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Zazny Jan is stuck in her black dress, Ivette, Beau, and April try to help her NT 1 6:18PM 04/08/2005
nojobny Apr: So cappy never got to go home to get laid 0 6:24PM 04/08/2005
CappyH8ter Maggie told Ivette in the bathroom not to worry NT 0 6:25PM 04/08/2005
Chunga Jan asks Howie about Rachel 0 6:26PM 04/08/2005
CappyH8ter Ivette complaining about James to Maggie in the main bedroom NT 0 6:26PM 04/08/2005
CappyH8ter Maggie reassuring Ivette for taking James out in the HOH competition NT 0 6:27PM 04/08/2005
Nantucket Sarah, Howie, & Janelle in gold room. Sarah wants Michael back so she can get a chance to know him. Janelle doesn't think Mike got a fair chance and 1 6:28PM 04/08/2005
CappyH8ter Maggie says it sucks that if either Kay or Michael come back they can't win the million NT 0 6:30PM 04/08/2005
Zazny S: I'm glad they didn't get to see the tapes so he can't see the crap I said about him 0 6:30PM 04/08/2005
Nantucket Janelle is still saying she wants Michael back. She says she hates Eric. NT 0 6:30PM 04/08/2005
CappyH8ter Sarah complaining to Janelle about Eric in the GR NT 0 6:32PM 04/08/2005
Nantucket Janelle is saying Michael was hurt by a lot of the stuff in the house. Sarah said it wasn't his fault he is different because he grew up in Europe. NT 0 6:32PM 04/08/2005
Nantucket Janelle said she hopes to god Michael comes back. She wants to have couples in the gold room. Sarah and Janelle laughing about getting freaky in the 0 6:34PM 04/08/2005
Nantucket Janelle is asking Sarah and James if Michael will still like her since she got fat. She wonders if Howie will get jealous if Mike comes back. NT 0 6:36PM 04/08/2005
CappyH8ter James doesn't like that Ivette voted him off HOH comp. before Jan (talking to Sarah and Jan in GR) NT 0 6:36PM 04/08/2005
CappyH8ter James thinking about confronting Ivette...Jan and Sarah tell him not to as he leaves the GR NT 0 6:37PM 04/08/2005
Nantucket Janelle and Sarah both just said they hope America votes Michael back in. NT 0 6:38PM 04/08/2005
CappyH8ter Jan: Do you think it's between Michael and Eric? (to Sarah in GR) NT 0 6:38PM 04/08/2005
Nantucket Sarah hates that Kaysar left and hates how Michael got kicked out. Janelle said Mike will be so excited she got the PB&J pass too. LOL NT 0 6:39PM 04/08/2005
CappyH8ter Ivette, Maggie, Howie, Jenn, and Beau in big room wondering if there will be a double eviction NT 0 6:40PM 04/08/2005
ktan Howie complained to Ivette and Maggie that Julie Chen kept reading the question 0 6:42PM 04/08/2005
Nantucket Jan & Sarah say they are so proud of Howie. Laughing about how nervous the others are. NT 0 6:42PM 04/08/2005
CappyH8ter Howie (to Maggie): You're a nurse really? Maggie: Of course I am NT 0 6:43PM 04/08/2005
Nantucket Janelle is wondering why Ashlea left. They think it's because it was for such a long time. They say they would have left too. NT 0 6:43PM 04/08/2005
gokaysar Creepy is soooooo flirting with howie NT 0 6:44PM 04/08/2005
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