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strad april to janelle I'm all about sticking to my promises NT 0 10:55PM 25/08/2005
Doofannes LOL! Now Ivette is criticizing Janelle from "running and telling James everything" and how shady it isNT 0 11:00PM 25/08/2005
he244 It's only been 3 hours and Ivette is defending James like crazy by dumping on Janelle. NT 0 11:01PM 25/08/2005
abbybb Beau says that the only way to get James out is to backdoor him... 0 11:10PM 25/08/2005
abbybb Mag says to Iv, "So you think we should take out Jan and not get the chance to backdoor James ever?" 0 11:16PM 25/08/2005
abbybb mag says it's apr's decision...iv is lying on the bed and looking towards the ceiling... 0 11:17PM 25/08/2005
abbybb when apr comes back, iv says, "what did Jen want you to do?" Apr says, "She said H/R and then James.." NT 1 11:19PM 25/08/2005
strad ivette is downplaying james's victory 0 11:20PM 25/08/2005
abbybb mag says that she said in front of the whole group that this was the last week to backdoor someone... NT 0 11:21PM 25/08/2005
abbybb apr telling FOE that she knows jam is playing both sides...and that they're in the GR talking game with Jam NT 0 11:23PM 25/08/2005
abbybb Beau says that he thinks Jam has to go NT 0 11:23PM 25/08/2005
ferretkiss april FINALLY returns to hoh with beau/iv/mag 0 11:23PM 25/08/2005
ferretkiss beau speaks up to take out james !! NT 1 11:25PM 25/08/2005
abbybb mag says if they take Jam out, Jan will start winning and they can't start saying "we should have taken the other out." 0 11:26PM 25/08/2005
Billy Maggie's almost sounding as if she is trying to sell on evicting Janelle first now. NT 0 11:26PM 25/08/2005
abbybb apr saying Jam wants mag out...and Beau says that's b/c Mag is the only one Jam can't manipulate NT 0 11:27PM 25/08/2005
abbybb iv says "well, if that's the truth then we backdoor Jam..." NT 0 11:28PM 25/08/2005
ferretkiss MORE HOH discussion.... 0 11:35PM 25/08/2005
wozardking Ivette about Janelle 0 11:40PM 25/08/2005
Mrguytvblog janelle softly says in the kitchen "i miss kaysar" NT 0 11:40PM 25/08/2005
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