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Zazny Jen reports to I that the word is that she and James have a pact to never vote each other out 0 6:13PM 09/08/2005
Zazny Jen: A would never vote you off just because she was mad at you 0 6:17PM 09/08/2005
Zazny Jen: I think I can keep A to whatever I vote NT 0 6:20PM 09/08/2005
Zazny I: Maggie's taking all the heat for what happened! 0 6:26PM 09/08/2005
raffila Jen reveals to Iv that "2 pple" are scheming to make it look like April & I voted to oust you. NT 0 6:26PM 09/08/2005
Anonymous Jen to Iv: "You have three votes, you have four, but i got to make you that fourth vote stays" NT 0 6:37PM 09/08/2005
Zazny I quizzes H how the votes should go if "the plan" is in effect. Jen starts grooming H NT 0 6:42PM 09/08/2005
Anonymous Watching quickly during commercials breaks, Iv tells Maggie what Jennifer told her NT 0 6:48PM 09/08/2005
Anonymous April and Jan on Feed 1.. talking strategy NT 0 6:50PM 09/08/2005
Zazny A to Jan: To show we are trustworthy, we should stick with the plan [to get rid of S] 0 6:54PM 09/08/2005
rvwinkle F1-Beau grooming Howie F2-Jen giving Howie pedicure F3&4 Mag & Ivette on hammock NT 0 7:17PM 09/08/2005
BigBroWatcher FISH! NT 1 7:26PM 09/08/2005
Anonymous F1&2: April & Maggie in Kitchen. F3&4: Janelle & Rachelle in HOH. NT 0 8:04PM 09/08/2005
seezall Rachel telling Janelle that they will have to honor the agreement that they made to vote out Sarah NT 0 8:04PM 09/08/2005
Sunflake Janelle and Rachel in HOH/April and Maggie in Kitchen 0 8:06PM 09/08/2005
seezall Janelle angry that the other side was told that H/J/R expressed remorse to J/S. NT 0 8:06PM 09/08/2005
ibackdapack823 woah closeup of some boobies NT 0 8:11PM 09/08/2005
JCrude Feed 4 - Maggie, Jen, Beau, April, Ivette 0 8:11PM 09/08/2005
seezall Ha Ha..James is saying he hopes Kaysar will be voted back in so that he can engage in intelligent conversations.. 0 8:14PM 09/08/2005
JCrude Howie and James Feed 1 0 8:17PM 09/08/2005
seezall Howie has a 68% woodie he got from looking at Rachels 'STUFF" NT 0 8:17PM 09/08/2005
Sunflake In the Back Yard and in The Hot Tub 0 8:19PM 09/08/2005
JCrude Feed 2 Janelle and Howie in kitchen 0 8:19PM 09/08/2005
JCrude Sarah and Janelle going to play chess in bedroom NT 0 8:20PM 09/08/2005
JCrude Feed 1: Janelle and Sarah play chess in the GR 0 8:25PM 09/08/2005
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