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Topic #2318938
Iris - H: You're cute Janie! Jan: You're cuter! NT 0 Replies #2318938 6:37PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2318946
Iris - Jan stops jogging and back to walking after wiping herself down. Howie still on elliptical. NT 0 Replies #2318946 6:38PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2318964
Iris - April: I just want this all to be over. Mag: Three more weeks.April: I want it be over, know the end result and get the f*ck out of here. NT 0 Replies #2318964 6:40PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2318972
Iris - April: I hate this place (laughing as she says it) NT 0 Replies #2318972 6:40PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2318987
Iris - Howie whispering to Janie but it's hard for me to hear because of the treadmill and elliptical machine noise. NT 1 Replies #2318987 6:41PM 28/08/2005
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Iris - OK, they are going over how many pieces of equipment in the room, the color of the walls, the color of the floor, etc in case it's a comp question. NT #2318998 6:42PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2319017
just1fan - April and Maggie in Kitch discussing hating game 0 Replies #2319017 6:44PM 28/08/2005
Maggie and April cooking dinner....

maggie repeats over and over "56 f-ing days in this house"

April: I hate this place. I hate it.

Maggie: I wish we could fast forward to the end

April: And know the final result

Maggie is using the F word in about every sentence.

Maggie: America Hates Me..... tell me to go F myself. I don't care.

April: I hate BB

Maggie: I hate this f-ing shirt. It's too big.

Fu people

Feed 3 moves outside to Ivette Bo

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Topic #2319035
BB6Addict - Beau: I'm wondering how they're portraying me to America. NT 0 Replies #2319035 6:46PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2319068
BB6Addict - Ivette: It's just funny how she has won the hearts... 0 Replies #2319068 6:49PM 28/08/2005
Beau: I guess.

Ivette: Huh?

Beau: I guess. She's probably going in there telling everybody that everyone's jealous of her, probably making it seem that we're all envious of her. It's not even the case.
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Topic #2319071
just1fan - Iv and Bo in Hammock discussing Janelle 0 Replies #2319071 6:49PM 28/08/2005
Bo: I wonder how they're portraying me to America. I have a life to go back to.

Iv: I'd like to think that you haven't.... (couldn't hear)

Iv: It's funny how she's won America's hearts (speaking of Janelle winning America's choice)

Bo: She's probably going in there and telling them everyone is jealous of her and stuff.

Bo goes off to flip the chicken and steaks on the grill
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Topic #2319076
Iris - Iv and Beau in BY on hammack in BY talking about game and Jan 0 Replies #2319076 6:50PM 28/08/2005
B: I hate how everyone makes it sound like they are so innocent.

I: Who is trying to say that?

B: Just everyone in general. I'm so over it.

I: The thing is, Janelle is going to wipe this house clean.

B: She's not, why...I'm not even going to speak that. The more you speak it the more you believe it, the more it's going to happen. Yep. It's not an option. It's all mind over matter. If you go into something thinking you are going to lose, you are going to lose no matter what. I'm just wondering how they are portraying me to America. I have a life to go back to. You know?

I: Well, that's what happens when we signed ourselves away. I'd like to think they haven't shown me out of my character, you know?

B: Yep.

I: It's just funny how she has won the hearts.

B: I Guess, she's probably going in there making it sound like we are all jealous of her and envious of her and stuff and that is so not the case.

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Topic #2319109
Seny - SUNDAY AUGUST 29TH WHOLE DAY UPDATE! "April: America is a piece of sh*t" Click here! 0 Replies #2319109 6:53PM 28/08/2005
The day started off with howie waking up around 7:20 mindlessly wandering eventualy heading back to bed. around 8 he woke up again and fed the birds.

Later in the day, the fish came on and when they came back Ivette was balling her head off and everyone was comfurting her. Janelle had won a phonecall to ger lover michael. even tho april kept saying its not janies fault they all bashed her and ivette continuisly said i hate janelle i hate her so much. The houseguests are convinced it is a scam and nobody would vote janie to get a phonecall because "america all hates the soverin six and loves the nerd herd" BS i voted for janie to win.

Everyone went downstairs and beau went outside and confronted james for saying ***** about janelle in the HOH room janie blew up at james and he was finaly caught in his own web of lies.. from there the house split up. James just blew the F*** up he knows hes being backdoored and he confronted EVERYONE just saying everything from He has been the only honest one in the game to saying how much he hates howie and janie blah blah

I feel bad for him

Last night if you didnt notice btw BEAU flashed the internet viewers his penis and theres lots of pics in the pics section.

so right now the house is kinda stressed out with janie april said shes worthless and just totaly treated her like dirt (in private) and this is the best part.


Exact quote.

So now its supper time they are making baked potatoes and steak and theres gossip all over the place

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Topic #2319145
Iris - Howie: This is a big happy family and BB tried to rip it apart again. April: It worked. NT 0 Replies #2319145 6:56PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2319161
Iris - The big happy BB6 family is sitting down together to eat. Howie pouring their soft drinks. (Ed: I'm out for the night!) NT 0 Replies #2319161 6:58PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2319310
makmadden - eating supper talking about movies... Rebecca Dimorna (sp?) & Risky Business NT 1 Replies #2319310 7:12PM 28/08/2005
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jimdkc - DeMornay NT #2319339 7:15PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2319325
makmadden - M- did anyone here meet Tom Cruise? B- i did... he's a really nice guy... kinda scruffy i was like ewww but he's really nice. NT 0 Replies #2319325 7:13PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2319357
makmadden - awkward silence at BB dinner table...ivette snickers after about 30 secs... howie starts chatting it up again... NT 0 Replies #2319357 7:17PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2319380
makmadden - iv - why didn't they give us a BB net they had one in season 3? 0 Replies #2319380 7:20PM 28/08/2005
j & H - probably bc of the noise of the ball bouncing - hard on mics for internet viewers..

i - ahhhh you know what - that's probably why they took the cards from us bc we were shuffling them so much.
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Topic #2319393
makmadden - Fish! Seems like houseguests heard a timer go off and are looking all over teh house for it. Fish again. NT 0 Replies #2319393 7:21PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2319400
hoarsewhisperer - During fish they must have heard "something" like a timer go off, they're all looking...more fish NT 0 Replies #2319400 7:22PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2319408
makmadden - hg's all sitting at table now... Maggie calling BB "fukcers & bitches"... seems timer meant nothing NT 0 Replies #2319408 7:23PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2319421
makmadden - After Ivette making fun of janie & howie talk in front of them - iv says "janie your so cute u should do the dishes!" NT 0 Replies #2319421 7:24PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2319452
makmadden - howie is washing & janie is drying - M, I, A left and went to Hottub... NT 0 Replies #2319452 7:27PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2319474
scoobydoo - James perched in a chair near the Hot Tub waiting to pounce NT 0 Replies #2319474 7:31PM 28/08/2005
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Topic #2319476
makmadden - April in hottub with M & I, Beau & james sitting on sides... & she's talking about her anorexic friend who... 0 Replies #2319476 7:31PM 28/08/2005
her and her friends supported & tried to get her help. As soon as her friend gets out of treatment she goes right back to it (being anorexic) - and quote "so i am so over that friendship" iv "why" april "cause its all about me me me me" iv - "that's a sickness its not her fault"

ed. note: another caring friendship story! - with friends like these..... you know the rest!
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Topic #2319492
scoobydoo - Maggie: "Check the dishes after they're done" 0 Replies #2319492 7:32PM 28/08/2005
Beau laughs: Yeah I know
James: Rachel wouldn't let Howie do the dishes.
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