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Topic #2276587
abbybb - Mag knows that Jan would rather have Jam next to her at the end than one of them NT 0 Replies #2276587 8:34PM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2276598
BigBooty - April/Mag/Ivette in hot tub 0 Replies #2276598 8:35PM 23/08/2005
MAg: I cant believe she said that in front of all of America (when JAnelle said "I have never lied in this game" during the live show)
April: we were all laughing
MAg: when Kaysar said "I am sorry AMerica I gave away HOH"
April: if they do get HOH this week it will be very interesting
Mag: JAnelle will play all personal, and howie will play strategic
April: I dont think JAnelle has a personal problem with anyone in this house. She will not talk to me about the game at all.
April: we better hope if howie makes it to the end one of us makes it with him.
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Topic #2276600
Sindy418 - Maggie retelling conversations with james NT 1 Replies #2276600 8:36PM 23/08/2005
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Sindy418 - Beau is plucking hairs of Howies back! GROSS #2276641 8:39PM 23/08/2005
Beau and Howie in bathroom, Beau with tweezers s l o w l y plucking hairs of Howies back.

(ed. note: They must REALLY be bored!)
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Topic #2276611
abbybb - Maggie figures out S3's gameplan with taking James to the end NT 0 Replies #2276611 8:36PM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2276621
BigBooty - Maggie: Janelle is the worst person to win HOH this week NT 0 Replies #2276621 8:37PM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2276676
abbybb - Iv said Jam still told her that he'd put up How and Jan.. 0 Replies #2276676 8:42PM 23/08/2005
Mag pipes up with saying, "do you really think that he'd tell you he'd put up one of the Friendship? He knows where your loyalty lies."
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Topic #2276682
abbybb - Mag said, "When we did that to Kay, they switched the entire way of playing. Everyone did." NT 0 Replies #2276682 8:42PM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2276684
memyselfandi - More Janellousy in hot tub from Ivette/Maggie/April... then an epiphany about James 1 Replies #2276684 8:43PM 23/08/2005
Maggie made some joke about April having a secret alliance with Janelle, then they launch into cattyness. She has hair extensions but she won't admit it. Her don't evict me speech the night Kaysar left had Maggie and the friendship laughing.

Maggie: I can't believe she said that in front of all of America.

April: It is going to be very interesting if they get HOH to see what they do.

Maggie: If Janelle gets it it will be completely personal. If HOwie gets it it would be strategic.

April: She will not talk about the game with me whatsoever.

Maggie comes up with true backdoor scheme if Friendship win HOH. They put up one of their own side and Howie or Janelle. J and H will play for each other in veto and the friendship will all play in veto. Whoever wins they'll save the person from their alliance and then they can backdoor James. April says we'd have to tell the other side. Maggie is telling her no.

Maggie says Janelle is the worst person to get HOH next week. Howie might evict James. Maggie realizes after a long speech and thinking out loud that the other side is using James to carry them to the end because he's good at competitions and the only they'd potentially have a shot at money with. She says she's a fool for thinking Howie would take out James.

Ivette is telling the two that James still says he wants to knock Janelle and Howie out of the game.

Maggie is saying a lot of "Oh my god" because she realized they shouldn't have been so vocal about the voting and telling the S's that they wouldn't vote for them and letting the other side know we secure the jury.

Maggie is saying yeah we've been playing the game but we've been lollygagging about the friendship.

Ivette says James still tells her he'll take off the S's before the friendship.

Maggie: Do you think he'd really tell you he's going to vote off one of the friendship?

M is now realizing James and the Sovereigns have realized this. They've probably talked about it.
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memyselfandi - By the way, all of Maggie's epiphanies have resulted from April's logical statements NT #2276720 8:47PM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2276778
memyselfandi - Maggie is NOW resolving to think about how to prevent S2 + James from making Final 2 0 Replies #2276778 8:51PM 23/08/2005
Maggie: They don't have a friendship. They don't care about each other. I was thinking great I'll be happy when one of us will make it to the end. I never thought they'd stick together even if Howie and James don't like each other just because they need each other in the end.
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Topic #2276779
Suzan - Maggie is very upset with herself that she didn't realize the other team needed each other all the way to the end. 0 Replies #2276779 8:51PM 23/08/2005
She commented about one of them would be happy to be sitting at the end with one of the friendship and happy that they made it to the end. They won't have that, they'll be thinking about the money.

She said her strategy is now going to focus on making sure they don't get to the end together.

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Topic #2276784
Sindy418 - Hot Tub Talk 0 Replies #2276784 8:52PM 23/08/2005

Maggie finally understands James has been playing them.
shes just glad that one of her "friends" wins the money

Maggie: They don't have a friendship like we do..they don't care about eachother.

Yvette: Maggie don't get all worked up! (ed. note: like she can talk!)

Conv. stops, they all get out of hot tub and come inside
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Topic #2276833
abbybb - Jam & Iv about to play chess... NT 0 Replies #2276833 8:54PM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2276903
abbybb - Iv's telling Jam she wants to know she can fully trust Mag and him. 0 Replies #2276903 8:59PM 23/08/2005
James says, "You can't fully trust Beau?"

Iv responds, "Ah yeah. I think Beau and I are a bonus b/c we're always a secure two."
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Topic #2276917
abbybb - How comes and busts up Iv and James game talk NT 0 Replies #2276917 9:00PM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2276940
abbybb - How says he has to act differently b/c he doesn't have 5 vetoes like James. James can be himself. He can't. He has to act weird. NT 0 Replies #2276940 9:03PM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2276950
memyselfandi - James and Ivette playing chess in BY with a little strategy talk/Howie pays them a visit 0 Replies #2276950 9:04PM 23/08/2005
James is telling Ivette that whether Rachel stays or Howie stays, they will pair up with Janelle, as much as friendship doesn't think Rachel likes Janelle.

James: How are you holding up today?

Ivette: Just doing a little thinking.

I just want to know that I can fully trust you and Maggie.

James: What, you can't trust Beau?

Ivette: Of course Beau. I just see Beau as a bonus to whoever I can fully trust too.

Howie comes out to show Ivette and James his repaired hand from where he injured it in the veto comp. And just sits and watches them play chess.

Ivette tells Howie he has to keep Beau over her to keep his Salon de Beau coming. Howie agrees, or if the friendship evicts him he needs somebody to send him to Beau the next week.

Then he goes into long rant about what he'll do to Jennifer

Ivette: Howie, you're such a weirdo!!!

Howie says if he had 5 vetos he could act like himself, bringing up James' vetos again.
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Topic #2276952
SassyPrncess - M to B: He (James) won't knock off Janelle or Howie. No f-ing way. NT 1 Replies #2276952 9:04PM 23/08/2005
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SassyPrncess - Mag to Beau: They are playing like it's a game! NT #2276985 9:07PM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2276961
Mirage - Maggie tells Beau she just figured out that Jam has to start picking off their team. B says he knows. M is pissed that I is w/ Jam. NT 0 Replies #2276961 9:05PM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2276987
abbybb - How joking about how when he gets out, everyone will want to talk to him about the all time veto champion. They'll ask, "Was he nice?" 0 Replies #2276987 9:07PM 23/08/2005
He says James can sell those golden vetoes to pay for court fees if he's in trouble.
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Topic #2276999
ferretkiss - maggie talking to beau - she believes that jan/how/rachel dont have a friendship like she and her group do NT 0 Replies #2276999 9:08PM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2277002
abbybb - How saying that Beau took care of him. From the waist up he doesn't have a hair on him. 0 Replies #2277002 9:08PM 23/08/2005
telling Ray that she should get Beau to cut her hair too.
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Topic #2277022
abbybb - Iv jumping around saying, "I won. I jumped the queen." Yelling and dancing... 0 Replies #2277022 9:10PM 23/08/2005
ed. note...and being quite annoying
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Topic #2277034
DennisMontreal - Mav and Bo going off a bout Ivette in HOH: Iv spending time with James. Finally an interesting crapette conversation NT 0 Replies #2277034 9:11PM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2277067
memyselfandi - Beau and Maggie in HOH room developing plan to confront Ivette about her James friendship 0 Replies #2277067 9:14PM 23/08/2005
Beau is bothered by it too.

Maggie: I'm not doubting her, I'm doubting him.

Beau is saying whenever she feels attacked she builds up her wall.

Maggie: I tell her not to trust anyone like her partner. And Ivette says oh I can't trust you?

M to Beau: She still has you and that needs to be the 100%.

Maggie: How do I tell her that when April goes and talks to other people it's nowhere near how whenever we say something about James she leaves here and runs and tells him?

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Topic #2277074
Billy - Maggie telling Beau, that she's tried to engrain it into Ivette's brain, that he should be her main focus, and not too trusting of others. She can 0 Replies #2277074 9:14PM 23/08/2005
can trust her, but to keep bonds from the game, and to only rely on Beau. She thinks Ivette is too defensive of James, and is too trusting of him, and she knows he'll backstab her to advance.
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