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ejj1955 Beau, Janelle, and Howie singing in the BY. NT 0 4:23PM 06/08/2005
Disneyisme Maggie, Rachel and Jen are in the kitchen. Rachel says "I can't wait for the wrap party." 0 4:25PM 06/08/2005
ejj1955 Maggie and Jennifer in kitchen, eating and cooking. 0 4:26PM 06/08/2005
Disneyisme Beau, Janelle and Howie are in the kitchen now too. They talk about how fun it was to bash the 0 4:27PM 06/08/2005
ejj1955 Jenn making something like apple crisp; Howie says he doesn't feel well and wants a nap. NT 0 4:28PM 06/08/2005
Disneyisme Howie says he doesn't feel well and needs a nap. Maggie says "well I'm already sweaty and gross so I am 0 4:29PM 06/08/2005
ejj1955 Howie says he's not going to be OCD over exercise; will work out before dinner or after, whatever. NT 0 4:30PM 06/08/2005
ejj1955 Novice cook Jenn doesn't know what "cut in butter" means. 0 4:34PM 06/08/2005
ejj1955 Beau joins Howie and Ivette for her "brilliant" plan. Beau says, "I don't think he'll be stupid enough to do that." April thinks it's worth a try. NT 0 4:35PM 06/08/2005
Disneyisme Ivette was talking to Howie at the table outside and was p*ss'd that Beau 1 4:35PM 06/08/2005
ejj1955 Howie says, Ivette should try this plan out on James. NT 0 4:36PM 06/08/2005
Disneyisme Ivette and Howie says that everyone in the house is safe if James leaves. Howie tells Ivette to go ahead and try 0 4:37PM 06/08/2005
ejj1955 Howie suggests telling James that the house took out Cappy, pissed off Maggie; they'll take out Sarah, it will be even. NT 0 4:37PM 06/08/2005
Disneyisme Ivette says she will fluff James up by telling him how strong a player he is and telling him she will need 0 4:39PM 06/08/2005
ejj1955 April: "Why does [James] hate me so much." Iv: "I don't know." NT 0 4:40PM 06/08/2005
Disneyisme April says to Ivette to tell James that they will need him later in the game. If James 0 4:42PM 06/08/2005
Disneyisme Ivette is still selling herself on the fact that she could convince James to keep himself on the block. 0 4:44PM 06/08/2005
Disneyisme Ivette thinks it's possible he take Sarah off and leave himself off...Howie and Beau "no way" 0 4:49PM 06/08/2005
Disneyisme Howie says that James wanted to put "you (April) and you (Ivette) up and back door 0 4:51PM 06/08/2005
Disneyisme April says "so who is the better person to go to him?" Howie says "I have nothing to offer him." 0 4:53PM 06/08/2005
Disneyisme April says if James doesn't go for it then you tell him FU. Ivette says "NO! You don't go 0 4:55PM 06/08/2005
Disneyisme Howie is exhausted and can't listen to anymore..he heads in for a nap and gets in one "boobies"... NT 0 5:05PM 06/08/2005
Disneyisme April is chewing on her bracelet, she tells Beau "I need cigarettes....it's like a hand to mouth thing you know?" NT 0 5:05PM 06/08/2005
Disneyisme Ivette is telling Maggie (outside) the plan. Ivette says "I will tell him that's how he gets our trust back." Maggie says 0 5:08PM 06/08/2005
Disneyisme Maggie says "I guess it's worth a try. It can't hurt us really since the vote isn't going to change." 0 5:10PM 06/08/2005
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