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Rachel upset, goes in bathroom to blow her nose NT - Caribou
4:23PM 10/08/2005

Rachel - i love how jennifer is all snuggled up with beau when she tried to evict his ass NT - Caribou
4:24PM 10/08/2005

Ivette to Maggie about Rachel - KWren11
4:28PM 10/08/2005

Janelle Gets in Shape for Her Big Night - valentine
4:29PM 10/08/2005
Janelle: My Butt Hurts. - valentine
4:31PM 10/08/2005

Ivette and Maggie being very high school, making fun of Rachel, everything about her just about. Rachel is inside, teary eyed. Janelle working out - Caribou
4:35PM 10/08/2005

Janelle: Where Are Your Parents, Indiana? - valentine
4:38PM 10/08/2005

Janelle and Rachel sitting at Dining room table. Rachel watches janelle put lotion on her arms. Rachel stares off, downward, very very sad looking - Caribou
4:41PM 10/08/2005

Camera doing close-up of Michael's picture on the memory wall!! NT - Anonymous
4:42PM 10/08/2005

Janelle: It Doesn't Seem Like a Week Ago that Kaysar Was Here. - valentine
4:42PM 10/08/2005

Janelle now at kitchen sink. Rachel alone at table, talking to herself off and on but no sound on her NT - Caribou
4:44PM 10/08/2005

Ivette: Everybody loves a spicy Latina. Don't you? - tracyKAY
4:45PM 10/08/2005

Ivette: Everybody loves a spicy Latina, DON'T YOU? Camera pans left right left right left right. I spew. NT - STella668
4:45PM 10/08/2005

Janelle asking Rachel about feeding horses, why they get sick from too much food. Janelle sticking close to Rachel. - Caribou
4:50PM 10/08/2005

Ivette returns to kitchen and now chatting non-game with Rachel and Janelle, about exercise etc. NT - Caribou
4:51PM 10/08/2005

Maggie in bed to nap. April and Jenn and Beau in beds sleeping. Ivette in kitchen being nice to Rachel - Caribou
4:55PM 10/08/2005

Ivette: whatcha thinking about Rach? RAchel: nothing. Ivette going outside, Rachel joins her. - Caribou
4:58PM 10/08/2005

Ivette: this game is so messy - Caribou
4:59PM 10/08/2005

Ivette grilling Rachel about Howie. Pretending to make nice convo but it seems Ivette trying to figure out if they're married or not. NT - Caribou
5:03PM 10/08/2005

Be, Jenn, Magg , Sar, Jam all asleep. Iv and Rach talking outside - amIsane
5:04PM 10/08/2005

Jan continues here exercise with walking circles around the yard NT - amIsane
5:08PM 10/08/2005

Iv "I have that personality, that you hate me or love me. There is no in between" (LOL) NT - amIsane
5:09PM 10/08/2005

Iv says she wants Er back because he is "funny", and "lightens the house up" NT - amIsane
5:11PM 10/08/2005

Ivette talking herself up to Rachel. Ivette wants Eric back, he's funniest guy in the house, he lightens up the house big time and she wants him back - Caribou
5:11PM 10/08/2005
Rachel says she misses Kaysar NT - Anonymous
5:21PM 10/08/2005

Rachel - Ivette, if you aren't still here, I will be very surprised and disgusted at the same time. NT - Caribou
5:14PM 10/08/2005

R to Iv "Tomarrow if you are not here, I will be suprised and disgusted at the same time" - amIsane
5:19PM 10/08/2005

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