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he244 Howie streaking... NT 1 1:41PM 26/08/2005
he244 Beau and Janelle have one leg each in Howies swimsuit walking around NT 0 1:44PM 26/08/2005
he244 Howie naked in the pool with Beau and Janelle LOL NT 0 1:46PM 26/08/2005
bakerladee Howie has Jan sunglasses and she has his shorts. A lot of splashing and laughing. Maggie is laughing so hard. 0 1:51PM 26/08/2005
bakerladee Howie has his shorts back and is putting them on in the pool. All is calm now. NT 0 1:52PM 26/08/2005
bakerladee Howie says sorry for rubbing my pee pee on you in the pool to Bo and Janelle. NT 0 1:54PM 26/08/2005
bakerladee James sitting in a lawn chair not being phased by this fun that is going on around him NT 0 1:55PM 26/08/2005
Janie_Roxx BB: The lockdown is over, you are now free to move about the house. NT 0 2:00PM 26/08/2005
bakerladee BB: Houseguests the lock down is over, you are now free to move around the house. NT 0 2:01PM 26/08/2005
ktan Lockdown's over, everybody goes inside to see if anything has changed (nothing did). "Nominations Today" on TV screen. NT 0 2:01PM 26/08/2005
Janie_Roxx BB: Maggie please put on your mic NT 0 2:05PM 26/08/2005
erniebert Maggie and April in the storage room 2 2:11PM 26/08/2005
joannie Ivette, Maggie, and April are in the kitchen 0 2:14PM 26/08/2005
bama_chevygal Maggie, James, April & Ivette all in kitchen preparing food. Maggie said that someone from BB staff sounds alot like her. James said yeah, 0 2:21PM 26/08/2005
bama_chevygal James to Maggie: So you still hate me alot or just a little. Maggie: just a little. James: Oh NT 0 2:22PM 26/08/2005
joannie Howie and Janelle are in the BY on the round lounger. 0 2:26PM 26/08/2005
Kaynelle After eating triscuit pizzas around the table people were getting up 0 2:44PM 26/08/2005
Kaynelle Ivette reading the Bible and asking who Jacob is. "I can't keep them all straight." 0 2:46PM 26/08/2005
amIsane Beau tells How when BB is over he needs to tell him something 0 2:52PM 26/08/2005
Kaynelle Maggie telling Beau (in HOH) that James is a master manipulater and that 0 2:55PM 26/08/2005
amIsane IV reading bible asks James about the Pharaoh "Why is he so mean?" 0 2:56PM 26/08/2005
amIsane How bum hurts I think and Beau says 0 2:59PM 26/08/2005
amIsane Jam asks Iv to play veto for her 0 3:00PM 26/08/2005
Kaynelle Ivette to James: What's Locusts? What's a Staff? NT 0 3:03PM 26/08/2005
Kaynelle BB must have told them the Nomination ceremony is in 10 minutes 0 3:08PM 26/08/2005
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