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HYP3R6IR1 James talking to the cameras "What the hell are you guys following me for today? Am I about to be put up and don't even know it?" NT 0 8:54AM 19/08/2005
TokenWasp April still trying to make the point that Jan's HOH is only one day "That sucks!" NT 0 8:58AM 19/08/2005
cags Veto comp will begin in 60 minutes NT 1 8:59AM 19/08/2005
Dargin April starts talking about playboy - Fish... I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit with that mental picture NT 1 9:07AM 19/08/2005
SassyPrncess Veto comp in *23 minutes* NT 2 9:07AM 19/08/2005
Caribou Rachel working her angle on Janelle in HOH 0 9:14AM 19/08/2005
Caribou FISH all feeds NT 0 9:18AM 19/08/2005
Caribou Maggie was whispering to Beau but I couldn't hear. Short convo. Afterwards Beau said to her "you're mean" in a half kidding way. Meanwhile, Ape/Jen 0 9:31AM 19/08/2005
Outcast competition - semiactive, April is going to be 2nd to participate, Jen is 6th, not sure what it is going to be NT 0 9:32AM 19/08/2005
Outcast semi-physical. Maggie is #5, Ivette is #4 NT 0 9:34AM 19/08/2005
makmadden Jen in bathroom - fixing her hair again - "i don't feel cute today".... ed note - cause your NOT NT 0 9:38AM 19/08/2005
Caribou Bit earlier, Janelle and Howie in HOH. Janie filled Howie in on Rachel's plea to evict Maggie 0 9:46AM 19/08/2005
makmadden Rach in HOH bathroom with Howie and Janelle.... 0 9:52AM 19/08/2005
SassyPrncess April: Remember, help ME! (about POV) NT 0 9:53AM 19/08/2005
makmadden Rach, Howie, and Janelle leave HOH... Howie and Janelle in bathroom... 0 9:54AM 19/08/2005
Panda4 we have fish for 20 minutes or more (ed. note; maybe we have veto competiton). NT 0 10:24AM 19/08/2005
John_DK_ Feeds back... NT 1 10:25AM 19/08/2005
Sharky Feed 1 had Maggie, Jenn, James in bedroom, playing cards; ivette and beau in exercise room, waiting for their POV turn, I guess. Iv & 0 10:32AM 19/08/2005
notchbaby Jenn says she doesn't trust Howie, it looks like he might have stolen two of her underwear and the 0 10:36AM 19/08/2005
notchbaby Pre POV contest conversation in barracks 0 10:39AM 19/08/2005
smashedskittles fish on all feeds NT 0 10:43AM 19/08/2005
makmadden still fish.. for a LONNNNNNNG TIME NT 0 11:48AM 19/08/2005
Kaz I can see people moving (furniture?? white chair?) around. 2 people in white t-shirts. NT 0 11:54AM 19/08/2005
MiamiMan Over 3 hrs of FISH. ..Veto Comp...Still going on NT 0 1:54PM 19/08/2005
HalleyG I have seen some movement of hgs through the fish tank... first a man went by without a shirt, 0 5:01PM 19/08/2005
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