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Topic #2325042
Taffy - April: we are all funny (the frienship) 0 Replies #2325042 1:59PM 29/08/2005
Janelle and James in Kitchen, not talking. Friendship in HOH... tryin to nap? Beau listening to music, humming
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Topic #2325052
yellocatt - April and Ivette are falling asleep in HOH. Beau listening to music. NT 0 Replies #2325052 2:00PM 29/08/2005
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Topic #2325057
yellocatt - James throwing coasters in the LR by himself. Maggie streching. NT 0 Replies #2325057 2:01PM 29/08/2005
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Topic #2325063
yellocatt - April: my life is exposed on national tv. it sucks. NT 0 Replies #2325063 2:01PM 29/08/2005
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Topic #2325065
Taffy - James pacing around kitche while 0 Replies #2325065 2:02PM 29/08/2005
Maggie sits on the carpet next to kitcken stretching her neck
Now James playing coasters. April talking again: "My life (or wife?)was exposed on national TV, it sucks"
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Topic #2325079
ferretkiss - april reveals DR info to ivette (Which she is not supposed to talk about): says that BB asks her... 0 Replies #2325079 2:03PM 29/08/2005
about ivette complaining about other people.
prior to that,iv had said: you guys complain as much as i do,
and apr said no, no we do not. you do a lot more, they ask me about you a lot in there (DR).

then apr said: i think the thing with you is that you get stuck on one person (and complain a lot about that person).

iv did not respond any more after apr said the thing about the DR.

appear to be taking a nap in HOH - apr, iv, and beau. but beau is laying in an unusual position, looks something like the child pose (or folded leaf pose). i hear music (probalby from headphones).

(BB did not say to her not to talk about DR sessions.)

apr: my life is exposed on national TV, that sucks.
(no reponse).

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Topic #2325140
Taffy - James sitting in nom chair thinking, April/Ivette napping, Beau listening to music 0 Replies #2325140 2:08PM 29/08/2005
Jan/Howie/Maggie, not in sight
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Topic #2325145
yellocatt - Dead silence on all feeds; James sitting in evict chair staring off into space 0 Replies #2325145 2:09PM 29/08/2005
Close up of April sleeping in HOH bed.
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Topic #2325166
yellocatt - James and Maggie in kitchen 0 Replies #2325166 2:12PM 29/08/2005
Maggie slicing melon. James figuring out there is a plane outside and they will be stuck inside for 3 - 4 hours. James talking about not remembering anything from comps. Beau comes downstairs. Beau asks about the LD... if there are banners. they say they can't talk about it but subtly agree with him.
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Topic #2325168
Taffy - James talking to Maggie in the kitchen, Beau comes downstairs 0 Replies #2325168 2:12PM 29/08/2005
asks if it was another banner...maggie and james say they don't know. They're talking about recipes. Maggie asks if they other two are asleep. More talk about fixing food
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Topic #2325181
yellocatt - James asks Nurse Maggie if his finger is infected should he pull off his scab... 1 Replies #2325181 2:13PM 29/08/2005
She says NO! And then later says she doesn't use peroxide (huh?)
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ferretkiss - yes, because he said, not pull off the scab but just put peroxide on it? and she said, no, she does not use .... #2325328 2:30PM 29/08/2005

so then james said, waht about when the scab comes off on its own. and mag answered, thats what its supposed to do.

then james said, what about when it gets wet and it comes off then.
and mag said you should try to not let if come off when it gets wet (wait for it to fall of normally)
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Topic #2325185
yellocatt - James tells Howie he needs to work out harder. NT 0 Replies #2325185 2:14PM 29/08/2005
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Topic #2325192
yellocatt - Maggie whispers to James that he is the only one that gets her sense of humor NT 0 Replies #2325192 2:15PM 29/08/2005
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Topic #2325206
yellocatt - Maggie and James laughing 0 Replies #2325206 2:16PM 29/08/2005
We can't get the joke because they are whispering too much.
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Topic #2325245
Angelfire - James to Maggie, I want to talk to you about the game later. (as BoBo is walking around 0 Replies #2325245 2:20PM 29/08/2005
and Howie's voice is heard in the background) No answer from Maggie.
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Topic #2325254
yellocatt - James justifies turning on Eric to Maggie 0 Replies #2325254 2:21PM 29/08/2005
Says that Rachel came to him and said that Eric made her promise to vote against him instead of Maggie. James says that when you have no allies it takes a long time to figure things out. He tells maggie when you have a chance we need to talk about the game later. She goes Ooo. They both laugh. Now they are reminiscing about when they worked out together at the beginning of the game and doing an exercise video later. He says one should be called Maggie's ab class. She says that was Jenn's class. He says that would be too many people in the video. They laugh. He says he was manipulated in this game. She says I don't believe you. He says cop. They laugh again and start talking with Howie about cops and dolphin trainers.
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Topic #2325255
Angelfire - I didn't hear exactly what James said to Maggie, but her response was "I don't believe you"! NT 0 Replies #2325255 2:21PM 29/08/2005
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Topic #2325265
Taffy - James talking game to Maggie..couldn't hear what he said, but she answered..."I don't believe you" 0 Replies #2325265 2:22PM 29/08/2005
James..."You don't?" ...Maggie "no"...James: "cop"...They both laugh. Howie comes in the kitchen. now just chit chatting
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Topic #2325273
ferretkiss - mag and jam whisper in the kitchen 0 Replies #2325273 2:23PM 29/08/2005
mag: if you would have kept your mouth shut it would have kept you in the gme longer.
jam: theyve been trying to get rid of me since week 3.

mag: did you think i was going to be the one to get rid of you?
jam: rachel came to me and said eric made a promise to get you out of the house, so i just assumed.

(prior to this i heard her say that she is the only one who understands james sense of humor and he is the only one who understands hers. he did not respond directly to that.)

maggie appears to be preparing a honeydew melon.
jam sitting at counter.

jam: is there a chance we could talk about the game later
mag: ooh.

they talk about maggie being sore, they are not sure why she is sore.

jam: when i make the veto training video, illmake sure to put a maggies workout section in the back. itll be a double dvd set. ill include your ab class.
mag; ab class, its jens ab class..

mag: want some fruit.

jam: i was wondering if (missed it), cause thats the thing that bothers me, i had nowhere to turn.
mag: i dont believe you.
jam: you dont? cop.

howie enters, they talk about maggie being dolphin trainer,trainer for the miami dolphins and pet detective.

now talking about someone who has a supplement line, and james read about it in mens fitness.

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Topic #2325441
SizzleRI - Beau, Maggie, James, Ivette & Howie in the kitchen now playing around and all having fun.................. 0 Replies #2325441 2:48PM 29/08/2005
Well all but Ivette maybe.
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Topic #2325533
Taffy - They're still on lockdown, apparently they can hear planes outside 0 Replies #2325533 2:55PM 29/08/2005
Ivette asks Howie if he could tell them (the planes?) to stop bothering them
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Topic #2325579
Taffy - Janie's up. 0 Replies #2325579 3:00PM 29/08/2005
she'saying she's tired but she can't sleep, she's been trying for an hour, Ivette says the same happened to her.
Howie singing: "If you want veto this week, don't let James compete"
Janelle to Ivette, "have you had your Period yet?" Ivette: why? then I think she said no, and now they're talking period and birth control. Ivette asking Jan questions about if Jan uses birth control
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Topic #2325608
Disneyisme - Howie and James in the kitchen a bit ago 0 Replies #2325608 3:05PM 29/08/2005
Howie is in the kitchen now as well as Ivette, Beau, Maggie and James. James is asking them “Am I the best f’n player or the best f’n a** hole in the game?” Howie says “both.” Howie tells James he has the skill and determination and is a good player, but that he has played dirty too. Howie jokes that James failed to report his veto wins in high school when he applied to BB. Someone goes ‘Shhhhh….’ Howie was startled and thought BB had done it. Ivette told him that people are trying to sleep and can't because of his loud voice. James says “if you want to sleep in BB house, evict Howie!” Everyone laughs. James says “everybody knows that the ones who make it to the end are the losers and the not so good players.” James uses CB and Jase from BB5 as examples. Howie and James talk about who has done more in the house, but when James brings up the veto’s he has won and that he feeds the fish, Howie cuts it off saying “Okay, let's not turn this into a pissing contest.”
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Topic #2325615
Taffy - Ivette asking questions about Janelle's boyfriends. Keeps insinuating that 0 Replies #2325615 3:06PM 29/08/2005
it's all about money for Jan. more Boyfriend interrogation...then fish...now more Jan boyfriends' talk. Ivette really throwing jabs...about Jan being "wholesome"
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Topic #2325623
Taffy - Jan: Mike is comfortable about me being sexy 0 Replies #2325623 3:07PM 29/08/2005
Ivette: Yeah while you are cleaning around the house
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