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John_DK_ Jan: I need a tampon, I'll be back... 2 mins later we can hear the WC flush, cam still in GR. NT 0 5:03AM 17/08/2005
John_DK_ All sleeping. NT 0 5:13AM 17/08/2005
KayJanFan All HG still sleeping! NT 0 8:17AM 17/08/2005
okw FISH...wake up call?? NT 2 9:08AM 17/08/2005
GCAPTAiN James and Rachel up and in the kitchen area. NT 0 9:16AM 17/08/2005
Tarlyna Janelle sat up and said "They played that song for me" She figured it out right away LoL NT 0 9:31AM 17/08/2005
Tarlyna BB in their not too happy recording says, (loudly) April Beau Ivette Jennifer Maggie, I said the bedroom lights MUST remain during the day. LoL NT 1 9:36AM 17/08/2005
Tarlyna Rachel urges BB to call the nosy HGs from last night, first. 0 9:40AM 17/08/2005
Tarlyna Rachel going on about missing her work out... 0 9:42AM 17/08/2005
cags Jenn: Its so rude for them to wake me up when I don't even have to vote." NT 0 9:54AM 17/08/2005
SassyPrncess Maggie: We hold the power right now guys. We. Hold. The. Power. NT 2 9:54AM 17/08/2005
BellaBaloo Jennifer: "That's so rude of them to wake me up when I don't even vote!" NT 0 9:54AM 17/08/2005
okw closeup of maggie concealing her zits....yuck!!! NT 1 10:07AM 17/08/2005
okw ap put her hair in rattails...i mean pigtails NT 0 10:07AM 17/08/2005
Tarlyna Welcome to hell thing between Ivette and April (foul language) 0 10:08AM 17/08/2005
Tarlyna April talking about her goodbye message for Howie: He is a stupid M-in F-er with missing fingers. NT 0 10:15AM 17/08/2005
Tarlyna Sheep walking around the kitchen, randomly complaining about dishes and such and saying that "Alice" (aka Rachel) can pick up their mess! NT 0 10:17AM 17/08/2005
King_Kaysars_Queen mag, jen, april and ivette talking while eating breakfast 1 10:33AM 17/08/2005
King_Kaysars_Queen Jen looking sad 0 10:36AM 17/08/2005
buxom_veto Maggie, Jen and April are talking about Ivette's closeness with James. 0 10:48AM 17/08/2005
BellaBaloo Maggie "Rachael avoids confrontation" NT 0 10:50AM 17/08/2005
buxom_veto Maggie and April still in BY talking about Ivette playing the game. 0 10:54AM 17/08/2005
memyselfandi April is now officially hating Ivette again... LOL NT 0 10:56AM 17/08/2005
buxom_veto Maggie in the BY with Rachel acting like she is too good to talk to her. 0 10:59AM 17/08/2005
memyselfandi April was mad because Ivette is always telling her what to do 0 11:04AM 17/08/2005
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