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Panda4 Rachel now goes to wake up Kaysar. She then says Good morning HG's it is time 0 9:53AM 04/08/2005
CougarSpy Rachel knocks on HOH door. Maggie stirs. Rachel knocks again and says its locked. Someone finally unlocks the door. Something is wrong with audio 0 9:54AM 04/08/2005
CougarSpy Ivette we start cleaning. A HOH voice Yes. 0 10:07AM 04/08/2005
CougarSpy F1 show Maggie, Jennifer and Beau lying in bed talking. One of them hogged all the covers last night. General chitchat. 0 10:12AM 04/08/2005
CougarSpy Rachel is talking with April and Ivette about the audio being out. April So we wont be able to have music this morning. Rachel starts vacuuming, 0 10:17AM 04/08/2005
CougarSpy Ivette is telling Howie about her dream again of him winning HOH and how happy she was for him. H Really? Howie then starts talking about how 0 10:27AM 04/08/2005
joannie Power cleaning before the live show NT 0 10:36AM 04/08/2005
joannie Kaysar is still in bed. NT 0 10:37AM 04/08/2005
CougarSpy Maggie and Jennifer are now in the kitchen looking for things to eat for breakfast. One of them says good morning to Ivette. 0 10:39AM 04/08/2005
joannie We have FISH NT 0 10:40AM 04/08/2005
mountainmama 2:05 est and we still have fish... NT 0 11:06AM 04/08/2005
pooh5983 We still have fish WHY!!!!!! NT 0 11:38AM 04/08/2005
mountainmama 11:40 and still FISH, wonder what they are doing? NT 0 11:39AM 04/08/2005
mountainmama Feeds back, in the GR I see James and Janelle F3/F4 NT 2 11:54AM 04/08/2005
Tweeds Morning Recap 0 11:56AM 04/08/2005
Starlady Fish, fish and more fish... [so many new varieties, hope the HG noticed!] NT 0 12:18PM 04/08/2005
terrybelle Janelle got an AWESOME flat iron from BB, now Yvette wants a new blowdryer NT 0 12:23PM 04/08/2005
Zazny A: We have to win it, Janelle! We need those mofos to give us cigarettes! 0 12:45PM 04/08/2005
Zazny April complains about Ivette to Beau 0 12:58PM 04/08/2005
Zazny Beau hogs the iron 0 12:59PM 04/08/2005
Zazny A: In sequester, I'll be so f---ing bored! 0 1:06PM 04/08/2005
Zazny A: These mofo's itch my ass! 0 1:08PM 04/08/2005
Zazny Maggie has moved out of HOH NT 0 1:14PM 04/08/2005
joannie Kaysar is giving Rachel a shoulder message. NT 0 1:21PM 04/08/2005
Anonymous Howie: Deee Cooor Aaaaaa Teeeeeve (You figure it out) as in Decorate NT 0 1:36PM 04/08/2005
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