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james crying(?) in the GR with sarah NT - imnotpunk
1:51PM 07/08/2005

sarah about cappy "you created a f*ing cult, you psycho" lol NT - bbaddict2005
1:53PM 07/08/2005

James to Sarah: F--k fair,I busted my ass to get each one of them out, now one gets to come back & you leave NT - BHnoah
1:53PM 07/08/2005

James hates the twist - Zazny
1:54PM 07/08/2005

sar says she is goin to make a t shirt - Maggiefan
1:54PM 07/08/2005

James is pissed big time...He is w/ Sarah and angry after seeing the ad. - Mirage
1:55PM 07/08/2005

Sarah: Do we have to give up so easily? NT - dannimama
1:57PM 07/08/2005

S: Do we have to give up? - Zazny
1:59PM 07/08/2005

james and sarah holding each other in GR while rest of HGs continue making their t-shirts in the BY NT - imnotpunk
2:02PM 07/08/2005

rachel just knocked on the door came in said hey and then oh and left NT - TheBigSista
2:03PM 07/08/2005

s: i love you j: i love you NT - imnotpunk
2:10PM 07/08/2005

beau: i think kaysar is coming back with his speech NT - imnotpunk
2:12PM 07/08/2005

I: dont drip on people's, don't drip on people's! oh april! a: sorry guys! ...f*cker! NT - imnotpunk
2:14PM 07/08/2005
I: couldn't they have at least given us some f*cking instructions? NT - imnotpunk
2:16PM 07/08/2005

I comes to the GR briefly...once she leaves, James says: I wanna BREAK her in half...wanna break them all in half NT - imnotpunk
2:19PM 07/08/2005
he continued with and put all the pieces together and make one decent human being! NT - TheBigSista
2:20PM 07/08/2005

Rachel: BB can you play some grateful dead music for us while we're doing this? Thanks. NT - imnotpunk
2:20PM 07/08/2005

Sarah to James in the GR "...God forgive them for they know not what they do" keeps running through my head NT - bbaddict2005
2:20PM 07/08/2005

sarah says she wants to make a t-shirt they have all day james replies with - TheBigSista
2:23PM 07/08/2005

jan trying to find an "old white shirt" she has and see if she can just dye it yellow NT - imnotpunk
2:24PM 07/08/2005

sarah now trashing Janelle's housekeeping habits...or lack thereof NT - bbaddict2005
2:25PM 07/08/2005

Janelle i think was doing two shirts cause she wants two people to come back (K&M) - BHnoah
2:32PM 07/08/2005

rach, janie, jenn, mag, howie outside by pool NT - ciaobella76
2:47PM 07/08/2005
girls saying how hot kaysar looked in his video plea, like a hot college professor NT - ciaobella76
2:48PM 07/08/2005

Iv just asked Howie to "get it over with" and pawn her (put her up) - drummer_inblack
2:51PM 07/08/2005

I told H to put her up against J for eviction - "April can't handle it" (being the pawn) NT - chaka34
2:52PM 07/08/2005

Here's the April/Ivette spat, I missed it and it wasn't posted here so I went to another site - Denise
3:11PM 07/08/2005

James: Who the h*l could leave their kids for 3 months? (Note: Eric) NT - SassyPrncess
3:16PM 07/08/2005
He said this in reference to Howie and Rachel because Sarah thinks they are married. H & R have mentioned - PSister
3:25PM 07/08/2005

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