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H: this game changes on a dime....I don't know ....emotions flare... NT - BBmaKee
12:53PM 12/08/2005
H: I'll feel comfortable after we get James outa here. She knows we have to get James outa here - BBmaKee
12:57PM 12/08/2005

BB: Anyidea who is being nominated today? Howie: It's been a long night, a long day...... NT - CeiggeP
12:56PM 12/08/2005

howie and beau talking about beau going off last night and breaking janie's table NT - BBmaKee
12:59PM 12/08/2005

No voices can be heard anymore NT - BBmaKee
1:02PM 12/08/2005

Rachel is in the kitchen. Looks like she is working on cleaning up. NT - BBmaKee
1:15PM 12/08/2005

Silence - HeathLedgerLUVR
1:25PM 12/08/2005

Movement...Finally - HeathLedgerLUVR
1:28PM 12/08/2005

Rachel finished cleaning the kitchen and is now in br NT - BBmaKee
1:38PM 12/08/2005

Rachel is preparing to take a shower NT - BBmaKee
1:39PM 12/08/2005

Update - HeathLedgerLUVR
1:41PM 12/08/2005

Jen is now awake and in the Kitchen. Rach out of shower but not on feeds NT - Catuck
1:49PM 12/08/2005

Waking - HeathLedgerLUVR
1:50PM 12/08/2005

Jen - HeathLedgerLUVR
1:52PM 12/08/2005

Ivette now up and in BR. Looks like Maggie is awake as well and in HOH BR. I thought Jen went... - Catuck
1:53PM 12/08/2005
Srry. MAg is still asleep and Jen is in HOH BR. NT - Catuck
1:53PM 12/08/2005

Ivette went to barricks to put some things away and is now in BR again..... - Catuck
1:57PM 12/08/2005
It was Jennifer, not Ivette NT - fgjadfg
2:13PM 12/08/2005

Rach sitting at the table eating some cereal looks like, Jennifer walked to kitchen and now going to bathroom with hairdryer NT - MiamiMan
2:06PM 12/08/2005

Jen, our illustrious HOH, is up, went to barracks to get some things - fgjadfg
2:12PM 12/08/2005

Howie back up for the day .. joining Rachel in the BR where she's blow drying her hair NT - AndraDoll
2:18PM 12/08/2005

LOL ... Howie goes to use the "john" and leaves the door open; Rachel says "Howie ... seriously, you're on camera"; Howie "Oh sorry" .. shuts door NT - AndraDoll
2:22PM 12/08/2005

After slathering 8 pounds of creme on her arms, Jenn and April have finally emerged from the HOH room and come downstairs. NT - Gladys
2:47PM 12/08/2005

James is primping in the mirror...putting on anti-wrikling creme under his eyes. He looks like crap! Very tired looking. NT - Gladys
2:49PM 12/08/2005

While Rachel and Howie were in the bathroom they were talking. - Disneyisme
2:49PM 12/08/2005
Rachel said she felt so sorry for little Jen, that she just wanted pictures and - Disneyisme
2:53PM 12/08/2005
Rachel said that at the end of the competition, she - Disneyisme
2:59PM 12/08/2005

James is blowing his nose...twice. NT - Gladys
2:51PM 12/08/2005

Nominations today NT - BigBroWatcher
2:56PM 12/08/2005
The HGs keep walking by the screen and no one's seemed to notice except the cameraman who keeps showing it to us. NT - Sunflake
2:59PM 12/08/2005

HG's talking about what a moron Beau was last night when he was drunk... NT - Gladys
2:57PM 12/08/2005

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