous back massage. 0 5:06PM 02/08/2005
Disneyisme April, Janelle and Rachel are in the kitchen, April says now the DR says 0 5:18PM 02/08/2005
Disneyisme They are talking about playing chess..and April yells to BB "I want some cards! If you think it's such a big deal 0 5:22PM 02/08/2005
Disneyisme April says "Kaysar! What are you doing?" He says "grabbing your fat." 0 5:26PM 02/08/2005
Disneyisme Outside now, Kaysar is telling Janelle "yesterday in front of me and Howie you said 0 5:30PM 02/08/2005
citanul Beau is combing Kaysar's hair. Now giving Howie a haircut. Jenn, Rachel, April and Kaysar watch. 0 5:45PM 02/08/2005
Anonymous Beau is giving james a haircut NT 0 6:11PM 02/08/2005
citanul Iv to Beau: Janelle's been using your bible a lot. I don't know what she's up to. 0 6:49PM 02/08/2005
citanul HGs eating supper - Kay, James, & Sarah outside, everyone else indoors. Janelle absent from feeds. NT 0 7:22PM 02/08/2005
Anonymous James/Sarah alone outside, he degrades her more, "Dumbass to the planes" 0 7:26PM 02/08/2005
citanul Janelle sleeping in GR with Bible open next to her. Everyone else inside at the table or counter. NT 0 7:32PM 02/08/2005
itsank2 camera guy on one having fun showing james w/kaysar picture in the background NT 0 7:42PM 02/08/2005
carly Maggie teases Kaysar - She says she did something (missed it) He says "No." she says "Yeah. I swear on your life" 0 7:47PM 02/08/2005
citanul Beau trimming Kaysar's hair. Maggie in WC too, blowdrying her hair. 0 7:47PM 02/08/2005
citanul FISH (for a minute or two) NT 0 7:52PM 02/08/2005
Anonymous HOH crew all cuddled up in hammock...very cute NT 0 8:33PM 02/08/2005
citanul Sarah plucking gray hair from James' head in GR. James: What did I do to deserve this? 0 9:12PM 02/08/2005
citanul F1&2: Howie talking to Maggie & Beau in hammock, discussing gay sex. F3&4: Kaysar, Rachel & April in hot tub. 0 9:19PM 02/08/2005
citanul Kaysar giving Rachel a massage in the hot tub. 0 9:29PM 02/08/2005
callmejenn Howie, Beau and Maggie talking about masterbating... 0 10:02PM 02/08/2005
ihateeric Maggie 2 Beau "rachel has such a crush on Howie. It's sad. NT 0 10:21PM 02/08/2005
bbrules3 Howie is propositioning April. She replies "I'm married Howie" NT 0 10:43PM 02/08/2005
bbrules3 Janelle and Kaysar talking strategy walking around the backyard. 2 10:44PM 02/08/2005
bbrules3 Janelle can cry on cue but the tears will be real when Kaysar leaves. 0 10:50PM 02/08/2005
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