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Ap now crying about Jenn w/ Magg NT - amIsane
2:11PM 17/08/2005

Howie now joins R/Jan/K in GR - joannie
2:15PM 17/08/2005

April on F1/F2 terribly hurt by Jenny's betrayal, F3/F4 Howie and Jenny holding hands and parading around laughing - memyselfandi
2:15PM 17/08/2005

Rachel: "We're down to three people". - joannie
2:18PM 17/08/2005

Ap tells Magg a secret - amIsane
2:19PM 17/08/2005

Rachel saying friendship bond is tight, sealed never to be broken as April - memyselfandi
2:25PM 17/08/2005

howie is moaning and talkigng about what he would due to ivette as he stares at her butt - strad
2:27PM 17/08/2005

Rachel trying to sell Janie on her plan instead of Kaysars - memyselfandi
2:31PM 17/08/2005

Now Rachel and Janie are talking about memory wall clue in gold room. - memyselfandi
2:36PM 17/08/2005

howie goes to GR and says Jen had me take a picture of her holding the king, and a picture of her... - ferretkiss
2:47PM 17/08/2005

Kaysar back in gold room with Janie, Rachel - memyselfandi
2:48PM 17/08/2005

how says next week we get hoh and we will get that look off their faces, and ill rub it... - ferretkiss
2:50PM 17/08/2005

janelle walks into the kitchen telling april "april, you're so beautiful..." - DALLAZMEX
2:55PM 17/08/2005

Rachel apologized to Kaysar for yelling at him but said she had to. - bama_chevygal
2:56PM 17/08/2005

Maggie asks Beau where his Bible is... - memyselfandi
3:02PM 17/08/2005

BB: Houseguests, this is a lockdown. Please go inside and close the sliding glass doors. 2x NT - memyselfandi
3:03PM 17/08/2005

James says, it's a banner, we hear airplane noises and briefly FISH NT - memyselfandi
3:04PM 17/08/2005

2 times BB called lockdown inside, then a diff voice..angry - amIsane
3:05PM 17/08/2005

kay tells them that one of the females on the other side (missed who) was told by BB to put on her ... - ferretkiss
3:06PM 17/08/2005

Feed 4 showed a long banner flying over the house NT - amIsane
3:07PM 17/08/2005

F4 showed the plane with banner - couldn't read it though. NT - PSister
3:07PM 17/08/2005

F4 showed plane with banner going over yard. Couldn't see text though. HGs still on lockdown inside NT - Caribou
3:07PM 17/08/2005

Jam abt. banner "We are not supposed to talk about that because it - amIsane
3:10PM 17/08/2005

Howie, Janie, Kaysar curled up in a gold room bed whispering - memyselfandi
3:17PM 17/08/2005
then Howie said something like "she can be in the Midget Wrestling Federation" NT - jeannie919
3:19PM 17/08/2005

FISH as Howie, Janelle and Kaysar talk about the meaning of the banner... - JenJen
3:19PM 17/08/2005
Coming back from fish, Howie thought it might be a "message from America" NT - DraftKing
3:21PM 17/08/2005

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