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gymborebel Hoie saying that James F'ed up his plan and he ants him gone NOW NT 0 9:03PM 06/08/2005
gymborebel Rachael "Sarah would go after us" Jan "No she would Not" NT 0 9:05PM 06/08/2005
gymborebel Howie" From now on don't give any info, just listen to what they are saying" NT 0 9:05PM 06/08/2005
Radars H J and R in HOH room 0 9:12PM 06/08/2005
jlplsss A little earlier, Howie and Rachel told Janelle something they shouldn't have 2 9:13PM 06/08/2005
Anonymous Now Ivette is bashing April....... NT 0 9:25PM 06/08/2005
gymborebel Ivette is saying that she hates it when people change thier stories NT 0 9:29PM 06/08/2005
Disneyisme Maggie and Ivette are outside on the big lounge..Ivette is saying she can't understand 0 9:34PM 06/08/2005
Radars H, J, R in HOH talking about the vote (long) 1 9:38PM 06/08/2005
Disneyisme James, Sarah and Jen are in the gym. Sarah says "I'm so stupid because 0 9:38PM 06/08/2005
Disneyisme James says to Jen "I appreciate you being in here with us, since it might upset them." 0 9:42PM 06/08/2005
Disneyisme Now it's Sarah, James, April and Jen in the gym. Jen says "do you remember when they separated us 0 9:46PM 06/08/2005
Disneyisme James just said that he figured out what the game was going to be when he was alone in his room, 0 9:49PM 06/08/2005
dannimama ***Darn Fish*** NT 0 9:51PM 06/08/2005
Disneyisme James talking about all the phone calls he had to make before the show. Then he says 0 9:51PM 06/08/2005
Disneyisme April is now out on the lounge with Maggie and I hear April say how Jen is in the gym 0 9:55PM 06/08/2005
Disneyisme Back in the gym.....Sarah and James are just sitting contemplating and Jen is still running. NT 0 9:58PM 06/08/2005
Disneyisme Sarah is flexing in the mirror, asking James if it looks like she is losing her 0 10:01PM 06/08/2005
jlplsss Something I never thought I'd see - the three house blondes strategizing together on the hammock 0 10:01PM 06/08/2005
Disneyisme It's just James and Sarah in the gym, she kisses him and says "look on the bright side, you still got me." He kissed her again. NT 0 10:02PM 06/08/2005
sinistre April, Maggie, and Janelle in BY 0 10:04PM 06/08/2005
Disneyisme Now Jen, Maggie and April are on the lounge and Jen is filling them in on her whole purpose of being 0 10:08PM 06/08/2005
gymborebel Jen came to the BY and was telling April, Maggie, Beau that 0 10:09PM 06/08/2005
Disneyisme Jen said "at the end of our talk in there he said that you (April) are the one 0 10:10PM 06/08/2005
Disneyisme Maggie is encouraging Beau & Ivette to play chess on the lawn by them so they can still 0 10:12PM 06/08/2005
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