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April and Maggie discuss Banner in Workout room - miramira
6:03PM 17/08/2005

A to M- I've been a baby lately, haven't I? I know I've been NT - PamBBfan
6:08PM 17/08/2005

April walks on treadmill and wonders out loud what will happen tomorrow. Maggie working on elliptical and responding to A's ramblings - miramira
6:14PM 17/08/2005

Maggie, the er nurse, tries to be April's therapist in exercise room - memyselfandi
6:21PM 17/08/2005

Howie goes into kitchen to make an appointment at Salon de Beau. - miramira
6:21PM 17/08/2005

James and Ivette in kitchen discuss S5's strategy - miramira
6:34PM 17/08/2005

James and Ivette in kitchen talking strategy... how this season stacks up - memyselfandi
6:35PM 17/08/2005

April now is asking if she can have cigarettes in sequester NT - memyselfandi
6:37PM 17/08/2005

Ray Ray is walking around holding a hot washcloth to her face to try to pop a pimple. NT - miramira
6:40PM 17/08/2005

Howie/Jan/Kay in BY talking about prostitutes - amyt92
6:45PM 17/08/2005

Kaysar singing. "These people are driving me crazy" NT - Jillio71
6:47PM 17/08/2005
Kay: "Why did God put us here with these people?" Jan "Not God..The devil is punishing us" NT - amyt92
6:48PM 17/08/2005

Janelle, Howie, Kaysar trashing April in BY - miramira
6:47PM 17/08/2005

Jan in BY w/ Kayczar and Howie, talking about April... - fgjadfg
6:48PM 17/08/2005

Janie and Kaysar swinging in hammock together talking about movies - memyselfandi
6:51PM 17/08/2005

RACH/AP/JAmes cooking on all feeds NT - drewschick
6:54PM 17/08/2005

Beau talking to Jen In hoh room about how he hangs out with celebrities NT - drewschick
6:58PM 17/08/2005

Beau telling Jen about his fabulous life in HOH room/Janie giving her spin on it in hammock - memyselfandi
7:02PM 17/08/2005

Beau's Monologue on How He Got To Be Where He Is Today - miramira
7:04PM 17/08/2005

Ap to M: Tomorrow he'll (H) start in on me....there's a competition. NT - SassyPrncess
7:09PM 17/08/2005
A: America's gotta look at 'im & think he's a f-ing nut. (M) Who knows what America thinks. NT - SassyPrncess
7:11PM 17/08/2005

April and Maggie cooking in the kitchen. April wonders if they did the right thing this week. - miramira
7:13PM 17/08/2005

Beau and Jen are talking about home decorating. The BB house color scheme is good for a dorm, but not a "real house." NT - miramira
7:22PM 17/08/2005

Rachel & James in BY, she was telling him that they needed him as much as he needed them to get to finals, he said he would think abt it some more - bama_chevygal
7:26PM 17/08/2005

Back from fish, Ivette in HOH room with Jen & Beau, Jen said she wants to be alone her last night of her HOH NT - bama_chevygal
7:27PM 17/08/2005

Rachel tells Howie America doesn't want to see bullies. - miramira
7:30PM 17/08/2005

Howie: Don't worry America. I'll take Busto out for ya. NT - SassyPrncess
7:33PM 17/08/2005

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