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Now April is back in bed with Jennifer...convo - tntaangela
1:58AM 19/08/2005

Howie: "You stuck that light saber right into the middle of that nerd herd" - memyselfandi
2:20AM 19/08/2005

2:52 AM - All Quiet, Housemates Sleeping, all Four Cams. NT - JenJen
2:53AM 19/08/2005

All HG still sleeping NT - Sharky
6:20AM 19/08/2005

Everyone still asleep (wake up call should be in 40 min) NT - CruiseCritic
7:22AM 19/08/2005

Still Sleeping NT - lovinjanie
7:51AM 19/08/2005

BB "Good morning HG's, you have 90 until the food competition" NT - amIsane
8:04AM 19/08/2005

BB: Good Morning HGs you have 90 min. until the Food Comp NT - Neesha
8:04AM 19/08/2005

BB: Good Morning HG's - kissysmom
8:04AM 19/08/2005

BB "Good morning HG, you have 90 min until veto competition" NT - amIsane
8:05AM 19/08/2005

Good Morning HGs, you have 90 min. til the veto comp. NT - kissysmom
8:05AM 19/08/2005

BB: Good Morning Houseguests, you have 90 mins before the veto comp. Weird music, then fish NT - bama_chevygal
8:06AM 19/08/2005
veto or food i see both here..... NT - MonsterDubs
8:09AM 19/08/2005
The weird music was "O Fortuna" by Carl Orff - DefntlyDiffrnt
8:13AM 19/08/2005
Thanks for naming the song... I thought it was Rachmaninoff NT - NJHeadhunter
8:14AM 19/08/2005
It's from The Carmina Burana. They've played part of another song from it earlier this season already NT - BetterThanThis
8:22AM 19/08/2005
They played it the last time Kaysar was evicted. I noticed because it is a sad song about the downfall of a mi-t leader who was ruined by fate NT - gogotwins
8:16PM 19/08/2005
They said both with 10 secs in between... NT - John_DK_
8:10AM 19/08/2005

Jan and How awake in HOH room, Rach feeding fish NT - Neesha
8:12AM 19/08/2005

BB: Good morning HGs it's time to get up for the day NT - Neesha
8:15AM 19/08/2005

Jan and How HOH Conversation - Neesha
8:18AM 19/08/2005

How advises Jan to keep her plans hushed to avoid info leaks NT - Neesha
8:23AM 19/08/2005

More Jan and How - Neesha
8:25AM 19/08/2005

Friendship - Neesha
8:33AM 19/08/2005
"Friendship"=Borg NT - QueenWonab
9:54AM 19/08/2005

Most HGs in the kitchen making/eating breakfast, Jen/Ivette are in the bathroom NT - Neesha
8:37AM 19/08/2005

Just general chit chat about breakfast, should I use butter or oil, I want wheat bread, etc. NT - cags
8:39AM 19/08/2005

Jen in WC, Beau, April, Maggie, Iv make breakfast. NT - SassyPrncess
8:40AM 19/08/2005
Everyone is up. *50* min to Veto competition NT - SassyPrncess
8:41AM 19/08/2005

Ivette: Beau break my yoke, you know what I'm saying, I don' t like it runny at all NT - cags
8:40AM 19/08/2005

James wakes up NT - cags
8:45AM 19/08/2005
Talking to himself in the GR can't really hear it NT - cags
8:45AM 19/08/2005

April once again eating very unhealthy meal, will probably cry and call other people fat in ten minutes (I want lots of butter on top) NT - Dargin
8:52AM 19/08/2005
April admits working at Cracker Barrell... Big suprise NT - Dargin
8:53AM 19/08/2005

Beau is making eggs. April wanted her whole and Beau busted it. She cries out "I dont want them fu*k*ing busted!" NT - Goddess200xxx
8:53AM 19/08/2005

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