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H: You're cute Janie! Jan: You're cuter! NT - Iris
6:37PM 28/08/2005

Jan stops jogging and back to walking after wiping herself down. Howie still on elliptical. NT - Iris
6:38PM 28/08/2005

April: I just want this all to be over. Mag: Three more weeks.April: I want it be over, know the end result and get the f*ck out of here. NT - Iris
6:40PM 28/08/2005

April: I hate this place (laughing as she says it) NT - Iris
6:40PM 28/08/2005

Howie whispering to Janie but it's hard for me to hear because of the treadmill and elliptical machine noise. NT - Iris
6:41PM 28/08/2005
OK, they are going over how many pieces of equipment in the room, the color of the walls, the color of the floor, etc in case it's a comp question. NT - Iris
6:42PM 28/08/2005

April and Maggie in Kitch discussing hating game - just1fan
6:44PM 28/08/2005

Beau: I'm wondering how they're portraying me to America. NT - BB6Addict
6:46PM 28/08/2005

Ivette: It's just funny how she has won the hearts... - BB6Addict
6:49PM 28/08/2005

Iv and Bo in Hammock discussing Janelle - just1fan
6:49PM 28/08/2005

Iv and Beau in BY on hammack in BY talking about game and Jan - Iris
6:50PM 28/08/2005

SUNDAY AUGUST 29TH WHOLE DAY UPDATE! "April: America is a piece of sh*t" Click here! - Seny
6:53PM 28/08/2005

Howie: This is a big happy family and BB tried to rip it apart again. April: It worked. NT - Iris
6:56PM 28/08/2005

The big happy BB6 family is sitting down together to eat. Howie pouring their soft drinks. (Ed: I'm out for the night!) NT - Iris
6:58PM 28/08/2005

eating supper talking about movies... Rebecca Dimorna (sp?) & Risky Business NT - makmadden
7:12PM 28/08/2005
DeMornay NT - jimdkc
7:15PM 28/08/2005

M- did anyone here meet Tom Cruise? B- i did... he's a really nice guy... kinda scruffy i was like ewww but he's really nice. NT - makmadden
7:13PM 28/08/2005

awkward silence at BB dinner table...ivette snickers after about 30 secs... howie starts chatting it up again... NT - makmadden
7:17PM 28/08/2005

iv - why didn't they give us a BB net they had one in season 3? - makmadden
7:20PM 28/08/2005

Fish! Seems like houseguests heard a timer go off and are looking all over teh house for it. Fish again. NT - makmadden
7:21PM 28/08/2005

During fish they must have heard "something" like a timer go off, they're all looking...more fish NT - hoarsewhisperer
7:22PM 28/08/2005

hg's all sitting at table now... Maggie calling BB "fukcers & bitches"... seems timer meant nothing NT - makmadden
7:23PM 28/08/2005

After Ivette making fun of janie & howie talk in front of them - iv says "janie your so cute u should do the dishes!" NT - makmadden
7:24PM 28/08/2005

howie is washing & janie is drying - M, I, A left and went to Hottub... NT - makmadden
7:27PM 28/08/2005

James perched in a chair near the Hot Tub waiting to pounce NT - scoobydoo
7:31PM 28/08/2005

April in hottub with M & I, Beau & james sitting on sides... & she's talking about her anorexic friend who... - makmadden
7:31PM 28/08/2005

Maggie: "Check the dishes after they're done" - scoobydoo
7:32PM 28/08/2005

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