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James to Howie: Our coach [Kaysar] left last week. Phil Jackson left last week. It would be amazing if he came back. NT - Storie
12:12AM 10/08/2005

F1: Howie and James talking about who might come back in the house - BHnoah
12:20AM 10/08/2005

April and Maggie on hammock - Anonymous
12:25AM 10/08/2005

April asks maggie if Eric comes back has Ivette said to you, the four of you in the final four-----M:no NT - BHnoah
12:27AM 10/08/2005

ending of howie/james conv in hoh room. - ferretkiss
12:29AM 10/08/2005

In the BY: Maggie and April talking about Ivette & that whole situation between I & A - BHnoah
12:46AM 10/08/2005

Sarah and Jenn convo, in bathroom I think: - ejj1955
12:52AM 10/08/2005

sar and jen spending lot of time together in the bathroom, sar is working jen hard.... - ferretkiss
12:55AM 10/08/2005

April says that Rachel has to go-- saying that next week put James and Rachel(pawn) up - BHnoah
12:57AM 10/08/2005

Now Howie is outside telling his conv with James to Maggie and Apri !! - ferretkiss
1:04AM 10/08/2005

Howie telling Maggie that James was still talking about her being a cop - bama_chevygal
1:19AM 10/08/2005
Beau & Janelle come outside, Beau says goodnight, Janelle hangs - bama_chevygal
1:29AM 10/08/2005

Howie & Maggie still in the BY talking about James and the game - bama_chevygal
2:03AM 10/08/2005

April and Janelle are in bed in HOH (sitting up though) talking to Howie. He's in a chair - Caribou
2:44AM 10/08/2005

April to Janelle in the HOH room-- do you ever feel like a third wheel with Howie and Rachel - BHnoah
2:46AM 10/08/2005

April, Howie and Janelle in the HOH room - helena
3:16AM 10/08/2005

April, Howie and Janelle bonding in the HOH room. Sarah is leaving NT - helena
3:20AM 10/08/2005

Howie says we need to get he (James) and his bitch girlfriend (S) out of here NT - helena
3:23AM 10/08/2005

April still talking (gotta be a record - 5 hours at least straight) to Jan, Howie in HOH. Asks if she talks too much.... - Caribou
3:24AM 10/08/2005

April thinks she's figured it out! Janie is so confident Mike is returning because they had sex on tv. Janie laughing at this, saying nooooo. NT - Caribou
3:25AM 10/08/2005

April tells J/H that Sarah told her that at least they are America's favorite couple..... - helena
3:25AM 10/08/2005

April asks Janelle what she likes to be called. Janelle, Nellie or Nell - seezall
3:25AM 10/08/2005

a/Jan/H having a loving pow wow in the HOH NT - helena
3:33AM 10/08/2005

Janelle says that Sarah and James are a "fing" boring couple..... - helena
3:39AM 10/08/2005

Sarah is going home Thursday - Anonymous
3:46AM 10/08/2005
Janelle likely said that she and Michael were America's Favorite Couple NT - Anonymous
7:48AM 10/08/2005

They remember that the 10th is Kaysars birthday and shout out Happy Birthday Kaysar! NT - seezall
3:50AM 10/08/2005

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