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Topic #2231766
HYP3R6IR1 - James talking to the cameras "What the hell are you guys following me for today? Am I about to be put up and don't even know it?" NT 0 Replies #2231766 8:54AM 19/08/2005
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Topic #2231825
TokenWasp - April still trying to make the point that Jan's HOH is only one day "That sucks!" NT 0 Replies #2231825 8:58AM 19/08/2005
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Topic #2231831
cags - Veto comp will begin in 60 minutes NT 1 Replies #2231831 8:59AM 19/08/2005
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CruiseCritic - And when BB said "Veto comp in 60 minutes", April yelled Liars and #2231939 9:06AM 19/08/2005
Ivette said she was glad BC now they have time to digest breakfast. (beau made eggs in a basket for everyone)
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Topic #2231954
Dargin - April starts talking about playboy - Fish... I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit with that mental picture NT 1 Replies #2231954 9:07AM 19/08/2005
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Dargin - April says she would do playboy if she didn't, "Have to show my box" retch NT #2231972 9:07AM 19/08/2005
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Topic #2231955
SassyPrncess - Veto comp in *23 minutes* NT 2 Replies #2231955 9:07AM 19/08/2005
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JordyN - Veto Comp is at 10 BB time - per BB announcement NT #2232056 9:13AM 19/08/2005
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SassyPrncess - The first announcement @ 800AM said 90 min. So unless they postponed it.....should be 9:30AM BBT. #2232074 9:15AM 19/08/2005
That is why April said, "Liars!" when the 60 min announcement came.
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Topic #2232062
Caribou - Rachel working her angle on Janelle in HOH 0 Replies #2232062 9:14AM 19/08/2005
Rachel pushes to evict Maggie instead, saying she's a stronger player, even James agrees.

Janelle not saying much. She does ask if James brought this to Rachel. Rachel says no. Rachel keeps talking to prove her point. Janelle is getting ready for the VETO comp as Rachel talks.

Janelle - don't you think if Maggie gets HOH she's going after James?
Rachel - no way she's going after Howie
Janelle - why?
Rachel - the way howie has acted? we're acting on emotion, even kaysar said (blah blah)
Janelle - uunnhhhhhhhh (groaning abit) I want Jennifer out
Rachel starts talking again, selling James' points that Maggie holds them together and that maggie is better at comps
Janelle doesn't agree about Maggie
Rachel says Jennifer's selfish

BB calls janelle to DR
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Topic #2232120
Caribou - FISH all feeds NT 0 Replies #2232120 9:18AM 19/08/2005
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Topic #2232280
Caribou - Maggie was whispering to Beau but I couldn't hear. Short convo. Afterwards Beau said to her "you're mean" in a half kidding way. Meanwhile, Ape/Jen 0 Replies #2232280 9:31AM 19/08/2005
strategizing in barracks as they prepare for VETO comp.

Janelle and Howie in HOH. Janelle doing her hair.
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Topic #2232281
Outcast - competition - semiactive, April is going to be 2nd to participate, Jen is 6th, not sure what it is going to be NT 0 Replies #2232281 9:32AM 19/08/2005
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Topic #2232302
Outcast - semi-physical. Maggie is #5, Ivette is #4 NT 0 Replies #2232302 9:34AM 19/08/2005
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Topic #2232342
makmadden - Jen in bathroom - fixing her hair again - "i don't feel cute today".... ed note - cause your NOT NT 0 Replies #2232342 9:38AM 19/08/2005
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Topic #2232418
Caribou - Bit earlier, Janelle and Howie in HOH. Janie filled Howie in on Rachel's plea to evict Maggie 0 Replies #2232418 9:46AM 19/08/2005
Howie angry at this and said no way, this one is personal. Janie and Howie want to stick to evicting Jen.

Right now, Rachel back in HOH trying to work her evict Maggie angle. Howie and Janie not budging. Janie not saying anything. Rachel working hard to sell. Sounds like she has convinced Howie now.

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Topic #2232506
makmadden - Rach in HOH bathroom with Howie and Janelle.... 0 Replies #2232506 9:52AM 19/08/2005
basically trying to convince them that Maggie is the one they should vote out, she feels she has a better chance of winning another HOH - more so than Jennifer. She admits speaking to James and thinks he's right.

R - they're both good players.... either way its a toss up
H - if we take out Maggie then they have no choice but to go after couples
r- right.....if maggie goes ..its those 2 groups against eachother - ivette is closer to maggie. Kaysar was right when he said that - maggie holds them together. We have a better chance of beating Jen than Maggie.
H - yeah
Jan - you think so?
R - Jen was given that HOH ... Kaysar gave it to her.. she didn't win
R - i think loosing Maggie will be as big a blow as loosing ERic
Jan - i don't want james to feel threatened.
R - he won't he knows he can't win unless he's up against us...he knows that...he did not come all this way to lay down and let it go by...
H- it's a different game from week 2 to week 4 and he knows that
R - i still don't trust him
H - neither do i ...
R - but we need james we do.
H - it's personal business... they made it personal
R - but if we take out Maggie then its strategic not personal ... we have to think what is best for us
H - Janie and I are gonna do our best to win veto
R - i think kaysar was right... maggie is holding them together..and james figured that out too. We gotta use him but don't trust him... and he knows that too.
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Topic #2232512
SassyPrncess - April: Remember, help ME! (about POV) NT 0 Replies #2232512 9:53AM 19/08/2005
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Topic #2232532
makmadden - Rach, Howie, and Janelle leave HOH... Howie and Janelle in bathroom... 0 Replies #2232532 9:54AM 19/08/2005
missed what howie said....

J - hmmmmph i know me either...

(did someone catch that?- to me it sounded like they didn't agree with Rachels plea in HOH bathroom)
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Topic #2232742
Panda4 - we have fish for 20 minutes or more (ed. note; maybe we have veto competiton). NT 0 Replies #2232742 10:24AM 19/08/2005
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Topic #2232752
John_DK_ - Feeds back... NT 1 Replies #2232752 10:25AM 19/08/2005
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John_DK_ - And FISH again... NT #2232762 10:26AM 19/08/2005
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Topic #2232781
Sharky - Feed 1 had Maggie, Jenn, James in bedroom, playing cards; ivette and beau in exercise room, waiting for their POV turn, I guess. Iv & 0 Replies #2232781 10:32AM 19/08/2005
Beau finally talking strategy. Iv telling beau that after this eviction, it is no longer a team but them two working as a pair from here on out. Wondering who would be better to go. They feel that they should team up with another pair.

Howie & janelle now on Feed 1 going over who won what and when they won it. Ivette and Beau moving around the house. It looks like POV hasn't started yet. Ivette says "seriously, we could have slept in some more. Joining April Maggie and Jenn in bedroom (still playing cards)
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Topic #2232815
notchbaby - Jenn says she doesn't trust Howie, it looks like he might have stolen two of her underwear and the 0 Replies #2232815 10:36AM 19/08/2005
producers don't seem to care. Jenn and beau are looking through cabinets for the missing panties.
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Topic #2232833
notchbaby - Pre POV contest conversation in barracks 0 Replies #2232833 10:39AM 19/08/2005
Maggie and Ive are whispering in barracks. Mag saying she doesn't want to make it three against two she wants to make it a fair game.

Ive says she might be the one going home tonight, youknowwhatimean?
Mag. says the only one she's positive that will not go home today is Beau.
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Topic #2232852
smashedskittles - fish on all feeds NT 0 Replies #2232852 10:43AM 19/08/2005
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Topic #2233250
makmadden - still fish.. for a LONNNNNNNG TIME NT 0 Replies #2233250 11:48AM 19/08/2005
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Topic #2233279
Kaz - I can see people moving (furniture?? white chair?) around. 2 people in white t-shirts. NT 0 Replies #2233279 11:54AM 19/08/2005
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Topic #2234349
MiamiMan - Over 3 hrs of FISH. ..Veto Comp...Still going on NT 0 Replies #2234349 1:54PM 19/08/2005
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Topic #2236261
HalleyG - I have seen some movement of hgs through the fish tank... first a man went by without a shirt, 0 Replies #2236261 5:01PM 19/08/2005
then another person and a woman with blond hair. They all appeared to be moving fast.
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