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memyselfandi James going on and on and on about his roller coaster ride and how he really gave up the week Sarah went home. NT 0 12:46AM 25/08/2005
memyselfandi Janelle left gold room to go to sleep in barracks NT 0 12:50AM 25/08/2005
knifey_spooney James wants to be the one to put Maggie up, because he knows it will piss Eric off at home 0 1:02AM 25/08/2005
memyselfandi Rachel wonders how Eric feels that Maggie let Kaysar go home instead of James 0 1:03AM 25/08/2005
knifey_spooney James: Canada is just a waste of f---ing space. It can't be to scale, its too big. Howie agrees. NT 0 1:06AM 25/08/2005
SassyPrncess Howie: If you were leaving (James) I'd ask for one of your veto's (He then offers James Michael's swim trunks) NT 1 1:09AM 25/08/2005
BBFanSinceSeason1 Howie said he applied for the show Paradise Hotel NT 0 1:13AM 25/08/2005
Skamito And Howie's peeing with the door open. Thanks Howie. NT 0 1:23AM 25/08/2005
BBFanSinceSeason1 Howie peeing with door open. Ewwww NT 0 1:24AM 25/08/2005
drummer_inblack Howie finally decides to go to bed (in the GR); All HG's asleep now. NT 0 1:56AM 25/08/2005
mikesgirl Feed 4 is the moon. NT 0 2:00AM 25/08/2005
CougarSpy [~11:30 pm BB time?] Beau and Ivette are lying in HOH bed. Maggie and April are on the floor in HOH room. Chatter begins and F4 is voting to evict R. 1 4:51AM 25/08/2005
James00 Rachel is awake. NT 2 8:24AM 25/08/2005
notchbaby Rachet is brushing her teeth, now walking through house, she has on peach colored shorts and brown shirt. NT 0 9:27AM 25/08/2005
notchbaby Looks like Rachet is packing. NT 1 9:28AM 25/08/2005
John_DK_ Ivette up and doing treadmill. NT 0 10:04AM 25/08/2005
fnfish janie up to washroom, looks liek going back to bed NT 0 10:16AM 25/08/2005
scoobydoo James washing dishes; Janelle sitting at dining room table; Ivette finished exercising NT 0 10:25AM 25/08/2005
fnfish FISH .... probably wake up call NT 0 10:36AM 25/08/2005
fnfish Lights are now on in HOH room, Janelle is sitting on LR couch 0 10:40AM 25/08/2005
notchbaby Sounds like someone was throwing up? NT 0 10:41AM 25/08/2005
notchbaby Beau is watching Jan on orange couch through spycam NT 0 10:41AM 25/08/2005
fnfish HOH crowd tidying up their sleeping bags in HOH room. NT 0 10:41AM 25/08/2005
fnfish Ivette is cleaning in the kitchen NT 0 10:44AM 25/08/2005
notchbaby I see Ivette scouring counters, wash bucket nearby, beau is helping, maybe April is there too. NT 0 10:51AM 25/08/2005
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