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Rachel, Beau join Jen, Kaysar at breakfast bar. Discussing tax on winnings. - Caribou
5:41PM 12/08/2005

Ivette to Mags on hammock: I just wish we could get over everything.... - SassyPrncess
5:49PM 12/08/2005

FISH NT - SassyPrncess
5:50PM 12/08/2005

Kaysay saying that Shapiro told him he might be going back in the house. Talk turns to Shapiro and we get FISH. NT - jmmram
5:50PM 12/08/2005

Mag/Ivette can't believe America didn't pick Eric. Disbelief. - SassyPrncess
5:53PM 12/08/2005

More Ivette & Maggie on Hammock- sour grapes & rationalizing. - SassyPrncess
5:55PM 12/08/2005

More sporadic FISH NT - SassyPrncess
5:56PM 12/08/2005

Mag to Howie: Big Big Jenny HoH! Big *HUMAN* Jenny! NT - SassyPrncess
5:57PM 12/08/2005
Which he says to her as she walks thought the backyard STILL carrying her pictures. NT - Sunflake
5:59PM 12/08/2005

Mag to IV: They want to change our group name to ........ - SassyPrncess
5:59PM 12/08/2005

Mag to J/Iv: He was going to reveal all our secrets (drunk Beau) NT - SassyPrncess
6:00PM 12/08/2005
Mag on Janie: She was reading lips in the reflection. She is INCREDIBLY smart. NT - SassyPrncess
6:00PM 12/08/2005

Howie in BY, fills in Kaysar on how AC played out for THEM. (ie: Videos, Juie Chen, etc) NT - SassyPrncess
6:04PM 12/08/2005
Howie: America heard us talking about you! Kaysar: I KNOW! NT - SassyPrncess
6:05PM 12/08/2005

H to K: We have to get James the F out of here. (K): Absolutely - SassyPrncess
6:08PM 12/08/2005

H to K: I tried man, I tried. (more + Eric comments) - SassyPrncess
6:21PM 12/08/2005

H/K laughing at how Eric was sent home twice. - BlueDiva
6:23PM 12/08/2005
Sorry - Jenn called to the DR. NT - BlueDiva
6:26PM 12/08/2005

James on BB/comp: We threw them off schedule. (M): They had control over that! NT - SassyPrncess
6:25PM 12/08/2005

Beau: I had to pee! (during comp) James: Yah, you shook it on Kaysar! NT - SassyPrncess
6:27PM 12/08/2005

Outdoor LOCKDOWN. (Janelle still sleeping inside) NT - SassyPrncess
6:28PM 12/08/2005
Jen is in DR still. Could be nom time. NT - SassyPrncess
6:28PM 12/08/2005
James goes to Hammock w/Ivette, they discuss abusive relationships. NT - SassyPrncess
6:30PM 12/08/2005

outside lockdown? nom time? NT - peteinvegas
6:28PM 12/08/2005

James and Iv talking - he is saying he knows Maggie is NOT responsible - scgirlmw
6:36PM 12/08/2005

James giving Kaysar props for playing the heck out of him and Sarah and making game exciting NT - BB4ANC
6:37PM 12/08/2005

James explaining to Iv why Rachel is the scariest player - getting IV to agree NT - scgirlmw
6:40PM 12/08/2005

Ivette on Hammock to James blaming Janelle once again - DebbieInc
6:41PM 12/08/2005

James turns to bashing Kaysar & on how he wants to do something good.....(transcript) - SassyPrncess
6:44PM 12/08/2005
Iv was saying that it scares her that America wanted Kay in the house more than Er. . NT - zuzu
6:59PM 12/08/2005

James to Iv: "I'd love it if Rach & Howie were nominated." NT - DebbieInc
6:44PM 12/08/2005

Looks like Jen is gathering the keys for the nom. NT - BlueDiva
6:44PM 12/08/2005

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