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James talking about fish so we get FISH NT - Nikki254
12:41PM 18/08/2005

LOL They start talking about the Fish - Mel
12:41PM 18/08/2005
<sigh> Ursula the fish was removed from the tank according to James. NT - Sunflake
12:43PM 18/08/2005

James told Janie & Kaysar that the other side was smart enough to get them to put up him & Sarah. NT - nmbeach
12:43PM 18/08/2005

Rachel, Howie, Kaysar, and now Janelle - Mel
12:58PM 18/08/2005

Rachel was talking about memory wall numbers. She has them memorized - memyselfandi
1:02PM 18/08/2005

Fish NT - PSister
1:08PM 18/08/2005

Back to the Goldroom... - Mel
1:11PM 18/08/2005

FISH again (I am getting so sick of Fish every 5 minutes...) NT - Mel
1:13PM 18/08/2005

Jennifer kicked out of HOH room for stealing - memyselfandi
1:17PM 18/08/2005
I saw her carrying a guest towel when she said that she had to put "it" in the supply room cus she couldn't go up to HOH anymore. NT - Sunflake
1:21PM 18/08/2005

Jennifer calling Janelle "plastic and superficial" then plans her outfit for live show tonight NT - memyselfandi
1:18PM 18/08/2005

April says, "I'm going to ask to be put up if they win." NT - Mel
1:22PM 18/08/2005

Howie and Jen in the bathroom - strad
1:30PM 18/08/2005

howie telling jen she is all time record holder - strad
1:38PM 18/08/2005
He's also pointing out how she came out of the pressure cooker even and now this house has become a pressure cooker NT - memyselfandi
1:43PM 18/08/2005

Howie Humor: Maggie's right arm fell "asleep". Howie: "If it was your left arm you would have been all right." NT - SleeplessOnLI
1:39PM 18/08/2005

Howie, in taunting Jen about her crappy HOH week, and how she didn't get a clue for the safe this week.. D'oh! NT - memyselfandi
1:42PM 18/08/2005

Kay giving Rach a massage, Jan curling her hair, and howie stretching in GR, the rest in kitchen or WC NT - Nikki254
1:43PM 18/08/2005

april wants food served now - diamond
1:51PM 18/08/2005
April wants food - floopeygirl
1:58PM 18/08/2005
James told April to say "Will you bring it to me"? so April did.. - Dingy_Diva
2:15PM 18/08/2005

Beau is ironing through all guests - diamond
1:53PM 18/08/2005

howie new names - diamond
1:55PM 18/08/2005

Jen is quoting from the bible - strad
1:59PM 18/08/2005

James is back in gold room again, looking in mirror then leaves - memyselfandi
1:59PM 18/08/2005
James asked earlier if it was ok if he wore that shirt tonight. If you look through the HOH pix, he has it on there with Sarah in a couple. NT - Billy
2:56PM 18/08/2005
ranger james - ostra
2:25PM 18/08/2005

FISH - diamond
2:03PM 18/08/2005

Ape and Beau are making their lunch NT - Nikki254
2:05PM 18/08/2005

Kaysar and Janelle hugging in gold room for a min. - memyselfandi
2:08PM 18/08/2005

Grrr no more K/J... we get Maggie/Jenny playing "suckback" card game NT - memyselfandi
2:09PM 18/08/2005
The game is called "SlapJack". Each player puts out a card,if it's a Jack, they slap the deck and win the cards in the pile. NT - Sunflake
2:18PM 18/08/2005
Jenn whispered something right into Maggie's ear, but couldn't make it out NT - Nissa
2:16PM 18/08/2005
After she did that, when she sat back up Jen said something about them having all the votes so they are really in control Maggie had - Suzan
3:36PM 18/08/2005

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