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Taffy April: we are all funny (the frienship) 0 1:59PM 29/08/2005
yellocatt April and Ivette are falling asleep in HOH. Beau listening to music. NT 0 2:00PM 29/08/2005
yellocatt James throwing coasters in the LR by himself. Maggie streching. NT 0 2:01PM 29/08/2005
yellocatt April: my life is exposed on national tv. it sucks. NT 0 2:01PM 29/08/2005
Taffy James pacing around kitche while 0 2:02PM 29/08/2005
ferretkiss april reveals DR info to ivette (Which she is not supposed to talk about): says that BB asks her... 0 2:03PM 29/08/2005
Taffy James sitting in nom chair thinking, April/Ivette napping, Beau listening to music 0 2:08PM 29/08/2005
yellocatt Dead silence on all feeds; James sitting in evict chair staring off into space 0 2:09PM 29/08/2005
yellocatt James and Maggie in kitchen 0 2:12PM 29/08/2005
Taffy James talking to Maggie in the kitchen, Beau comes downstairs 0 2:12PM 29/08/2005
yellocatt James asks Nurse Maggie if his finger is infected should he pull off his scab... 1 2:13PM 29/08/2005
yellocatt James tells Howie he needs to work out harder. NT 0 2:14PM 29/08/2005
yellocatt Maggie whispers to James that he is the only one that gets her sense of humor NT 0 2:15PM 29/08/2005
yellocatt Maggie and James laughing 0 2:16PM 29/08/2005
Angelfire James to Maggie, I want to talk to you about the game later. (as BoBo is walking around 0 2:20PM 29/08/2005
yellocatt James justifies turning on Eric to Maggie 0 2:21PM 29/08/2005
Angelfire I didn't hear exactly what James said to Maggie, but her response was "I don't believe you"! NT 0 2:21PM 29/08/2005
Taffy James talking game to Maggie..couldn't hear what he said, but she answered..."I don't believe you" 0 2:22PM 29/08/2005
ferretkiss mag and jam whisper in the kitchen 0 2:23PM 29/08/2005
SizzleRI Beau, Maggie, James, Ivette & Howie in the kitchen now playing around and all having fun.................. 0 2:48PM 29/08/2005
Taffy They're still on lockdown, apparently they can hear planes outside 0 2:55PM 29/08/2005
Taffy Janie's up. 0 3:00PM 29/08/2005
Disneyisme Howie and James in the kitchen a bit ago 0 3:05PM 29/08/2005
Taffy Ivette asking questions about Janelle's boyfriends. Keeps insinuating that 0 3:06PM 29/08/2005
Taffy Jan: Mike is comfortable about me being sexy 0 3:07PM 29/08/2005
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