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SassyPrncess James again tries to sway Ivette.........(TRANSCRIPT) 0 9:49PM 26/08/2005
amIsane James says that April is friends with Janelle and Howie right now 0 9:49PM 26/08/2005
memyselfandi Howie says he will go after Ivette's DOR if she wins POV and doesn't save one of them 0 9:49PM 26/08/2005
Doofannes Ivette to James 0 9:50PM 26/08/2005
memyselfandi Howie: What is couture again? 0 9:51PM 26/08/2005
Doofannes Howie and Janelle walk in and James and Ivette act casual NT 0 9:53PM 26/08/2005
memyselfandi April and Maggie agree if Janelle pick James to play POV 0 9:54PM 26/08/2005
Billy James campaigning hard to Howie to let him play POV for one of them. Not sure what this will accomplish, unless it's to guarantee who would stay, as 0 9:59PM 26/08/2005
SassyPrncess TRANSCRIPT of Ivette telling James to lie to Janelle + James starting to place doubt in Ivette about April. 0 10:02PM 26/08/2005
SassyPrncess James talking to H/Janie in gym. Promises to use the veto on them. NT 1 10:04PM 26/08/2005
ouxch Apr - "James says im the spy for this group!" NT 0 10:05PM 26/08/2005
SassyPrncess Note: Ivette looks ill. She is not happy & appears *very* stressed. NT 1 10:07PM 26/08/2005
SassyPrncess Janie to H: Basically, we're f*cked. We have no other option. (not using James) NT 0 10:10PM 26/08/2005
SassyPrncess Iv: Howie is just an a-hole, to be honest. NT 0 10:13PM 26/08/2005
Billy James' spin to Ivette has seemed to work, she has ran to HOH and relayed the entire conversation adding her views as well, and now has the group 0 10:14PM 26/08/2005
memyselfandi April says as much as she doesn't like Howie's hurricane 0 10:15PM 26/08/2005
fnfish Howie and Janelle are working out in the Gym 0 10:20PM 26/08/2005
Doofannes M: Who should win the veto tomorrow? B: We should let Ivette win the veto. She's never won anything. NT 0 10:22PM 26/08/2005
memyselfandi April on Janelle: She can get away with so much in life. She thinks she can get away with it here. 0 10:22PM 26/08/2005
SassyPrncess Beau to Maggie: We should have Ivette win the Veto, cuz she's never won anything. 0 10:22PM 26/08/2005
fnfish Gym 0 10:24PM 26/08/2005
fnfish Howie suggested that while they work out they should be going over old competitions in their minds, keeping the info fresh NT 0 10:25PM 26/08/2005
Doofannes Ivette practices a speech for removing Janelle or Howie at veto ceremony 0 10:30PM 26/08/2005
fnfish Ivette is giving her pretend veto speech 0 10:30PM 26/08/2005
memyselfandi Maggie says that Ivette should win the Power of Veto 0 10:31PM 26/08/2005
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