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They are joking "America bring back anyone that can get James a** out of the house." - Disneyisme
6:24PM 07/08/2005

Janelle put a tye dye shirt on Howie that has the arms cut off (it is a womens medium) that says 'America bring Kaysar back!' NT - Disneyisme
6:27PM 07/08/2005

Ivette now decorating Cappy's shirt with "9/11 - Never Forget" NT - bbaddict2005
6:34PM 07/08/2005

Ivette says she'll sell her shirt on ebay someday, then later changes it to she give it to Cappies daughter. NT - Angelfire
6:35PM 07/08/2005

Janelle, Howie, Jennifer & Rachel in the kitchen making and eating food. Rachel asks James and Sarah - Sunflake
6:37PM 07/08/2005

James says he's writing "America Keep Him - I Want Sarah" on his shirt. NT - carly
6:43PM 07/08/2005
"America Keep 'Em- I Want Sarah" NT - jalynne
6:44PM 07/08/2005

James asking if 'keep' is spelled correctly (dumbass) NT - kayn
6:44PM 07/08/2005

A bird just POOED on Jens shirt.....LOL NT - Anonymous
6:50PM 07/08/2005

Jen: Are you f***ing kidding me a bird just sh*t on my shirt! (They all laugh) NT - Mirage
6:51PM 07/08/2005

April in the Kitchen ............ if I eat regular food, I will only get a penalty nomination right. It's not like I will be voted - Angelfire
6:53PM 07/08/2005

Howie says that Arnold used to go to Muscle Beach in Venice - one of the girls said "Arnold Shapiro?" H- No, Schwartzenegger. NT - Mirage
6:53PM 07/08/2005

James and April speak civilly in the kitchen. ( I don't write it, I just report it) - Sunflake
7:00PM 07/08/2005

April rags on Ivette to Beau - Sunflake
7:09PM 07/08/2005

More Tee shirt sayings and Howie woos Jenny. - Sunflake
7:21PM 07/08/2005

Jen says that she lost her viriginity to a fireman. Also, thinks it would be funny if Beau put a - Mirage
7:26PM 07/08/2005

More Tee Shirts and Beau Massages Howie's Chest - Sunflake
7:31PM 07/08/2005
Beau was working Howie... getting excited ... (*PIC* too!) - PandeMOANium
7:43PM 07/08/2005

Janelle's working on a shirt that says: "Vote for Kaysar - Bring Back the King" NT - carly
7:35PM 07/08/2005
Maggie working on shirt that says "Duty Honor Integrity Trust" NT - carly
7:36PM 07/08/2005

FISH... NT - S6Fan
7:40PM 07/08/2005

Feeds Down Network Wide. Not even FISH. NT - Sunflake
7:48PM 07/08/2005

Feeds are BACK! NT - Sunflake
9:14PM 07/08/2005

Backyard Briefly....for those who need a fix. - Sunflake
9:19PM 07/08/2005

Feed - Anonymous
9:27PM 07/08/2005

Oh No, not again. We have fish. NT - mountainmama
9:32PM 07/08/2005

Yet More Painting and Houseguests in the Hot Tub - Sunflake
9:32PM 07/08/2005

In the BY - ferretkiss
9:35PM 07/08/2005

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