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memyselfandi Ivette brings out more beer to hot tub and a new complaint about Janie 0 9:14PM 15/08/2005
Orion Evilette returns to the Hot Tub from inside and tells the others 0 9:15PM 15/08/2005
memyselfandi Beau really wants James to crush a can of beer on his head 0 9:18PM 15/08/2005
memyselfandi Rachel and Howie seem to be pacing around the house coming in and out of feeds.. are they looking for something? NT 0 9:20PM 15/08/2005
memyselfandi Beau and Howie having very sexually explicit conversation *adult* 0 9:24PM 15/08/2005
SassyPrncess Janie: It's so much fun hating everyone in the house (Mag, Beau, Howie present in Kitchen) NT 0 9:27PM 15/08/2005
ferretkiss apr to james: so do you promise you will do what i tell you? i mean, not what i tell you, what i want? 0 9:28PM 15/08/2005
gymborebel Jan pasees Rac in the Hall "Rachel you're so beautiful" then passes Maggie "Maggie you're such a bit*h"...Maggie "thanks"!! LOL NT 0 9:29PM 15/08/2005
knifey_spooney Beau and Howie (Adult Content) 0 9:29PM 15/08/2005
miramira We learn way too much about Howie and Beau (*adult*) 0 9:30PM 15/08/2005
Kaynelle Ape: I'm being personally attacked because I decided to 0 9:30PM 15/08/2005
Kaynelle April: I'm not here for the Money... Money makes people Mean 0 9:31PM 15/08/2005
SassyPrncess Ap to Jani: I don't have to suck pee-pee to get ahead in life. NT 0 9:32PM 15/08/2005
memyselfandi April says she wants to go inside some more so she can more personally attacked by them. 0 9:32PM 15/08/2005
Kaynelle April walks through kitchen and tells Janelle 1 9:33PM 15/08/2005
strad April She knows shes a slut 0 9:34PM 15/08/2005
memyselfandi April is calling out Jan for being drunk but she seems a bit tipsy herself 0 9:34PM 15/08/2005
bbaddict2005 april just called howie a pedophile because he lies about his age to get 18 yr old girls NT 0 9:35PM 15/08/2005
Goddess200xxx Janelle to Ape: "Im talking about you, you gold digging slut!" NT 0 9:36PM 15/08/2005
miramira April: Howie admits that he has screwed over 40 women. He tries to lie about his age. That is a pedophile. See what Iím saying. NT 0 9:37PM 15/08/2005
BrookeBBFan Maggie/April After Yelling Between Janelle/April 0 9:37PM 15/08/2005
SassyPrncess Jan to Jen: How many reality shows have you tried out for Jen? 100? 200? What do YOU think Howie? 0 9:38PM 15/08/2005
Mirage Jan tells Jen that it is disgusting that she came on the show for fame. NT 0 9:38PM 15/08/2005
strad April she knows shes a whore (janelle( 0 9:38PM 15/08/2005
Mirage Jan calls Beau a gold digging whore...and yells it over and over again. NT 0 9:40PM 15/08/2005
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