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Topic #2189525
memyselfandi - Ivette brings out more beer to hot tub and a new complaint about Janie 0 Replies #2189525 9:14PM 15/08/2005
Janie made some blanket "those whores" statement and Ivette said she hadn't said anything about Janelle.

Ivette said she has a warning for something and can't confront her. Jen says she got a warning for something too.

April once again says she isn't here for the money yet she knows that without taxes they would only get about $340,000.

Maggie is sanctimonious about the money discussion coming up.

M: We never talk about the money.

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Topic #2189541
Orion - Evilette returns to the Hot Tub from inside and tells the others 0 Replies #2189541 9:15PM 15/08/2005
Janelle is going off in the kitchen about them calling them "F'ing Whores"

Beaus wants to go confront her and Ivette says no because she has already gotten a warning for fighting (Possibly the fight with Kay of Fight Nite?) and Maggie and Jen say they have warnings too for microphones?
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Topic #2189584
memyselfandi - Beau really wants James to crush a can of beer on his head 0 Replies #2189584 9:18PM 15/08/2005
He is trying

April talking s't about Janelle and how she is a s't-talker

April: James, tell us the truth are we fun?

James doesn't answer.

April: James, when we tell you we're not here for the money do you believe us?

James says this is believable.

April: I can see why people would become alcoholics. You hope that you could drink and you could get through the day faster.

Beau wants his mommy.
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Topic #2189618
memyselfandi - Rachel and Howie seem to be pacing around the house coming in and out of feeds.. are they looking for something? NT 0 Replies #2189618 9:20PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2189652
memyselfandi - Beau and Howie having very sexually explicit conversation *adult* 0 Replies #2189652 9:24PM 15/08/2005
Howie asking how erect his chocolate pee-pee is, and Beau is telling him it's not because Howie's face isn't on it.

Beau keeps asking Howie how big his penis is.

Howie says 6 inches.

Beau asks him how big really.

Howie doesn't answer.

Beau: C'mon Howie. I want to be turned on.

Howie says he would bang a hot guy to get a hot chick after asking Beau whether he would. Beau says he wouldn't bang a hot girl to get a hot guy.
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Topic #2189679
SassyPrncess - Janie: It's so much fun hating everyone in the house (Mag, Beau, Howie present in Kitchen) NT 0 Replies #2189679 9:27PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2189698
ferretkiss - apr to james: so do you promise you will do what i tell you? i mean, not what i tell you, what i want? 0 Replies #2189698 9:28PM 15/08/2005
jam: ill run it by ivette, it will be a joint decision.

howie is out in the kitchen.
beau asks him: do you do generic pharmaceutical sales.
how: i do generic.

how: so do you think april will give me her dor.
beau: youll have to ask her. she'll get a big d*ck in her *ss [ed: !]

howie talking to beau about his chocolate pee-pee.
they are talking about the lenght of it soft.

beau tells howie to close something.
how: why is it open.
beau: i dont know. i didnt close it when i fed the fish. close it. push it back.
beau: what else.
how: i dont konw.
beau: did you arch your back far enough to make me orgasm. did you arch your back far enough to touch my thing.

how: if your *ss has been anally resurfaced.
beau: no it hasnt been resurfaced.
beau: waht else.
how: all right bobo i aplogize for (somehting about stealing a sweater).

bea: so how big are you , are you big enough or small enough.
how: i get over 6 when i get it fully going.
beau: i just want to get turned on.
how: do you like it fully shaved or.....
beau: i like it fully shaved.
how: thanks bobo.... (beau is leaving)
beau: thanks.

now maggie is in the kitchen with howie and rachel. nobody talking.
how saying something to rach that involves counting numbers.
mag seems to have left, no she is there washing the dining table.

jan: its always fun hating everyone in the house.
beau gets in the act.
how and jan are telling beau to f*ck yourself.
and beau is yelling back.
but they seem to be all laughing too.

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Topic #2189709
gymborebel - Jan pasees Rac in the Hall "Rachel you're so beautiful" then passes Maggie "Maggie you're such a bit*h"...Maggie "thanks"!! LOL NT 0 Replies #2189709 9:29PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2189717
knifey_spooney - Beau and Howie (Adult Content) 0 Replies #2189717 9:29PM 15/08/2005
Beau: Ask me anything, (slurring) sscomman howie, anyshing.
Howie: How erect is your chocolate peepee right now?
Beau: Not at all, your face isnt on it. (Ed. Gagging)
Beau: Commmman... what elshe howie? How small is your penis?
Howie: 3-4 inches...
Beau: Shoo, what elshe?
Howie: So when someone is doing you, do you feel it way up there?
Beau: When I'm doing my cowgirl schtuff, sschurre.
Howie: Have you been drinking a lot tonight Bo Bo?
Beau: No, not at all. What elshhe?
Howie: When you're blowing a guy, do you wrap it up?
Beau: No, of courshhe not!
Howie: Shaved or hairy?
Beau: Shhhaaaved alll the way!!! What else?
(Janelle begins ranting about pizza in the background)
Beau: What else howie? What else? Thats it, I'm done. Nuff bitch. Good night!!
A minute or two later:
Janelle: I f*cking love hating everyone in the house.
Beau: I f*cking love it more!!
Janelle: F*ck you butt pirate. Pillow biter!!
Beau: F*ck you bitch!
(Ed. They're kidding around with each other.. i think... or just really happy about insulting each other).
A minute or two later, Janelle passes Rachel.
Janelle: Rachel, you're so beautiful!!! Maggie, you're such a b*tch!
(Ed. NOte: I LOVE how they give them alcohol, almost as a reward for everytime they fight).
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Topic #2189744
miramira - We learn way too much about Howie and Beau (*adult*) 0 Replies #2189744 9:30PM 15/08/2005
Beau and Howie engage in a risque Q&A.

Howie does generic pharm sales. Beau thinks that is unfortunate.

Beau says Apr will not give Howie her DOR.

Beau did not get his AA card. It’s very passé.

Howie says his pee pee is 3-4 inches soft, over six erect. Beau is doubtful.

Howie asks Beau why he decided to like guys? Beau didn't decide to.... Howie says it’s a brain malfunction.

Howie: When you’re blowing a pee pee do you wrap it up?
Beau: The first time.

Beau likes men fully shaved.

Beau would not bang a hot chick to get a hot guy. How would bang a hot guy to get a hot chick.

“Thanks BoBo.”
“Any time, bitch!”
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Topic #2189752
Kaynelle - Ape: I'm being personally attacked because I decided to 0 Replies #2189752 9:30PM 15/08/2005
save you! (to James.) Ivette and James is in BY w/her.

James: They are animals.

April: I cannot say C-U-N-T or W-H-O-R-E words because I'll be gone (from her job.) Those are personal attacks.
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Topic #2189773
Kaynelle - April: I'm not here for the Money... Money makes people Mean 0 Replies #2189773 9:31PM 15/08/2005
M & M. Money and Mean!
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Topic #2189784
SassyPrncess - Ap to Jani: I don't have to suck pee-pee to get ahead in life. NT 0 Replies #2189784 9:32PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2189795
memyselfandi - April says she wants to go inside some more so she can more personally attacked by them. 0 Replies #2189795 9:32PM 15/08/2005
"I want to throw a beer can at them."

James tells April they made the right decision because their evil side came out.

James and Ivette are playing chess and April is drinking beer and standing around them.

April tells James and Ivette she is not allowed to say whore or slut or she will get fired from her job.

Once again April says she doesn't care about the money. "You can't take money with you to heaven. Money makes you mean. M and M."
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Topic #2189812
Kaynelle - April walks through kitchen and tells Janelle 1 Replies #2189812 9:33PM 15/08/2005
That she is drunk

Janie: no I'm not, thankyouverymuch

April: Yes you are.

April said something like Janelle sucks a lot of pee pee.

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SassyPrncess - Jani to Ap: And you aren't a buxon blonde, I lied. (laughs) NT #2189836 9:34PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2189833
strad - April She knows shes a slut 0 Replies #2189833 9:34PM 15/08/2005
earlier in the ht Ivette called kaysar a fake muslim
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Topic #2189835
memyselfandi - April is calling out Jan for being drunk but she seems a bit tipsy herself 0 Replies #2189835 9:34PM 15/08/2005
Minutes after saying that she's not allowed to call Janie a slut or a whore she says that Janie has had to suck pee-pee to get ahead in life.

April called Howie a pedophile for lying about his age to get 18-year-olds to sleep with him.
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Topic #2189848
bbaddict2005 - april just called howie a pedophile because he lies about his age to get 18 yr old girls NT 0 Replies #2189848 9:35PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2189869
Goddess200xxx - Janelle to Ape: "Im talking about you, you gold digging slut!" NT 0 Replies #2189869 9:36PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2189891
miramira - April: Howie admits that he has screwed over 40 women. He tries to lie about his age. That is a pedophile. See what I’m saying. NT 0 Replies #2189891 9:37PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2189900
BrookeBBFan - Maggie/April After Yelling Between Janelle/April 0 Replies #2189900 9:37PM 15/08/2005
A: I have a wonderful husband at home, where's bo bo

M: Weren't you just with him?

A: No I was outside with James and Ivette

M: They're outside? It doesn't matter what they think remember that

A: Do you really think I care about what they think, the only reason I cried earlier was because a 34 year old howie attacked my husband. I'm f'n married. She knows she's a whore, oh I didn't say that. She knows she uses her body for a living. She (Janelle) says your a gold digger. What does that mean?

M: I think that means you go after men for thier money

A: Here comes bo bo, I love the AA bo bo.
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Topic #2189906
SassyPrncess - Jan to Jen: How many reality shows have you tried out for Jen? 100? 200? What do YOU think Howie? 0 Replies #2189906 9:38PM 15/08/2005
Jan: Jennifer, I think it is disgusting that you came on this show to make it big.
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Topic #2189921
Mirage - Jan tells Jen that it is disgusting that she came on the show for fame. NT 0 Replies #2189921 9:38PM 15/08/2005
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Topic #2189923
strad - April she knows shes a whore (janelle( 0 Replies #2189923 9:38PM 15/08/2005
No i cant say that she knows she uses her body for money
Janelle yelling at Jen Isnt it sad trying out for 5 years in a row
Howie i've been on three
Janelle i think its disgusting that you atr tring to make it big
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Topic #2189952
Mirage - Jan calls Beau a gold digging whore...and yells it over and over again. NT 0 Replies #2189952 9:40PM 15/08/2005
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