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James says April told me I have to put you up, you wouldn't ever put up Beau and Ive - notchbaby
10:49AM 30/08/2005

James tells Ivette again that Maggie and April are a team - notchbaby
10:54AM 30/08/2005

James said he was upset he went to bed early and Ivette was "playing games" with the BB loudspeaker - Zazny
11:06AM 30/08/2005

Maggie is up and in the bathroom. NT - joannie
12:00PM 30/08/2005

Maggie is spraying on deoderant. James is in the kicthen washing dishes. NT - joannie
12:01PM 30/08/2005

Maggie brings folded towels into the bathroom, where Ivette and James are - joannie
12:06PM 30/08/2005

Ivette and Maggie are in the kitchen. Ivette: "Did you say happy birthday to my pappy?" - joannie
12:09PM 30/08/2005

Maggie; "Is James okay?" - joannie
12:10PM 30/08/2005

Ivette, Maggie and James at BY table - joannie
12:16PM 30/08/2005

FISH (wake-up call finally?) NT - joannie
12:17PM 30/08/2005

Howie stares at his photo on the memory wall. NT - tragopanic
12:35PM 30/08/2005

Beau is making bacon & eggs. He & Howie are talking about how much more they can eat now that they're fewer houseguests left. NT - tragopanic
12:36PM 30/08/2005

James: I wish I had listened to you more about Maggie because she seems like a cool person. NT - tragopanic
12:39PM 30/08/2005
(talking to Ivette) NT - tragopanic
12:41PM 30/08/2005

James & Ivette play chess. Maggie joins, chanting "Checkers! Checkers! Chess is for weirdos." NT - tragopanic
12:42PM 30/08/2005

Ivette (joking, to Maggie): Maggie is the only one around here that does brainwashing. NT - tragopanic
12:45PM 30/08/2005

TRANSCRIPT - August 28 - 10:10 to 10:36 p.m. BBT - HOH Room - Lots of interesting things being discussed between Maggie, April and Ivette - TRANSCRIPT - PawPrint74
12:46PM 30/08/2005

Ivette wins the game of chess. They join the others inside. NT - tragopanic
12:50PM 30/08/2005

BB: This is a lockdown, please go outside and close the sliding glass door. NT - Janie_Roxx
12:52PM 30/08/2005

BB: James please put on your microphone. NT - Janie_Roxx
12:54PM 30/08/2005

Houseguests: How long BB? We're burning food in here. NT - tragopanic
12:54PM 30/08/2005

Beau and Maggie are playing checkers outside. NT - Janie_Roxx
12:55PM 30/08/2005

BB: Ivette please put on your microphone. - Janie_Roxx
12:58PM 30/08/2005

Iv and Jam are playing volleyball in the pool. NT - Janie_Roxx
1:02PM 30/08/2005

James to Ivette: I feel bad because once I'm gone there is no scapegoat, everything that has gone wrong in this house has been blamed on me - Suzan
1:32PM 30/08/2005
They are now discussing the weight of the guys in the house, James commented that Michael weighed on his last nerve. Howie - Suzan
1:36PM 30/08/2005

Ivette is really harping on Howie about his calfs giving him lots of info of what he is doing wrong. Howie insists that's not the case. Ivette said - Suzan
1:38PM 30/08/2005
James and Ivette moved to the table and joined Maggie and Beau NT - Suzan
1:39PM 30/08/2005

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