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Beau/Howie having salon de beau argument in kitchen - memyselfandi
2:25PM 18/08/2005

howie begging beau to help him get read for tonite - strad
2:25PM 18/08/2005

Now Howie is kissing Beau's bald head - memyselfandi
2:27PM 18/08/2005

James & Ivette begin a chess game, Howie starts to sing & stops NT - AlexS
2:27PM 18/08/2005

Howie compliments Rachel & Janelle in the bathroom NT - AlexS
2:29PM 18/08/2005

rachel and janie getting ready for live show in BR - fnfish
2:31PM 18/08/2005
She said if they get HOH Beau will be giving him haircuts all the time NT - Suzan
3:37PM 18/08/2005

Janelle and Rachel are in the bathroom putting on make-up. - joannie
2:32PM 18/08/2005

Nerds playing cards start whispering. - joannie
2:35PM 18/08/2005

Howie lingers in the barracks, watching the card game, looking over their shoulders NT - joannie
2:38PM 18/08/2005

FISH NT - joannie
2:43PM 18/08/2005

James & Ivette sitting at dining room table playing chess. - bama_chevygal
2:45PM 18/08/2005

FISH...probably HOH practice NT - Nikki254
2:58PM 18/08/2005

Still FISH NT - CruiseCritic
3:13PM 18/08/2005

45 min of FISH NT - citanul
3:29PM 18/08/2005

Still Fish - purpleflare
3:42PM 18/08/2005

Feeds are back. NT - drummer_inblack
3:44PM 18/08/2005
Alas, only for a moment. NT - drummer_inblack
3:45PM 18/08/2005

Feeds Back up , Ivette/James still playing chess - fish again NT - purpleflare
3:45PM 18/08/2005

Kaysar finally appears back on our screen for a second walking in barracks and then we get FISH NT - memyselfandi
3:45PM 18/08/2005

Fishies! - purpleflare
3:53PM 18/08/2005
Ursula died today. R.I.P. NT - ostra
4:01PM 18/08/2005

nothing but fish - beckysko
3:55PM 18/08/2005

feeds back again (yay!) NT - drummer_inblack
4:02PM 18/08/2005
On the feeds: F1: Long shot of someone in the kitchen; F2: Long shot of Jen playing cards at the DR table; F3 & F4 Friendsheep in the barracks. NT - drummer_inblack
4:03PM 18/08/2005

Maggie gathered April, Ivette and Beau to tell them her plan. If the comp is a game that involves getting the most balls in something, they'll choose - Suzan
4:04PM 18/08/2005
Beau and Ivette drew cards to see who will get it (April passed on it cus she got a card from home). Ivette won. Which means - Sunflake
4:06PM 18/08/2005
Beau asked and if it's the opposite? Now they are discussing which one they want to get it the least (talking about the S4) - Suzan
4:06PM 18/08/2005

Jenn is in the kitchen at the table playing cards, James is at the sink NT - Suzan
4:04PM 18/08/2005

Friendship is talking strategy without Jenn - memyselfandi
4:05PM 18/08/2005
why Jenn wasn't involved - DraftKing
4:07PM 18/08/2005

Iv/Ap/Mag/Be are strategizing in the barracks but Mag must be shuffling her cards on top of her mic b/c that's all you can hear. ::OUCH:: NT - nojobny
4:05PM 18/08/2005

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