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Howie talking about who has gained/lost weight in the house - scoobydoo
2:18PM 24/08/2005

They are reviewing all their pictures they took NT - Janie_Roxx
2:19PM 24/08/2005

a few min ago..April talking about going to Janelle and telling her that she misses how - seezall
2:21PM 24/08/2005

Howie says if he is here on Friday he will streak the BY in just a bandana NT - seezall
2:24PM 24/08/2005

Beau tries to get Howie to streak naked on Friday - scoobydoo
2:26PM 24/08/2005

Janelle got up and looking at new photos on Memory Wall - scoobydoo
2:57PM 24/08/2005
she said about her pic "I look like I'm high. I don't smoke marajuana!" NT - Nikki254
3:02PM 24/08/2005

Janelle: I look like such a slob and ... - scoobydoo
3:02PM 24/08/2005
April, Janie, Rach making dinner and chatting -- very friendly with each other NT - applecrisp
3:12PM 24/08/2005

Janelle: "This is like the most awful picture I've ever seen in my life!" NT - joannie
3:07PM 24/08/2005

April is in the kitchen bonding with her new best friends - joannie
3:09PM 24/08/2005

Howie, April and Janie study the Memory Wall pictures. Howie: "Look at James's picture." - joannie
3:15PM 24/08/2005

Janelle tells Howie, you're the cutest guy. Howie says thanks. She replys "besides Michael". LOL Earlier Janelle was looking at the new pictures - Nantucket
3:20PM 24/08/2005

Howie - I've never been with anyone under 18. - scoobydoo
3:26PM 24/08/2005

Howie wants to buy all the past seasons' tapes. - scoobydoo
3:27PM 24/08/2005

Beau rushes off to add a love note to "Cappy" from himself and Maggie in his hoh blog. NT - Nantucket
3:27PM 24/08/2005

Beau & Ivette talking about his hoh blog. He tells her that he told his mom sorry about the liquor, told everyone that - Nantucket
3:33PM 24/08/2005

Rachel, Howie, April & Janelle in BY. - scoobydoo
3:36PM 24/08/2005

Maggie & Ivette working out in the gym. Ivette says she has to lose some weight. James is called - Nantucket
3:39PM 24/08/2005

*Adult* - Janie_Roxx
3:41PM 24/08/2005

Feeds switch to backyard table. April is talking to Howie & Rachel about how she thinks - Nantucket
3:42PM 24/08/2005

April, Rachel, Howie in BY still - scoobydoo
3:44PM 24/08/2005

Howie thinks its going to be him who is evicted for sure. He says hes 100% sure. Rachel tells him that its most likely going to be her. NT - Janie_Roxx
3:45PM 24/08/2005

LOL Howie is telling April & Rachel that he knows 100% that he is leaving this week. He said - Nantucket
3:45PM 24/08/2005

BB: Maggie please go to the DR. NT - Janie_Roxx
3:46PM 24/08/2005

Howie says he thinks James wants him out. Joking that James wants to be the only attractive guy in the house. Rachel - Nantucket
3:47PM 24/08/2005

Howie is looking forward to sequester house with Jen. He tells her boyfriend Dan "too late Dan, he who hesitates looses". NT - Nantucket
3:50PM 24/08/2005

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