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Topic #2282618
scoobydoo - Howie talking about who has gained/lost weight in the house 0 Replies #2282618 2:18PM 24/08/2005
says Maggie lost about 80 Pounds (Maggie does not look amused). Maggie says she's probably lost 10.
April's gained some but Howie thinks she looks better. April asks do you think Matt will like it? Howie says Yeah.
Howie thinks Janie has gained a few Janie pounds.
Howie looks at his stomach - thinks he looks fat in the pictures they're taking.
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Topic #2282625
Janie_Roxx - They are reviewing all their pictures they took NT 0 Replies #2282625 2:19PM 24/08/2005
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Topic #2282641
seezall - a few min ago..April talking about going to Janelle and telling her that she misses how 0 Replies #2282641 2:21PM 24/08/2005
close they once were, when there was trust between them. She wants to convince Janelle to trust her. April was asking Maggie what she thought about doing that and wondering if Janelle would fall for it.
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Topic #2282655
seezall - Howie says if he is here on Friday he will streak the BY in just a bandana NT 0 Replies #2282655 2:24PM 24/08/2005
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Topic #2282672
scoobydoo - Beau tries to get Howie to streak naked on Friday 0 Replies #2282672 2:26PM 24/08/2005
Howie says no - he will wear a bandana and only if the bandana stays. He doesn't want his guy all over the internet. He says they will block it out on TV but on the internet, they show everything.
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Topic #2282808
scoobydoo - Janelle got up and looking at new photos on Memory Wall 1 Replies #2282808 2:57PM 24/08/2005
says she is the ugliest person in the house.
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Nikki254 - she said about her pic "I look like I'm high. I don't smoke marajuana!" NT #2282844 3:02PM 24/08/2005
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Topic #2282845
scoobydoo - Janelle: I look like such a slob and ... 1 Replies #2282845 3:02PM 24/08/2005
I don't wear make-up except on Thursdays. I hardly shower.

April - who wears make-up? You don't need to in the house.

April and Rachel cooking the kitchen (making tacos for dinner). April to Janelle - you really got screwed during your HOH, didn't you? Did you get a camera?
Janelle - No, I didn't but I don't care.

Janelle goes back to looking at the memory wall.
Janelle - Howie looks cute. Michael looks cute. Why does Maggie look so surprised?
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applecrisp - April, Janie, Rach making dinner and chatting -- very friendly with each other NT #2282903 3:12PM 24/08/2005
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Topic #2282875
joannie - Janelle: "This is like the most awful picture I've ever seen in my life!" NT 0 Replies #2282875 3:07PM 24/08/2005
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Topic #2282885
joannie - April is in the kitchen bonding with her new best friends 0 Replies #2282885 3:09PM 24/08/2005
Rachel and Janelle.
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Topic #2282925
joannie - Howie, April and Janie study the Memory Wall pictures. Howie: "Look at James's picture." 0 Replies #2282925 3:15PM 24/08/2005
"He's aged 10 years since then!"
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Topic #2282941
Nantucket - Janelle tells Howie, you're the cutest guy. Howie says thanks. She replys "besides Michael". LOL Earlier Janelle was looking at the new pictures 0 Replies #2282941 3:20PM 24/08/2005
and saying Michael is sooo cute! April said " I've never heard you say that before". Janelle said in a surprised annoyed voice "I always say that about Michael". April started laughing saying she was joking (being sarcastic).
( ed note~it's funny cause Janelle looks at his pictures around the house all day long and talks nonstop about how "handsome, dreamy, cute he is, but I don't think she realizes just how much she gushes about him all the time)
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Topic #2282974
scoobydoo - Howie - I've never been with anyone under 18. 0 Replies #2282974 3:26PM 24/08/2005
Howie- I was with an 19-year old once. When was that? That was two years ago. How old am I? I'm 34. I was with a 19-year old when I was 32.

Janelle- Shut up, Howie! You're so gross.
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Topic #2282981
scoobydoo - Howie wants to buy all the past seasons' tapes. 0 Replies #2282981 3:27PM 24/08/2005
Janelle says she already has them. Howie can borrow.
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Topic #2282984
Nantucket - Beau rushes off to add a love note to "Cappy" from himself and Maggie in his hoh blog. NT 0 Replies #2282984 3:27PM 24/08/2005
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Topic #2283012
Nantucket - Beau & Ivette talking about his hoh blog. He tells her that he told his mom sorry about the liquor, told everyone that 0 Replies #2283012 3:33PM 24/08/2005
everything he said about Janelle is true, but at least they're on talking terms, he also put a note to Dan asking him where Jen's ring was.
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Topic #2283035
scoobydoo - Rachel, Howie, April & Janelle in BY. 0 Replies #2283035 3:36PM 24/08/2005
April - I don't want any more bathing suit competitions. Matt's friends are making fun of him, I'm sure. (they're reliving last veto competition)
Rachel - I was slow.
April - I hated that competition.
Howie- It was tough.
April to Janelle - I can't believe you were four seconds behind him (James).
Janelle- Who would have been put up if I had won it? James?
April - Yep. There are certain people who want him out and certain people who don't want him out. He'll win it.
Howie - He has a great shot. He had 10 people against him. Now he has 6 people against him. Greater odds. He hasn't even won an HOH yet. He's awesome.
April - There's still one more week, you guys.
Janelle - For what?
April - Depends on who wins it (I'm assuming she's talking about backdoor but she's not bringing it up directly).
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Topic #2283060
Nantucket - Maggie & Ivette working out in the gym. Ivette says she has to lose some weight. James is called 0 Replies #2283060 3:39PM 24/08/2005
to the DR. Maggie makes a face and Ivette says "What?"
Maggie says "he's called in there like 3 or 4 times every day". Ivette say Really?
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Topic #2283073
Janie_Roxx - *Adult* 0 Replies #2283073 3:41PM 24/08/2005
Howie is talking about jerking off tonight since this may be his last night in the house.
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Topic #2283075
Nantucket - Feeds switch to backyard table. April is talking to Howie & Rachel about how she thinks 0 Replies #2283075 3:42PM 24/08/2005
something is weird about how often James gets called into the DR. Howie thinks he just uses it as a journal to vent.
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Topic #2283093
scoobydoo - April, Rachel, Howie in BY still 0 Replies #2283093 3:44PM 24/08/2005
Howie asking April - who do you think is leaving?
April - I know who it is.
Howie - One of us? (Rachel laughs).

Rachel - Some people around here don't like me.
April - I don't know if it's like or dislike. It's on a weekly basis. (To Rachel): You have been enjoyable.
Rachel - Thanks.
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Topic #2283098
Janie_Roxx - Howie thinks its going to be him who is evicted for sure. He says hes 100% sure. Rachel tells him that its most likely going to be her. NT 0 Replies #2283098 3:45PM 24/08/2005
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Topic #2283107
Nantucket - LOL Howie is telling April & Rachel that he knows 100% that he is leaving this week. He said 0 Replies #2283107 3:45PM 24/08/2005
people can't hide their intentions from him. April said "do you want me to tell you who's leaving?" and Rachel & Howie reply "no".
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Topic #2283111
Janie_Roxx - BB: Maggie please go to the DR. NT 0 Replies #2283111 3:46PM 24/08/2005
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Topic #2283118
Nantucket - Howie says he thinks James wants him out. Joking that James wants to be the only attractive guy in the house. Rachel 0 Replies #2283118 3:47PM 24/08/2005
and April don't find James attractive.
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Topic #2283137
Nantucket - Howie is looking forward to sequester house with Jen. He tells her boyfriend Dan "too late Dan, he who hesitates looses". NT 0 Replies #2283137 3:50PM 24/08/2005
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