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janka James is sitting on kitchen table alone. Maggie, April and Rachel are sittinginthe BY. 0 11:07AM 17/08/2005
SassyPrncess April: I can't believe she has the nerve to lay out there. (in BY) NT 1 11:13AM 17/08/2005
janka BB: Ivette please go to the diary room. 0 11:14AM 17/08/2005
janka April is explaining how the votes will go, and that as long as one of them gets to the final two, they win. 1 11:17AM 17/08/2005
BellaBaloo FISH NT 0 11:28AM 17/08/2005
amIsane BY table 0 11:42AM 17/08/2005
amIsane April was called to DR a few minutes ago NT 0 11:45AM 17/08/2005
amIsane James and his rants on overweight people 0 12:04PM 17/08/2005
symmadownow Jame's ex girlfriend's father was the cardiologist for the pope?? 0 12:12PM 17/08/2005
memyselfandi James, Maggie, Ivette having health insurance discussion 3 12:16PM 17/08/2005
babyd Mag, Ap, Jen laying out in sun, Jan too , but a few feet away, no talking 0 12:58PM 17/08/2005
babyd Iv comes out to sun,BB says Iv, Mag ,Jen,Ap put on your mic, Iv says shutup NT 0 1:00PM 17/08/2005
babyd Rac and How talking in living room but toooo low or no sound NT 0 1:02PM 17/08/2005
fgjadfg Janelle, please go to the diary room NT 0 1:06PM 17/08/2005
babyd Kay up Jan called to DR NT 0 1:07PM 17/08/2005
ShelBel Howie, Janelle and Rachel in LR but there's NO sound and 0 1:15PM 17/08/2005
ShelBel Cams changed. 3/4 is LR now with sound with H/J/R and K. NT 0 1:17PM 17/08/2005
ShelBel Howie telling S4 that BB does NOT want to see a blow out. He 0 1:19PM 17/08/2005
jeannie919 Rachel was telling H/J/K about Maggie asking her whether she might take Janelle off before veto ceremony 0 1:23PM 17/08/2005
ktan The TV screens on the memory wall has changed to past comp pictures. (must be for HOH comp) NT 0 1:26PM 17/08/2005
ShelBel BB just changed the memory wall to show pics of different 0 1:26PM 17/08/2005
Nikki254 kaysar notices that the memory wall pictures have changed. They think it's a clue to the next competition NT 3 1:26PM 17/08/2005
valentine Wow. The Memory Wall Has Changed. 0 1:28PM 17/08/2005
memyselfandi Rachel: What do the numbers mean? 0 1:29PM 17/08/2005
valentine Now Jenn Sees It, Too. 1 1:29PM 17/08/2005
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