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Topic #2250021
loolooloo - After James explains it like 6 times 0 Replies #2250021 9:15PM 20/08/2005
Beau FINALLY comprehends how James may be backdoored this week. (Janie wins veto, takes off Howie. Then Beau has to put up James: Jan, Howie, and April vote against James. It's only Maggie and Ivette left voting for Rachel).
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Topic #2250030
Diana - Beau says he was going to ask James to play for veto... 0 Replies #2250030 9:16PM 20/08/2005
but not until tomorrow because he was waiting to see if james cut any deals with other side
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Topic #2250046
notchbaby - When feeds first came on Beau was in the HT talking to the girls 0 Replies #2250046 9:17PM 20/08/2005
and he said they were treating him better since he won head of house.
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Topic #2250116
loolooloo - Ivette laying into April (calmly & quietly, but forcefully) 0 Replies #2250116 9:22PM 20/08/2005
for cavorting with Janie and Rachel.
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Topic #2250115
notchbaby - Ivette is talking to April alone about what James said concerning her voting with 0 Replies #2250115 9:22PM 20/08/2005
the other side to back door him, she says, I would never do it, never. He's lying about me, and he knows he's lying.
Ivette says, James might be making it up so that it will make us fight and break us up. They are continuing to whisper but mostly saying the same thing.
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Topic #2250120
iammomof2angels - Howie and janie are kissing up to Beau, Big Time! NT 0 Replies #2250120 9:22PM 20/08/2005
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Topic #2250147
Joolz - Janie, Howie, and one other in HOH room with Beau. 1 Replies #2250147 9:24PM 20/08/2005
Janie and Howie playing nice with Beau. I think I hear someone in the bathroom but can't see who. Janelle asked Beau where he puked and said she puked in the bucket in the DR. Room already set up for another Creepy Pajama Party.
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JackNapier - Maggie is in the shower. NT #2250174 9:25PM 20/08/2005
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Topic #2250155
iammomof2angels - Howie just tried to Kiss Beau on the cheek and 0 Replies #2250155 9:24PM 20/08/2005
Beau went for the lips!!
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Topic #2250198
Joolz - Beau and Maggie: Beau thinks April has joined "their side" (meaning S3) already NT 0 Replies #2250198 9:27PM 20/08/2005
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Topic #2250200
Skamito - Howie and James both told Beau that April joined their side! NT 0 Replies #2250200 9:27PM 20/08/2005
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Topic #2250261
Joolz - Maggie pointing out to Beau when James has lied before. NT 0 Replies #2250261 9:31PM 20/08/2005
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Topic #2250274
sparkletts - Maggie has convinced Beau that James and Howie are lying about April NT 0 Replies #2250274 9:32PM 20/08/2005
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Topic #2250288
ferretkiss - HOH conv. [long] 0 Replies #2250288 9:33PM 20/08/2005
how: we just wanted to stop by a minute.
jan and beau are spelling m-a-m-a, saying mamas.
how: i think thats right though.
jan: mamas.
beau: whatever.
jan: lets not stress over it. thanks for the gummy bears bobo.
beau makes some grunting noises.
how: thanks for the candies. (leaves)

mag was in hoh bathroom.
beau: i dont know who to believe. but someone told me april is on their side already. but im also thinking its a stunt. i told you i was thinking of asking james to compete for me. but it could be a stunt.

mag asks a question.

beau: two times. i wouldnt think it true. she knows she gone if she does that. she wouldnt do that would she.
mag: im not going to say what someone would do. how many times do we have to hear something from james. everything he says is going to make it geared toward making it you three.
beau: so should i not use him.
mag: thats up to you.
beau: he saw april at the table. and thats a perfect scenario to manipulate. but he said they were going to use him at the beginning. and now they are saying that they are not going to use him. he wants to make sure he isnot being backdoored.

(mag asked to put on her microphone during this conv by BB).
mag: he just wants to take the attention off of himself. the only way to take attention off of himself is to make other people look bad. thats smart but risky. he thought that you guys would not come tell me what he said about april. she is very alone now. she is very upset with me for voting for ivette to stay.

mag: did ivette forget that james is the one who went up and told her that xx was talking sh*t and she wasnt.
he thinks.... he is going to do everything he can. he needs you two in this game. he needs you two to survive. he cant make me look bad, he knows how ivette gets irritated with april. april has not said one f*cking thing against ivette.

ivette appears in hoh.
i hear f*ck, sh(t, damn, retarded, stupid.

they make a plan to spread everyone around the house because "they are out there".

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Topic #2250291
fnfish - Beau and Maggie speculating 0 Replies #2250291 9:33PM 20/08/2005
Beau was questioning James motives for saying that April has "joined the other side". Maggie and he are both speculating that he is saying this because it's in James best interest to make both Maggie and April look bad. Maggie indicates that she does trust April completely and that although April feels totally alone right now, April would have no reason to betray their side.
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Topic #2250294
notchbaby - Beau is talking to Maggie in HOH bathroom about james accusation against April 0 Replies #2250294 9:33PM 20/08/2005
Beau asks Maggie do you think she would do that? (I came in the convo midway about I'm sure it's concerning James saying April was going to try to back door him) Maggie says I'm not going to say what anyone would do in this game. Beau: That's why I hate this game. Maggie: April is alone, very alone in this game, she was already upset with me for voting for Ivette to stay over Jenn. Did Ivette forget that James was the one telling her ___ was talking s+it. Other' than you two, she (April) has got noone. James can't make me look bad, but James knows that Ivette gets irritated with April so that makes April a perfect target. What he is doing is smart, but risky.

There is more but I got as much as I could. The door bell rings and it's Ivette and April so that breaks up the conversation.
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Topic #2250338
notchbaby - More HOH br talk now Ivette and April have joined B and April 0 Replies #2250338 9:37PM 20/08/2005
Ivette is brilliant, she thinks perhaps that the other group planted that info on James to make him paranoid hoping he'd go to the girls with what he heard.
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Topic #2250369
Skamito - Rachel, Howie, and Janelle outside 0 Replies #2250369 9:39PM 20/08/2005
Rachel claiming she'll martyr herself to keep Howie in the game. Said she would use veto on Howie. James wants to compete in veto, but they don't want him to compete for them. They're hoping Janelle will win and take Howie off. Rachel says, If James went up, it would be interesting.
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Topic #2250370
erniebert - Beau just said he doesn't look like Marcellas,,, he looks better. NT 1 Replies #2250370 9:39PM 20/08/2005
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sparkletts - He said this as he scratched his @ss NT #2250472 9:46PM 20/08/2005
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Topic #2250448
Joolz - HOH br - Ivette, Beau, Maggie, April 0 Replies #2250448 9:45PM 20/08/2005
Beau and April thinking James is making stuff up (ed: he is). Mentions the "bizarre" story about Rachel saying that the nerd herd was going to vote to keep Kaysar in. Ivette trying real hard to convince them that he's not making stuff up. Ivette: it's really weird that wherever James go Rachel shows up. He doesn't go to her, she goes to him. She's like, James let's play chess. I haven't seen the effing b*tch play chess once.
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Topic #2250512
sparkletts - Ivette and James 1 Replies #2250512 9:49PM 20/08/2005
James: Rachel said I dont know what you heard but we're not using you for the veto we have to save ourselves
Ivette: Im telling you now you're going to be okay regardless, don't get frazzled on me
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abbybb - she's telling him he's staying in the game to help her get rid of Janelle NT #2250526 9:50PM 20/08/2005
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Topic #2250527
ferretkiss - how / jan / rach in BY 0 Replies #2250527 9:50PM 20/08/2005
how: my game will be complete as long as beau and iv are not in the final two. because they are a couple. its easy to say you will get there, i will get there, but to get a couple there, we dont want that.

jan: its difficult becuase you dont know what to say you will do if you get hoh on thursday.

rach: i would just put them both up. if james got iv off with the veto, who is left, maggie and apri. the votes would be against maggie, becasue of james.

how: if it goes toe to toe, someone is going to have to take one of them out.
rach: im not worried about it, im worried about this week.

how says he doesnt care if he gets eliminated, he just wants to see you guys (jan and rach) do well.

how talks about nerd herd, saying they cant compete.
how talks about when april came to the room talking about wanting to backdoor james. says she is a liar and she aint no f*cking pharmaceutical rep.

how: there are no rules saying we cant evict maggie next week.. they are going to take the fall, iv or beau. one of them are gone.
rach: i would love to put april and iv up, and have maggie have to decide. that would tear her apart. thats why i like what she did yesterday , because she knew....

jan (joking to how/rach a reapeat of what she said last week): hey maggie, go fck yourself.

how: if we cant win this gme, the greatest thing is (something about eviction).

(how is in really good sprits and seems to not truly care if he wins; just wants to take some people from the other side out.)

NOW rach, apr, mag are in kitchen. mag burps and says that was gross, sorry. rach talking about some body part that needs to be iced. mag tells her to ask for an ace wrap if she is competing tomorrow.
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Topic #2250528
Joolz - Ivette/James in GR 1 Replies #2250528 9:50PM 20/08/2005
aka "James' thinking room"

Ivette trying to convince James to calm down, that he'll be OK.
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abbybb - James saying he doesn't trust April and that she's lied about him NT #2250568 9:52PM 20/08/2005
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Topic #2250583
abbybb - Iv. telling James not to make her look bad if he gets nervous NT 0 Replies #2250583 9:53PM 20/08/2005
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Topic #2250641
abbybb - James urging Iv to tell Beau to use him on the veto... 0 Replies #2250641 9:58PM 20/08/2005
Iv saying that now she has to work harder to campaign for him
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Topic #2250654
abbybb - James talking to himself saying that if he survives somehow someway, it's going to be insane NT 0 Replies #2250654 9:58PM 20/08/2005
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