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seezall Sarah and Janie in GR 0 8:29PM 09/08/2005
JCrude James joins Sarah and Janelle in GR 0 8:29PM 09/08/2005
JCrude James: you think they're going to tell Maggie the plan 0 8:33PM 09/08/2005
seezall Howie asks Maggie if Janie might go to James...I don't think that would ever happen ,Howie ,says Rachel NT 0 8:40PM 09/08/2005
seezall Janelle and Sarah playing chess, James in shower, Jenn outside shower picking her toes NT 0 8:47PM 09/08/2005
Rzy2 James is trying to get Jen to vote out Ivette...hard to hear beause they are whispering.. 1 8:56PM 09/08/2005
Rzy2 Jen and april went into the exercise room to talk..then Jen went and checked at the door to see if she could hear April talking..lol 1 9:02PM 09/08/2005
Rzy2 April said they need to stick to the promise to vote out Sarah... 0 9:06PM 09/08/2005
Anonymous april asking jen to both evict evilette NT 0 9:12PM 09/08/2005
Rzy2 April just said if April votes out Ivette..she needs Jen to vote out Ivette too.. 1 9:13PM 09/08/2005
BHnoah Jenn saying only one of us needs to vote Ivette out-- people would understand if you (April) 0 9:13PM 09/08/2005
BHnoah Now maggie walked in workout room where Jenn and April are-- they stop talking game NT 0 9:18PM 09/08/2005
ferretkiss weight room S5 minus james plus apr/jen 0 9:44PM 09/08/2005
mountainmama The new plan is to stick to the old plan and vote 0 9:57PM 09/08/2005
Rzy2 They are sticking with the vote out Sarah plan...Howie,Janelle,Rachel and April said 0 10:08PM 09/08/2005
ferretkiss how/rach/apr/jan have now FiNALLY decided to just get sar the F out of here.... 0 10:09PM 09/08/2005
Disneyisme Howie and Rachel are are at the HT joking that they got on the wrong show, Howie yells 0 10:13PM 09/08/2005
HollyMouse Jenny getting James back for spraying her in the shower 0 10:14PM 09/08/2005
Anonymous April in Kitchen trying to get drunk off of red wine vinegar LOL NT 0 10:14PM 09/08/2005
HollyMouse BoBo and Evilette quietly playing chess ignoring everyone NT 0 10:15PM 09/08/2005
Disneyisme Janelle is in the HT now and James comes out and says "there are a lot of weird things 0 10:16PM 09/08/2005
Disneyisme James is telling Howie that he asked Maggie "will you ever let your guard down?" 0 10:17PM 09/08/2005
HollyMouse April mad because they can't have butter so shes singing she hates BB lol Sarah say's Ape is slandering lol NT 0 10:18PM 09/08/2005
Anonymous Jam/H/R/Jan in HT 0 10:19PM 09/08/2005
Disneyisme Howie joking says "get me out oif this house so I can go back to my miserable 0 10:20PM 09/08/2005
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