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abbybb Mag knows that Jan would rather have Jam next to her at the end than one of them NT 0 8:34PM 23/08/2005
BigBooty April/Mag/Ivette in hot tub 0 8:35PM 23/08/2005
Sindy418 Maggie retelling conversations with james NT 1 8:36PM 23/08/2005
abbybb Maggie figures out S3's gameplan with taking James to the end NT 0 8:36PM 23/08/2005
BigBooty Maggie: Janelle is the worst person to win HOH this week NT 0 8:37PM 23/08/2005
abbybb Iv said Jam still told her that he'd put up How and Jan.. 0 8:42PM 23/08/2005
abbybb Mag said, "When we did that to Kay, they switched the entire way of playing. Everyone did." NT 0 8:42PM 23/08/2005
memyselfandi More Janellousy in hot tub from Ivette/Maggie/April... then an epiphany about James 1 8:43PM 23/08/2005
memyselfandi Maggie is NOW resolving to think about how to prevent S2 + James from making Final 2 0 8:51PM 23/08/2005
Suzan Maggie is very upset with herself that she didn't realize the other team needed each other all the way to the end. 0 8:51PM 23/08/2005
Sindy418 Hot Tub Talk 0 8:52PM 23/08/2005
abbybb Jam & Iv about to play chess... NT 0 8:54PM 23/08/2005
abbybb Iv's telling Jam she wants to know she can fully trust Mag and him. 0 8:59PM 23/08/2005
abbybb How comes and busts up Iv and James game talk NT 0 9:00PM 23/08/2005
abbybb How says he has to act differently b/c he doesn't have 5 vetoes like James. James can be himself. He can't. He has to act weird. NT 0 9:03PM 23/08/2005
memyselfandi James and Ivette playing chess in BY with a little strategy talk/Howie pays them a visit 0 9:04PM 23/08/2005
SassyPrncess M to B: He (James) won't knock off Janelle or Howie. No f-ing way. NT 1 9:04PM 23/08/2005
Mirage Maggie tells Beau she just figured out that Jam has to start picking off their team. B says he knows. M is pissed that I is w/ Jam. NT 0 9:05PM 23/08/2005
abbybb How joking about how when he gets out, everyone will want to talk to him about the all time veto champion. They'll ask, "Was he nice?" 0 9:07PM 23/08/2005
ferretkiss maggie talking to beau - she believes that jan/how/rachel dont have a friendship like she and her group do NT 0 9:08PM 23/08/2005
abbybb How saying that Beau took care of him. From the waist up he doesn't have a hair on him. 0 9:08PM 23/08/2005
abbybb Iv jumping around saying, "I won. I jumped the queen." Yelling and dancing... 0 9:10PM 23/08/2005
DennisMontreal Mav and Bo going off a bout Ivette in HOH: Iv spending time with James. Finally an interesting crapette conversation NT 0 9:11PM 23/08/2005
memyselfandi Beau and Maggie in HOH room developing plan to confront Ivette about her James friendship 0 9:14PM 23/08/2005
Billy Maggie telling Beau, that she's tried to engrain it into Ivette's brain, that he should be her main focus, and not too trusting of others. She can 0 9:14PM 23/08/2005
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